Hot Tweets: Twitter Reacts to Cub Swanson’s Defeat of Artem Lobov

April 23, 2017

UFC Fight Night 108 did two things on Saturday. 1. it gave fans a chance to see Cub Swanson throw heavy leather, and 2. it improved Artem Lobov’s stock in the UFC. 

When it was all said and done, Cub walked away with the win and his opponent gave notice to folks wondering why the hell he was in a UFC main event in the first place. And per the usual, the MMA community let their thoughts be known on Twitter.

To the Hot Tweets!

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  • Stephen Quadros

    Calling for a title shot after you beat someone that isn’t even ranked?

    • Joe Dog

      Why not? McGregor vs Diaz, twice. GSP vs Bisping. Anderson Silva vs Cormier. Rousey vs Nunes. UFC matchmaking is unrelated to relevancy. Can’t hurt to ask.