Hot Tweets: Fighters React to UFC 182 and Jon Jones Beating Daniel Cormier

January 4, 2015
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Following UFC 182, fighters took to Twitter to react to Jon Jones and his victory over Daniel Cormier. Everyone from Ronda Rousey to Demetrious Johnson had something to say.

Scroll down to see some of the hottest tweets of the night.

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  • KingLettuce

    This is one of my absolute favorite features post fight. Thanks for doing it.

  • EshamTheUnholy

    Where was my tweet?

  • DC was all class post fight as he acknowledged the loss and resolved to move on.
    JJ is a great champion, and his next real challenge will probably be Anthony Johnson.

    • Alex BA

      What makes Jones great is how he studies other athletes absorbs new moves, techniques and strategies and then incorporates this in his arsenal.

      It’s the same thing that makes Gus great, he went to see Mr Wonderful after he got outwreslted and got soo much better at wrestling, he took Jones down for god sake, he even used a spinning elbow attack on Jones. I don’t see rumble winning. he will lose a decision, he won’t take Gus down and he’ll get outboxes. Neither is getting KO’ed, they both have massive craniums!

      But I think Jones will wrestlefuck Gus in there next fight.

      My fav fighters right now. Silva (my GOAT), JBJ, Gus, Pettis & Aldo

      • If Gus can get past Rumble and make it uninjured through training camp, we have one hell of of rematch to enjoy.

  • James Mckaskle

    Really good fight…

  • Sally Salvatore

    One thing is obvious, MMA fighters can not judge a fight. They judge with their hearts, think DC won anything but the 2nd is crazy. Also DC can not say JJ is fake anymore, he spoke his mind in that interview, nothing fake about it.

    • Maj76

      JJ, great fighter, prob the best but is as fake as they come. Guy outside the cage is a douche. They way he spoke and acted after the fight is his real side. The in front of the camera humble pie act is fake and will always be fake.

    • LocalBoy808

      Anyone that lies and pretends to be a different person when the cameras are rolling is a fake. Based on the documented footage, It doesn’t any more fake than JJ. Face the facts.