Hot Tweets: Fighters React to Jose Aldo Retaining Title at UFC 179

October 26, 2014
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Following Jose Aldo retaining his featherweight title at UFC 179 by defeating Chad Mendes by unanimous decision on Saturday, fighters took to Twitter to react.

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  • Lucas Freire

    How can someone give 2 more rounds to Chad? He fought like a champ indeed, toughest challenge of Aldo’s career.
    But it’s OBVIOUS Aldo won at least the first 3 rounds. The 4 is a no brainer, it was Chad’s.

  • Elsa

    Aldo almost finished Chad a few times, and I’m not even talking about that combination that he continued after the bell in the first round. He almost finished him in the third as well. The fact that some people are overlooking stuff like that and are claiming ‘he was robbed’ is completely ridiculous. That was literally the last thing on my mind after I saw the fight. Chad won at least one round, but at no point did he come close to finishing his opponent — he DID land a lot more clean shots than anyone has ever landed on Aldo however, which is very respectable.

    • Seth

      Yeah…being the first man to knock Aldo down and hurting him a few times during a fight means nothing…go hang on Aldo balls a little more, since that’s your favourite activity…

      Now, before you start hitting keyboard with rage – Im not saying Chad won, because he didn’t. But still overlooking how Chad hurt Aldo a few times…you have to be huuuuuge Aldo nuthugger, sorry :/

  • Sgt. Pepper

    I dont know what fight Hendo was watching, though Mendez has an awesome performance.

    • Matte

      Year Hendo is awesome but he should never be a judge, dunno what he was watching. :p

      I guess he love wrestlers.

      • Realrobbert

        Yeah but look at Aldo and Mendez face lol… Just kidding 😛

  • JeromeB

    Guys, Hendo didn’t mean Mendez won, he meant Chad was robbed from the judges score card being only credited for 1 round and I totaly agree. Aldo won that fight but more likely 3 to 2 rather than 4 to 1. Also, I know you cannot judge a fight from the fighter’s faces afterwards but, men… That’s why I agree with Hendo statement on that. Aldo won but Chad was robbed on the score card.