If Anderson Silva Wants to Be a “Movie Star”, Michael Bisping Asks for Interim Title fight

November 13, 2012
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Over the years, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has said a lot of things that never necessarily came true.

Silva wanted to fight Roy Jones Jr. in boxing, his dream match was to face a clone of himself, and he’s talked about retiring and then just weeks later said he wants to fight for 10 more years.

Needless to say, Silva’s latest statement about taking off the majority of 2013 has to be taken with a grain of salt. The longest reigning champion in UFC history says he wants to take an extended period of time off and not return to fighting until the end of next year.

While it’s likely this statement falls somewhere between the retirement and fighting for 10 more years neighborhood, it didn’t take long for the rest of the middleweight division to notice Silva’s comment and jump all over it.

UFC middleweight contender Michael Bisping took to Twitter on late Monday evening to ask UFC President Dana White for an interim belt to be introduced for his January fight against Vitor Belfort.

“If Anderson wants to take off time to be a movie star, make me and Vitor for the interim title?” Bisping proposed when speaking to the UFC President.

The movie star reference is a role that Silva has apparently landed in an upcoming film starring close friend Steven Seagal.

Regardless of his future in Hollywood, Bisping is more than happy to gun for the gold if Silva really is going to be absent for the majority of the next 12 months.

The only problem is Silva will likely return much earlier than the end of 2013, and Bisping’s hopes might be dashed rather quickly. Still as long as Silva says what he says, everyone has the right to react.

  • stevemcz11

    I like this idea. The winner of Weidman vs Boetsch should get first shot at Belfort afterwards 🙂

    • Timothy Malone

      Why would Weidman or Boetsch fight the loser of Bisping v Belfort?

  • gnodeb

    Nobody deserves title in that division. We need 8 man tournament. Winner can fight AS next year…

    • Anthony Lopez

      That would be awesome. But they could do, in a way, a 4 man tournament. Belfort vs. Bisping is already happening, as is Boetsch vs. Weidman. I say the winners fight eachother for the interim title. Not as awesome as an 8 man, but this might actually happen

  • If Silva isn’t hurt … and he’s not going to fight whoever the UFC puts in front of him …. then he should be stripped of the belt. Everyone will still know that he is the “real” champ … but for the promotion .. the show must go on. As for the interim belt ……. its really just a number one contenders match ……….

  • Dave

    Why would Bisping vs Vitor be for the interim title when neither of them are top 5 in the division?? Bisping is a joke.

    • Timothy Malone

      Pretty much every MMA rankings I’ve seen have Bisping in the top 5…Many have Belfort as well

  • bajafox

    Why the hell does Bisping keep throwing himself in title pictures? lol, wafj that guy is

    • dd

      cuz hes getting old and this is probably his last chance at a title shot

  • Mark McDowall

    Winner of Bisping/Belfort vs Weidman/Boetsch should be the interim title fight. Vitor isn’t in contention IMO, neither is Boetsch really…

  • Collideoverme

    If this is going to be the case, and since Bisping is fighting Vitor, they need to make a fight with Weidman vs Boetch, then have the two winners fight. That will determine the true #1
    Or is there a fight between Weidman vs Boetch already?

  • Marcus Miles

    How can Majority of people say Vitor isn’t a top five guy in this devision. His last loss was to anderson and he has won ever since. his only loss since Anderson has been to jones and that was at LHW. And Bisping is totally a top five guy and is in the mix. His loss to Sonnen wasn’t a loss at all, that fight was a draw at best. However i agree with the idea of the winner of Wiedman/Boetch and winner of Bisping/Vitor fight get an Interim belt.

  • that-guy

    if this is the case that Anderson silva wants to take time off, I think the best thing for the fns and the fighters would be to have a middle weight GP…

    this will give anderson time off plus keep the fans entertained…

    the winner of the GP would face Silver for the title at the end of the year