History in the Making: dos Santos KO’s Velasquez at UFC on Fox

November 12, 2011
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dos Santos finishes Velasquez

The first ever historic UFC on Fox show lasted an hour, but it only took Junior dos Santos just over one minute to claim the UFC heavyweight title with a knockout of Cain Velasquez.

The build up to the event was something mixed martial arts fans have never seen before. A two hour pre-show on Fuel TV, followed up by 30 minutes of analysis on Fox for the heavyweight title fight that would showcase the two best fighters in the weight class for the promotion’s debut on network TV.

The crowd in Anaheim reached a fevered pitch as dos Santos and Velasquez made their way to the Octagon.

When the two heavyweights finally met in the center of the cage, it didn’t take long for dos Santos to show off his superior striking. Moving in and out with punches, dos Santos never even saw a hint of a takedown from the former All-American wrestler, and he soon turned into a shark smelling blood in the water.

As Velasquez tried to work his head movement, dos Santos uncorked an absolute haymaker, clubbing the now former champion just behind his left ear.

Velasquez fell face first to the mat and dos Santos followed him down, where he unloaded several punches. Velasquez tried to turn away to absorb some of the shots, but instead dos Santos fired even harder like a machine gun rattling off rounds.

Referee John McCarthy saw enough and swooped in for the stoppage.

An emotional Junior dos Santos dropped to his knees and wept, knowing he just captured something he’s been dreaming about for years. Coming from humble beginnings in Brazil, dos Santos is truly a story of rags to riches, tragedy to triumph and now he’s the UFC heavyweight champion.

A victorious Junior dos Santos

“I have no words to say what I am feeling. It’s amazing my life, you know? I’ve got a lot of good people around me, thank you very much,” dos Santos said with tears streaming down his face.
While his performance certainly didn’t show it, dos Santos admitted after the fight that he was actual fearful stepping into the cage with Velasquez. An apparent injury suffered in training kept dos Santos from being in perfect health heading into the biggest fight of his career, but his right hand certainly didn’t show any ill effects.

“Cain Velasquez was for sure my toughest opponent, I was afraid to fight with him,” dos Santos said. “He’s very tough and I was not 100-percent for this fight so I was scared.”

After more than a year away from the sport, Cain Velasquez finally made his first title defense in what has been called the biggest moment to date in UFC history. Unfortunately, the former Arizona State All-American came up short in his bid to defend his belt, but paid tribute to the man who now holds the gold.

He also promised to come back and reclaim the title one day soon.

“He kind of messed up my equilibrium. It was a good shot, he has a lot of power. I waited too much for him and he went in and did what he was supposed to do. My hat’s off to him tonight,” said Velasquez.

“I will come back and I will get this belt back, for sure.”

The final time for the first ever fight on network television for the UFC lasted 1:04, and it ended with a knockout.

Was it everything that the UFC hoped for? Maybe not in terms of an action packed war that showcased all elements of what mixed martial arts is made of. That happened one fight earlier in the bout between Benson Henderson and Clay Guida.

Still, a new star has been born with Junior dos Santos being crowned the new UFC heavyweight champion, and a historic moment has now happened with the promotion’s debut on network TV.

The relationship will obviously build as the UFC actually kicks off their seven-year deal with Fox in Jan 2012.

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  • julianmoran

    Dos Santos won in the first round uninjured. He should be ready to fight again right away.

    Overeem was supposed to fight the Dos Santos/Velaskes winner for the title, but did not want to wait for the champion to recover. Since the champion does not have to recover.. It only makes sense to have Dos Santos fight Overeem for the title next. There is no need for Overeem to beat Lesnar in the meantime. Overeem already deserves the title shot as it was offered to him.
    Let’s see Dos Santos vs Overeem. How will Dos Santos do against a better striker?

  • MikeMc1983

    Dos santos may not have picked up injury in the fight, but that’s not to say he didn’t have one going in. I actually thought before hand that it was very possiable that Cain or dos santos could get injured prior but be less willing to pull out do to the whole first fight on fox deal. Sounds like both has knee injuries.
    Overeem’s fight is in a month. It’s been promoed on fox nonetheless. It really wouldn’t be fair to make dos santos fight with a short camp. Plus overeem might prefer the Brock fight. If he has a ppv share in his contract the Brock fight will likely have a higher ppv buy rate.

    • wonggfan

      PPV share? LOL at this 28 years old uneducated moron…so out of touch with the reality.

      Didn’t you say Cain was going to win? You know nothing about MMA.

      • Black Belt

        There is jagoff wongFAG making fun of people again. Hey, wongffag, did you sit there and explain the fight to mommy while you two watched the big fight?

  • Hotnickson

    UFC on Fox was straight up weak! The whole fight card should have been shown.

    I am disappointed!

  • Mario

    Great victory for Cigano. That guy is just too much man.. Now that he’s champ, I wanna see him vs. Overeem!

    That’s the fight I wanna see now..

    • wonggfan

      Easy there. I know you want to see two beasts go at it but Overeem has to get past Brock first.

      • Black Belt

        I bet you are beating your tiny meat to the thought of that fight. Two big, strong guys that may go to the ground and wrestle each other in tight shorts. Oh, the boner you must have, wongfag!!!

  • BigGuy

    So much for Cain and his “Brown Pride”.

  • pooby

    Dos Santos never saw a “hint of a takedown”??? I saw Cain grab a leg and try a takedown. Did I imagine that?

    Anyway, congrats to Dos Santos and my regards to “La Razists”.

  • Black Belt

    La Raza can SUCK IT!

  • MikeMc1983

    Wong, no, I don’t believe I ever picked a winner at all. However I’m glad to see that you believe that being able to pick the winner of a fight has anything to do with intelligence or knowlage.

  • MikeMc1983

    I guess for some people you have to spell everything out. Some fighters have in their contracts that they can receive a share of the income from ppv buys. The more ppv buys, the more they make. That is what I referred to as “ppv share.” I didn’t think that I had to explain what that meant, but I guess there’s always someone not bright to get it.

    Also Wong, a contract is a bunch of words on paper that represent an agreement between two parties. Fighters in the UFC sign them so they can have an agreement with said company. It has stuff like pay listed in there. All kinds of stuff. You’ll learn more about them in school I’m sure.

  • MikeMc1983

    The undercard was aired on tv on “fox deportes”
    It was of course in Spanish, but still aired. I found it kind of by accident half way through the prelims. Not sure if it was shown anywhere else other than the net.

  • emoney911

    everyone needs to chill lol these are the two best hws it could of gone either way tbh i think theyll see each other again i herd reports that cain had a real bad camp and i said to myself o shit cain looks realllly nervous cus u can see he didnt wanna look at jds and kept lookin back at the cage idk maybe jus me but well see cain baby!!! still my boy even though his asshole got torn up

    • ripurheadoff

      I dont think so looked like he was training with the same people same coaches,He himself said he was 100%.