Hot Anderson, Hot Tweets: Fighters React to Anderson Silva Testing Positive for Steroids

February 4, 2015
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Following the stunning news on Tuesday that former middleweight champion Anderson Silva tested positive for steroids during an out-of-competition drug test leading up to his UFC 183 bout against Nick Diaz, fighters took to Twitter to react.

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  • Darin

    Until the UFC shows it actually cares about this and truly punishes fighters, it will continue.

  • james j

    Silva shame on you

  • Sam Brown

    both failed their drug tests but they get the biggest checks this year. It like all the PED heads get the biggest checks i.e overeem and GSP (Allegedly). In Ando’s defense i very much doubt he could have recovered and been approved to fight ever again after leg break. May have even been pressured into doing it. Its’ quite routine for athletes to do this

  • Rick Doe

    Dana knew ,the commission knew, and they didn’t give up crap, is all about the money,
    he is gonna get a little slap on the wrist just like jones did, marijuana doesn’t enhance fighting, steroids DO !. Nick has admitted he smokes,I’m sure they gonna go hard on him just like they did when he fought gomi. All these stars and fighters be playing the ,it wasn’t me card, when they get caught .

  • TRT is for the weak

    What a loser! Retire before you humiliate yourself even more. What an example to set for yo keeds

  • TRT is for the weak

    UFC is tanking! Fighters are revolting! F.U. Lorenzo ‘Nose” Fertitta. Take your Mafia Money to hell with you

  • TRT is for the weak

    GSP never caught doping… everyone thinks he does. Anderson caught doping, no one believes. LOL. GSP is a world class athlete. Anderson Silva… LOSER

  • DoYouKnowShitFuck?

    Silva is a liar, a cheater, and a disgrace just like his buddy Jones with his 8 year old girl T:E ratio

  • Jake

    So so sad that this just continues even though fighters know they are being tested.

  • Marcus

    No hespect for the sport.