Hot Tweets, Bro… Fighters React to Nick Diaz Testing Hot for Pot

February 4, 2015
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It shocked the world when Anderson Silva tested positive for steroids in relation to his UFC 183 fight with Nick Diaz, but dude, bro, are you really surprised that Diaz tested positive for the pot? Most people don’t seem to be.

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  • Horus

    Screw the rules. Remember when it was called no holds barred? Let em take bong hits and roids with stomps to the face and no time limits! It’s a dang fight. You wanna fight, you wanna get sum?;) !!!

  • Brown4eva

    Follow the rules? Try Enforcing them first Dan White! And than maybe people will follow them – not that it matters it is a clear double standard for Stars and non Stars and even than you have to be in White’s circle jerk! If it was Anderson Silva handful of fits non house hold name – not a big star he would be canned !! Yet it’s Anderson Silva alleged hyped GOAT so he gets the nod

  • DoYouKnowShitFuck?

    It’s weed. Who cares?

  • mmalives

    Uncle Dana has his favorites. As long as he can make money off those big name guys he turns his head away. Dana does NOT CARE about anyone but himself. So what give a crap?

    BTW, what is wrong with weed? A lot of people use it. Medical, and other users. Big Freeking deal.

    As long as you fight well who cares if you were high doing it.

  • LokiD

    Diaz needs weed it eases the pain of being a bitch.