Holly Holm Shows She’s More Than a Boxer with Viscious KO at Legacy 24 (video)

October 12, 2013
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Holly Holm-Fight Pose-110x77World champion boxer Holly Holm continued her transition into mixed martial arts at Legacy FC 24 on Friday night in Dallas. And she’s proving that she’s much more than a boxer.

Check out Holm’s brutal flurry of knees as she takes out Nikki Knudsen.

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  • Lucas Freire

    The girl is a beast 😮
    She’s like a smaller/prettier cyborg

    • Maddawgmar

      Prettier is an understatement. Holly could get in a car accident a mangle her face and she’ll be prettier than Cy’roid’

  • Briggs

    Not to be a smart alec but it’s “vicious”.

  • Big Tuna

    She has the skill to beat Cyroid and Rousey.

    • Maddawgmar

      The question is, would she be able to stop Rousey from taking her down? Also, would Cy’roid’s power be too much? But I agree, in the stand up she has the best chance to beat Cyborg. I just don’t think she would stop Rousey for throwing her to the ground.


    She should be in the UFC. As for Cyborg she would have a huge problem right now. Maybe in the future when she adds weapons to her game.