Hunger Games? Nike? What’s Next After Ronda Rousey Signs with WME Talent Agency?

February 28, 2013
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Ronda Rousey UFC 157The UFC women’s bantamweight championship now firmly around her waist, is The Hunger Games franchise, as rumored, next on the list for Ronda Rousey to conquer?

Maybe or maybe not, but an entirely new world of sponsorships and other endeavors has opened up, as Rousey signed on with WME (William Morris Endeavor), the largest and oldest talent agency in the world.

Rousey’s signing with WME was first revealed by The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday.

Rousey is a natural when you put a camera and microphone in front of her, but has stated that she is a fighter first and isn’t seeking out a movie career until she feels like her fighting career has run its course.

The deal with WME, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s suddenly open to taking on movie roles. WME, particularly its CEO, Ari Emanuel, has done more for MMA than taking its stars and putting them in the movies.

Emanuel helped Jon Jones and his camp put together a deal with Nike, and also helped the UFC to broker its groundbreaking deal with the Fox family of networks.

There are many different areas where the power of WME and Emanuel can help Rousey and her representation with in guiding her career, both as a fighter and as a media personality. The deal is most likely a way for Rousey and her camp to take full advantage of her earning potential while the light is shining brightest on her fighting career.

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  • Mike mckinney

    What’s next? Who knows. Playboy is probably what’s last…
    I know a lot of people wanted the cyborg fight. That is probably the scariest match for her. I however think the biggest fight would be Gina. You remember her right. The hotter, less bitchy girl that actually got people to pay any attention to women’s mma to begin with. If it wasn’t for cyborg the women would have probably have been much more known, much faster than now.
    I know it’s a big longshot Gina’s been gone so long, but if you really want to see the mainstream media go nuts get Gina back. We’d also get to see how insecure Rhonda is. (If, at all)
    Since Dana is talking silva vs. jones, you might as well throw in rousey vs. carrano.

  • shesnolawrence

    … get real biatch, you might be hot compared to carmouche, but outside of that cage u ugly as $hit. you might be able to play a mut monkey in HG2 but dass it


    Rhonda is too flat chested for playboy. movies definite. nike ads a must. Politics possible. Finding Rich husband #1.


    Rousey just made Big Nose Meisha Tate madder with this huge signing. Big Nose just grew2 inches on Tate.

  • bardo

    You guys with your low brow comments make mma look pathetic.