‘I Think a Fight with Hendricks vs. GSP is Pretty Interesting,” Dana White

May 6, 2012
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Johny HendricksAt UFC on Fox 3 on Saturday night, Johny Hendricks moved his record to 13-1 and solidified his spot amongst the welterweight elite after winning a split decision over former no. 1 contender Josh Koscheck.

Now, Hendricks has defeated two former title challengers in Koscheck and Jon Fitch on his way towards the top. UFC president Dana White is impressed.  Whether you agreed with the decision or not, White believes that Hendricks’ skills are worthy of a crack at Georges St-Pierre, if he is successful against Carlos Condit.

“Josh Koscheck, because he gets booed, may not get the respect that he deserves, but he’s a great fighter and has been for a long time and Johny Hendricks won tonight,” White said at the UFC on Fox 3 press conference.  “Whether you agree with the decision or not, cause some people think that Koscheck won or it should’ve been a draw, it was that close.  I think a fight with Hendricks vs. GSP is pretty interesting.”

As for Hendricks, he feels truly blessed to be in title contention and to have beaten such greats as Fitch and Koscheck.  The 28-year-old was once written off as a top contender by pundits after losing to Rick Story. To have bounced back and climbed to the top of the division is an impressive feat in and of itself.

“They’re both great fighters. I feel blessed to be in the same Octagon as them,” Hendricks said of Koscheck and Fitch. “Now I just got to go home and see what they say and be prepared for what they say and hopefully a title shot.”

Now sitting as one of the sport’s elite, it’s a surreal moment for the former four-time All-American wrestler.  While earning the top spot, Hendricks is going to have to take a breather and let it all sink in because, unfortunately for him, he won’t be able to fight for a title until at least 2013 due to St-Pierre vs. Condit happening in November.

Hendricks, though, remains positive and upbeat about it all. For now, he’s looking forward to healing up and spending some time with his family

“It just depends what happens,” Hendricks continued.  “Whenever I get back home and when I heal up, we’ll talk from there, but nothing really matters.  I just want to go home and spend some time with my wife.”

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  • MrAdidas

    UGHHH is it just me or did Koscheck win this fight?!? 2ndly, I am convinced that Hendricks would get OWNED by GSP, after seing him fight Koscheck. Not that it was a bad fight by any means, it was a good fight. BUT, if Hendricks “barely” beat/lost to Koscheck, what is he going to do Vs. the Champ, the best fighter in the world?!? (IMO). What can he bring that GSP hasnt already seen?!? Looks to me that GSP would take Hendricks to the ground at will & GnP him into a bloody mess. Koscheck seemed to control Hendricks while they were on the mat. I think Hendricks may fight R.McDonald next & then we’ll see Rory do exactly what GSP would do to Hendricks … SPANK HIM!!!

    • TandmWarElephant

      I agree with you!!!… on some points.. haha I kind of think that Koscheck should’ve taken it but I’m not against this decision it was that close. And i think the hendricks vs mcdonald would be THE perfect match for the contenders spot but if rory wins then its going to be crappy situation because he won’t fight GSP.. and I’m positive he wouldn’t turn out like Jones and say he would fight GSP… so yea.. but then again I would rather see Hendricks vs GSP then have Koscheck get his ass whooped a 3rd time by GSP..

      • MrAdidas

        LOL I can see what you are saying! If anything, if it got to the point where Rory is the “ONLY” option for GSP, unless GSP wants to start figthing people a 2nd & a 2rd time – which he does NOT want to do, then I can see Rory moving up to MW. (Rory already said in an interview that he or GSP would move up to MW, but I think GSP is too small for MW – Rory on the other hand would be a BEAST at 185lbs (IMO). Rory is 6’0″ & he’s only 22, turns 23 in July!

    • Guy In The Know

      Just you…. Hendricks won that fight

      • phrankthetank

        He was declared the winner, but no, he did not win that fight.

        • RonnieV

          Hey that is what I said after Diaz/Condit! nyuck nyuck

          With Condit waiting out his interim belt, Diaz being suspended, and GSP on a 20+ month injury break, the welterweight division is getting stockpiled. These three should all be back by the end of teh year.

          We still have Ellenberger, Hendricks, and Rory Macdonald in title contention. Jake Shields, Jon Fitch, Koscheck, Kampman, and Diego Sanchez are all one good win away from being back in the mix as well.

          • RubeKegal

            What the reading public doesn’t know is that Ronnie is currently having sex with a calzone pretending it is Nick Diaz’s anus.

      • MrAdidas

        Apparently not! BAHAHAHA – apparently you are one of FEW who believe Hendricks won that fight! Nice try though!

  • phrankthetank

    Hendricks poses problems in the sense that he’s tough to take down and has some serious power. Is GSP the better fighter? Without a doubt, but it’s a sport where one punch can change everything. I say GSP takes this fight 19/20 times

    • MrAdidas

      I can respect your comment! If Hendricks wants a title shot, then maybe fight Rory. Rory is similar to GSP, so he would get a “taste” of what it would be like if he did fight the WW king!

      BTW: Anyone “surprised” that Kos took every shot Hendricks gave him & he never got “hurt”/wobbly. Yet he KTFO of Fitch in 30 secs. Kos can take a punch, that’s for sure.

  • AdamBianski

    If you judge the fight by damage Hendricks wins.
    Buy points Hendricks wins.

  • DrkDisciple

    GSP vs Hendricks……sounds like a boring fight that Hendricks has zero chance of winning.

    • RubeKegal

      You can’t be serious Drk can you? Sometimes I think you have no brain….if Serra can beat GSP, anyone at 170 can beat GSP on given day.

      • RubeKegal

        well, except a Diaz brother

  • innovator

    I think Hendricks squeaked out the decision and the fight was called right. It was close. Kos defiantly took the worst of the shots. He’s got a chin that is for sure.

  • MaritalArtist

    First, I think Rory, Condit and GSP are at about the same level. Then just below that, you have Kos, Hendricks and Ellenberger.

    About the fight: I had big rig barely taking round 1, or else round 1 was a tie. Round 2 for sure was JH and round 3 for sure was Kos. Wow Kos can take a punch. Jesus. No doubt about it: the fight was close, because year 2 fighters are pretty close in rankings. No surprise there.

    The only 3 things we can take from this fight are: 1. Kos can take huge punches, even more than we thought. 2. Kos may have improved his boxing, but still probably not enough to take out GSP. He will need to improve still. 3. Hendricks can hang with the best of the best (love him or hate him, but kos is a top 5 fighter…one of the best).

    Who should fight whom? Well, I don’t think Kos or the loser of Ellen-kamp should fight for the title, of course. That leaves the winner, plus rory, plus Hendricks. Rory doesn’t want to fight gsp. I don’t necessarily agree with that, but I respect that. I say, keep a backup till November in case Condit or GSP gets injured, but schedule that alternate to have one more fight. That would be Hendricks vs the Ellen-kamp winner.

    Or, Dana could risk it and have big rig fight rory now, and hopefully rory will change his mind and take on his master (I doubt it).


    i wanted Kos to get ko’ed

    only because im f@cking tired of the eye pokes. he pokes people so often that he shouldn’t even get a warning he should just lose a point ! i used to like Kos as a fighter but im tired of that bullshit ! with that said i don’t think Hendricks won that fight, josh won round 1 and 3 round 2 goes to JH.

  • Towers66

    Hendricks vs. Nick sounds like a fun fight to watch. GSP vs Hendricks….meh. Not too shabby either.

    • RonnieV

      Nick fighting ANYBODY… is a fun fight to watch

      • RubeKegal

        What you don’t know is Ronnie typed that one handed….when he talks of Nick he has to touch his member.

  • pooby

    I wasn’t suprised it was a split decision, but I also wasn’t suprised Hendricks won. He landed more shots and harder shots.