Holly Holm’s Head-Kick KO Leads Bonus Earners (UFC Singapore Bonuses)

Several fighters had strong performances at UFC Fight Night 111: Holm vs. Correia, the promotion’s first trip to Singapore in more than three years.

Chief among the impressers was main eventer Holly Holm. She and Bethe Correia got off to a slow start, but early in the third frame, Holm caught fire, blistering Correia with a head kick reminiscent of her knockout of Ronda Rousey. As it did Rousey, the kick flattened Correia, earning Holm a knockout finish and a Performance of the Night bonus.

Joining Holm for Performance of the Night honors was Ulka Sasaki, who staged a comeback against Justin Scoggins, finishing the fight with a second-round rear-naked choke.

Fight of the Night honors were handed out to Li Jingliang and Frank Camacho whose fight went the distance, but didn’t lack excitement. Jingliang scored the unanimous-decision victory, but both men walked away with a bonus for their efforts.

Each of the award winners earned a $50,000 bonus check.

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UFC Fight Night 111: Holm vs. Correia Fighter Bonuses:

  • Performance of the Night: Holly Holm
  • Performance of the Night: Ulka Sasaki
  • Fight of the Night: Li Jingliang vs. Frank Camacho

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  • Mr Ziffel

    I would have loved to the Holly punch Bethe a few more times before the stop. That one follow up just wasn’t enough.

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  • Blobbejaan Blob

    Holm had one good fight and that was against Ronda. Up untill the headkick KO this fight was also a snoozer. The UFC is desperately trying to get her a belt but I don’t think she will deliver in terms of excitement.

  • jess fenchley

    And now this delusional blonde bimbo says she deserves a tile shot!!!!!
    First win since nov 15………..
    When a referee and an opponent are urging you to fight, then she shouldnt be there. A retirement “holm” should be her next step