His UFC Debut Swiped Away, Anthony Birchak Returns to Empty House Wiped Clean by Thieves

September 1, 2014
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Anthony BirchakNot only did former Maximum Fighting Championship titleholder Anthony Birchak have his UFC debut snatched away from his this weekend, he also had his house cleared out while he was gone.

Birchak was supposed to have made his Octagon debut against fellow debutant Joe Soto at UFC 177 on Saturday night in Sacramento, Calif. But after Renan Barao got dizzy and fell and hit his head while cutting weight, forcing him out of the bout, Soto got that call to step in and challenge bantamweight champ TJ Dillashaw to keep the night’s main event intact.

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With only 24 hours to go to fight time, that left Birchak without an opponent.

UFC officials still paid Birchak for showing up and being ready, so he didn’t lose a paycheck. Birchak was sideswiped again when he returned home, only to find that his house had been robbed.

The thief or thieves wiped Birchak’s family clean, taking not only his priceless MFC championship ring, but also everything else from the television set to Barbies and diapers to his family’s food, according to Birchak.

Surprisingly, Birchak was able to keep a rather positive outlook on the situation, offering a reward for anyone that helped relocate his champion ring, but also saying that he wasn’t too upset because at least his family was safe.

Birchak also already returned to training Monday morning. Now that’s strength in the face of adversity.

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  • David Huenecke

    That is just terrible.

  • Austin, TX

    That’s crazy. Good luck man. Keep your chin up. It’ll pass. It’ll open up other doors hopefully.

  • Mark Mills

    thats what happens when you brag about things to the haters in your circle, this wasnt some random thief its one of your friends thats jealous. get the losers out of your circle thats a wake up call bro

    • elvi

      ayy, you never know right?!

  • Steffen

    F**k it! Insurance will cover it 🙂 Maybe not the ring though 🙁

  • Johnny

    Wow, “That sucks” doesn’t even cut it…

  • shakejunt

    unfortunate thing to happen, but as someone already said you gotta be weary of those around you. hope he can bounce back with a successful debut and get his family back on track.