Holly Holm Appealing Germaine de Randamie’s UFC 208 Late Shots

February 15, 2017

Holly Holm, following her controversial loss to Germaine de Randamie at UFC 208 on Saturday in Brooklyn, is appealing the outcome of the fight.

Although de Randamie was handed a unanimous decision after the bout wen the distance, it’s what happened following rounds two and three that put the bout’s outcome into doubt.

de Randamie landed a blow after the bell following round two, and then a combination following round three. The referee did not deduct a point for either incident.

In its appeal to the New York State Athletic Commission, as first reported by MMAFighting.com, Holm’s representatives at Bardacke Allison LLP sought a “review of Referee Todd Anderson’s failure to deduct one or more points from Germaine de Randamie following her repeated strikes thrown after the horn sounded to end Rounds 2 and 3.”

Explaining the reasoning for the appeal, Paul Bardacke and Breanna Houghton argued:

“Referee Anderson only warned de Randamie following de Randamie’s foul at the end of Round 3, rather than following the end of Round 2. At a minimum, Referee Anderson was required to assess a foul against de Randamie and determine whether one or more points should be deducted following the end of Round 2 as required by NYSAC Regulations. Because of Referee Anderson did not issue even a warning – much less assess a foul – at the end of Round 2, de Randamie committed the same foul at the end of Round 3, lobbing two punches at Ms. Holm after the horn sounded to end Round 3.

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“Had Referee Anderson complied with NYSAC Regulations and deducted points from de Randamie in accordance with Section 212.10 through 212.11, the UFC 208 Featherweight Title fight would have resulted in a draw, if not a win, for Ms. Holm.”

The victory made de Randamie as the inaugural UFC women’s featherweight champion.

The NYSAC has not commented on the appeal.

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  1. They won’t do anything about it. The only way to settle this is with an old-fashioned street fight – no refs, no gloves, no rounds.

  2. UFC fair for some unfair for others, so basically Holmes lost 3 fights in a row she should be out of the UFC, like OVP St Preux, some fighters lose 2 in a row and are out. Maybe Holmes should retire.

  3. Whoop another women at 145,
    with that tasty tummy on you,
    and then fight her again

    And try to beat her next time
    She seems like an axxhole

  4. appeal it all you want, doesnt change the fact that you lost, are on a 3 fight losing streak, and second place in a two woman race.

  5. crying dull holly got hit late? stop whining you dull plain jane wimp Holly the folly.

  6. ???? Can a referee give a warning but take the point in a subsequent round? In this case, could the ref have given a verbal warning after round two. Then when it happened again after round three, could the ref have taken a point for the current violation and one for the violation after the previous round? In this case, I could see two points taken, clearly giving the fight to HH despite her battered face.

  7. Back in 2003 there was a draw in a UFC lightweight title fight and they just said screw it scrap this division. It didn’t return for three more years. There is even more reason to do so here.

  8. Holly lost…it was close…but she lost.