How Special is an Interim UFC Belt to Fabricio Werdum, the Man Who Toppled Fedor?

November 16, 2014
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Fabricio Werdum is a man with many accolades. He added a most impressive accolade to his collection by capturing a piece of the UFC heavyweight championship by taking out Mark Hunt at UFC 180 on Saturday night.

Werdum floored Hunt with a well-timed knee and finished him with a batch of follow-up punches midway through the second round of their main event showdown.

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But where does such a victory sit with a man that once dethroned the then-reigning baddest man on the planet, Fedor Emelianenko? Was the interim championship victory bigger than a win over the best fighter on the planet?

Fabricio Werdum Submits Fedor“Yeah. This is the same thing as Fedor because the Fedor fight was a special fight, but this is a special one,” Werdum told Fox Sports. “I waited a long time ago. I was waiting. I prayed a lot for this moment.”

Although he finished Hunt in spectacular fashion, Werdum had to survive some heavy leather from the New Zealander to get there.

“I knew it was a hard fight because he punched very hard,” said Werdum. “I felt that, but I stayed two months here. Two months I’ve been preparing my body for this moment. When he punched me, (it) wasn’t like I was dizzy or anything.

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“The first round he was very strong. He’s a smart guy, a very smart guy.”

But Werdum is smart too. He knew he couldn’t just stand and trade with a man like Hunt; a man with a granite chin and sledgehammers for hands. So he didn’t. He worked and planned for the knee that ended the fight.

“He knows I’m a takedown man. It’s a normal thing,” said Werdum. “I just fake one and boom… timing.”

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  • Austin,TX

    I liked the way he stayed patient in that fight. Patience and speed is the key with a guy like Hunt. Werdum is definitely a champion. I think a younger Fedor though would have definitely had his way with him though. Fabricio is a champ though. I was looking forward to him vs Cain.

    • Werdummy

      Except for that one KO from JDS (right between the eyes…ouch), Werdum stood well against sluggers.

      Werdum took an upper cut in the first round from Hunt and recovered extremely well.

      I see Cain beating Werdum but a decision. Boring fight. I could just imagine Werdum running away, getting thrown around, trying to have cain in his full guard, Cain pulling away and telling Werdum to stand up…over and over.

      How many wins does JDS need before he can fight Cain? 3, 4, 5, never??

      • Austin, TX

        pretty much. Yeah. Don’t think they’ll give JDS Cain again for a while. Who knows though. Yeah I tend to think Cain would outlast Werdum. It’s definitely a fight I’d want to see though.

  • drkdisciple

    A meaningless interim belt. The only reason he has it is because Dana does not want JDS vs Cain 4. Neither of those two could beat JDS….the same way that JDS would lose to Cain a 3rd straight time.

    • Austin, TX

      I don’t think there’s anything meaningless in my opinion about a guy who is champ because another guy can’t stay healthy and injury free. Life happens. Mark Hunt can ko anybody on the planet and make them look like a little girl. Werdum is nasty and quick and has subs. Life happens. Werdum manhandled Travis Brown when people thought he was the next big thing. Having said that Cain vs Werdum will be an interesting matchup I believe. Heavyweights are a different breed. Not too long ago Dos Santos separated Cain from his 5 senses with a single right hand above the ear. I mean. I’m just sayin. I don’t think it’s meaningless. He was fighting for the title. The other guy got injured. JDS had lost. Werdum and Hunt had been winning.

    • TruthTalks

      I doubt that’s why Werdum is the interim champ, I bet it’s because Cain Velasquez is ALWAYS injured and the UFC got tired of having the HW Champ on the sidelines. Werdum will choke Velasquez out, easy work and if Werdum continues to get better with his striking, it will be even easier work. Werdum > Velasquez

      • drkdisciple

        Wishful thinking on your part. If ( a big if) Cain is healthy enough to get back he will make quick work of Werdum and if its not Cain it will be JDS. Werdum is lucky to be the champion of a weak division that has only two top level fighters.

  • werdumb

    Unless and until Werdum beats JDS, the interim belt is meaningless.
    Werdum fought Fedor at the tail end of Fedor’s career. Not sure if the results would be the same had they fought prime-to-prime. A man who”toppled” Fedor? Lol. This interim belt is the only belt Werdum will ever touch in his career.

    • PrideMMA

      Werdum would beat Fedor in his prime. Today’s fighters are more evolved. Fedor was a great fighter and has some of the best highlights.

      • werdummy

        So Roy Nelson can beat Fedor too right? He is today’s fighter.

        And Werdum is today’s fighter. He has evolved right? Unless he beats Cain or JDS, I wouldn’t say he has evolved.

        It’s sad seeing the shallow depth of the HW division. Just wow. Werdum is #2????