Holly Holm Decapitates Bethe Correia with Head Kick (UFC Singapore Results)

June 17, 2017

Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm snapped a three-fight losing skid on Saturday by knocking out No. 11 ranked Bethe Correia in the Fight Night Singapore main event.

Both ladies were cautious in the early going, waiting on the other to initiate an exchange. It was a slow-paced fight that saw little action. In the second round, the referee encouraged the fighters to engage as the crowd grew increasingly restless inside the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

In the third round, a frustrated Correia urged Holm to come forward and exchange.  Seconds later, she was knocked out on the cavas.  Holm unleashed a left high kick reminiscent of the one that ended Ronda Rousey‘s reign atop the division.  It impacted Correia’s face and the Brazilian crumbled to the canvas.  “The Preacher’s Daughter” followed up with a left hand that finished the job. 

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“This fight I knew that she could make look messy and I heard a lot of boos from the first round, but what I wanted to do was make it look as clean as I could,” said Holm after the knockout win.  “That was the goal.  That was the plan, bait her into something and make a clean shot.”

Holm’s win over Rousey at UFC 193 in November 2015 was the last time she tasted victory inside the Octagon.  She didn’t call anyone out, or indicate whether she’d compete at 135-pounds or 145-pounds in her next outing.  

“I’m going to enjoy this night right now, enjoy the victory tonight.  It’s been a year and a half since I’ve been able to do a back flip in here,” she said. 

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  • himmler adams

    Holly Holm seems like a good talented UFC person but is so dull and boring Holly gets ignored. Put Holly in there with sucker punching steroid junkie Cyborg and let it be??

  • Fart sandwich

    I didn’t watch the fight. She actually kicked her head off? Like Bethe Correia is dead?

    • Harveyrabbit

      That’s what the headline says. Kathy Griffin is suddenly very interested.

      • Fart sandwich

        Jesus. This sport is getting too brutal.

  • Mr Ziffel

    I wish the ref had been a bit slower to stop it so that Holly could have gotten in a few more solid punches on Bethe. She really deserves it and they couldn’t have made that nose look any worse.


    do any of you brain dead morons know what Decapitates means?

    • Timothy Malone

      Do you know what hyperbole means?


        yes i do, apparently you do not. it is an exaggerated claim, not an outright lie. here is an example… if they had said “she kicked her so hard it was like a decapitation” that would be hyperbole. or if i said ” you are the stupidest person on the internet”, when it is apparent that you are the second stupidest. an outright false claim is not hyperbole. i see you are as stupid as a bag of squirrels (hyperbole) but buy a book and you will learn. i see all of your other post are about professional wrestling, that explains a great deal.

        • Timothy Malone

          Hyperbole is exaggeration so extreme that it is not meant to be taken literally. So it IS an outright lie when taken literally. For example if I said I ate a ton of food, that is hyperbole. I did not really eat 2000 lbs of food and that should be understood by anyone with basic social skills. I am not a “liar” just because I didn’t phrase it “I ate so much food it was like a ton.” I don’t have to write it as a simile.

          The headline is exactly the same. They assume people will get the humorous exaggeration and not take it literally because taking it literally would be insane. You might be insane though because you seem to have imagined that all my other posts are about professional wrestling when none of them are…


            you are wrong and too stupid to understand. if i say ” tim is smart” that is not hyperbole, it is just a lie. if i say “tim is as dumb as a stump” that is hyperbole. we are done here, you can make a stump understand anything.

  • Jimbo36

    NMA weekly must be loaded with stupid decapitated writers. Maybe now they will figure out what the word actually means and use it correctly in an article. Really a shame to show your stupidity

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