He’s Back! Nate Diaz Returns vs. Rafael dos Anjos at UFC on FOX

September 23, 2014
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Looks like Nate Diaz is back to getting along with his employers.

A lightweight fight between Diaz and Rafael dos Anjos has been added to UFC on FOX 13 in Phoenix, officials announced on Tuesday afternoon.

The 155-pound match-up adds to the rapidly growing card, which takes place Dec. 13 at the city’s U.S. Airways Center.

Leading up to today’s announcement, Diaz (17-9) had a much-publicized holdout with the UFC, expressing his dissatisfaction with the organization and his compensation through his current contract. The fighter hasn’t seen action since November 2013, when he earned a technical knockout over Gray Maynard at the TUF 18 Finale.

Following his last fight, Diaz on numerous occasions went on record to call out the UFC and their lack of compensation for him. Dana White responded, saying that Diaz doesn’t “move the needle” enough to warrant his demands.

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As for dos Anjos (22-7), the Brazilian standout has been on a tear, winning seven of his last eight fights. The biggest win in dos Anjos’ career came in his last outing, where he knocked out former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson in the first round at a UFC Fight Night event last month.

UFC on FOX 13 is currently scheduled to be headlined by a heavyweight bout between former division champ Junior dos Santos and rising contender Stipe Miocic. Other recently announced bouts include Alistair Overeem vs. Stefan Struve and Matt Mitrione vs. Gabriel Gonzaga.

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  • Scrappy

    Nate will win, then fight the winner of Pettis vs Melendez. A fight with Melendez would be epic, being that they train together.

    • Darin

      He’ll lose. He’ll bitc# about it. He’ll disappear for a year, and god willing, he’ll stay gone this time.

      • Scrappy

        Oh did Nate take your lunch money growing up. I don’t understand the hate you have for the Diaz bros.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Once one of them beats a current top fighter, get back to me.

    • Jason Priest

      Gil and Nate will never fight each other lolz. But yeah I agree with ya, I think Nate takes this too.

      • Scrappy

        You never know. I know they’re very close, but this is just business.

  • Darin

    Dos Anjos just KOd Bendo! He is on the very short list of title contenders, and they make him fight this loser???

    First Nick gets Silva, now this? Wow, these two morons have done a fantastic job of convincing people they are relevant.

    • Droc420

      How is Silva vs Diaz a mismatch fight, when they are both coming off back to back losses?

  • Jason Priest

    Great fight. This will be an absolute barn-burner. I got Nate in this one.

  • uncle

    They say Nate is not a needle mover, but keep giving Overeem a pass when he is a needle user.

  • TheCerealKiller

    I hope you guys realize that this is a fight setup to make Nate look bad. Nate is going to get smoked, no pun intended. He couldn’t beat Bendo, so let’s give him to the guy that just beat Bendo. I guess Nurmagomedov would be the next logical fight after his fight.

    P.S. “He’s Back!” should only be used for a GSP return.

    • hubsy

      TheCerialKiller is back talking smack about other fighters safely behind his keyboard. Love ya man, good to see we have some little brats to stir things up. Peace.

      • Seth

        Come on, you sure don’t believe Nate can beat RDA, do you? It’s not trash talking, saying Nate’s gonna get smashed, it’s a fact.

        • mmalive

          Seth, We disagree AGAIN.

          Do not under estimate Nick.

          HE has things up his sleeve that will beat a top contender ANY DAY.

          Even though he smokes weed constantly.

          Nick can and will surprise people.

          Nick by UD or submission RD 3.

          • Seth

            Sounds like you are high too, since you talk about Nick diaz fighting RDA under the article with announcemt of a fighte between Nate Diaz and RDA…

          • mmalive

            Oops, I was smoking weed when I replied. LOL.

            Anyway, Nate will will surprise people.

            I put money on it.

      • mmalive

        hubsy, that honor should go me: mmalive.

        TheCerialKiller has his moments but still lacks real credibility for smack talking.

        I had quite a few verbal sparring sessions so I would know.

        Back to the subject:

        Nate can and surprise people in this fight.

        Bendo got lucky when Nate.(like he always does)

        Natehas a lot of surprises up his sleeve.

        Nate by UD or submission Rd 3.

    • TRT-rex

      I agree. This is the UFC way of justifying his release, after Nate get knocked out.

    • mmalive

      Well, TheCerealKiller, WRONG AGAIN!!!

      Nate can and will surprise people in this fight.

      Bendo got lucky when Nate.(like he always does)

      Nate has a lot of surprises up his sleeve.

      Nate by UD or submission Rd 3.

      War on Weed Smoking Stockton Sons from the 209.

    • Big Daddy Dana

      Anjos in no way beat Bendo. If you are the knowlegdable fan you are always claiming to be, then quit making stupid statements like that. It’s obvious to anyone who isn’t just hating on Bendo that it was an extremely early stoppage.

      • TheCerealKiller

        He dropped him like a sack of potatoes and he didn’t defend. It might have been a little early, but to say he “in no way beat him” is the stupid statement. I’m not hating on anyone, it’s what happened.

  • Muttley76

    Hard to think they aren’t trying to make an example of ND. On paper this looks like a sacrifice…

  • Bob burris

    Why the hell is the number 1 leading site in mma having this many problems with there pages loading?Shouldnt this have been handled now after all these years?

  • J

    All those saying its a squash match, if Nate dominates should he get title shot or number 1 contender fight?

    • Seth

      Emmmm….no. Why would he? He’s 1-2 in his last 3. It doesn’t really mean if he beats top contender, he won’t get shot right away after that fight. Best case scenario – IF he beats (which is highly unlikely) RDA, he may get #1 contenders fight.

  • Seth

    So, Nate ran out of money and you make it look like he’s a hero who finally decided to grace us with his presence? It’s not like he comes back, despite low contract, because he loves to fight. He comes back because he realized he’s almost out of money and sitting at home doesn’t make you any money. It’s not rocket science.

    • mmalive

      Seth, I tried to be nice in my past replies about you man.

      But your analogies are really bad man.

      No one likes to fight unless they enjoy doing it.

      The UFC more than likely added some monetary incentive for him to come back and fight a top contender.

      Nate jumped on chance so he can have money to buy more weed. LOL.

      Sitting home does not earn you money.


      Fighting and making what Nate is worth is a DIFFERENT story.

      Nate DID NOT want to fight for LOW BALL pay by the UFC.

      Seems like a lot of that is happening these days in the UFC.

      ALA Wandy Silva, etc…

      • Seth

        Nate is worth much these days. He isn’t as good draw as he used to be. And fighters NEVER make what they are worth, that’s well-known. And remember – Nick Diaz said he doesn’t like to fight, but he’s doing it. Even if that’s NICK DIAZ, then you see that are weird people around.

      • B

        Your statement is invalid, because it’s not backed by any evidence that Nate actually got more than what was in his contract. I’m almost certain he is fighting for the same payout that has been promised since last year. Dana had no reason to budge, only Nate, so if a fight is happening, Nate decided to go ahead and fight for the money he is contracted to earn, and gave up on his pipe dreams(see what I did there?) of bigger money.