Here’s That GIF of Miguel Torres Getting Knocked Out at Titan FC 31

November 2, 2014
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Miguel Torres was at one time a world champion and considered one of the best bantamweights on the planet. He was riding high, sporting a 37-1 record and it seemed like nothing and no one could stop him.

Then 2009 happened and messed everything up.

Since his loss to Brian Bowles at WEC 42, things have been ass-backwards for Miguel and his career, going 6-7 in his latter run. And three of those losses have been knockouts. Not good.

The latest knockout happened at Titan FC 31, this time to Desmond Green.

To the Zombie Prophet (props) footage!

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  • benoit

    I hate this title !!! instead of giving big props to Desmond Green, you seem to enjoy Miguel Torres getting KOed…Has he done something to your family? do you enjoy watching a good KO or watching Torres getting hurt ? What’s going on “MMA weekly “? are you going to place some snuff videos soon? And I don’t only want to criticize : I am a big fan of your website and check it on a daily basis…but in my opinion, it is very pity…


    What the F*$* kind of article is this??? Who is that fat bastard that wrote this? You wouldnt say this to Miguel’s face would you? cowards.

  • blob

    Why all the Torres hate from MMA Weekly ? This doesn’t come off respectfully and degrades you as MMA website.

  • Primal Rage MMA

    Mr. Torres is a f—ing legend, and anyone if caught right is going to get knocked out. Making a mockery out of anyone for getting their brain rattled is not cool. This guy has come from humble beginnings and works with families in his community. much respect for anyone who is putting their body on the line for our entertainment.