Hector Lombard Won’t Get Mark Munoz, but UFC Middleweight Picture is Gaining Focus

July 19, 2012
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Hector Lombard vs. Tim Boetsch at UFC 149 press conferenceFormer Bellator champion Hector Lombard hasn’t set foot in the Octagon yet, but he’s already been mapping out his next fight, although he has a fairly tough one in front of him at UFC 149 on Saturday night.

Lombard squares off with Tim Boetsch, who has been making huge waves in the UFC middleweight division of late.

Lombard, however, has already declared that he wants to step into the cage with Mark Munoz next, even if he were offered a shot at Anderson Silva and the UFC middleweight title.

No go says UFC president Dana White.

“He must not have Fuel TV because Mark Munoz lost the other night,” White commented at Thursday’s UFC 149 pre-fight press conference when asked about Lombard’s preference to face Munoz.

Should he come out on top against Boetsch, which is by no means a given, Munoz is nowhere near penciled in for Lombard.

“He’ll be fighting one of the guys that are at the top of that division,” said White. “Not that Munoz isn’t, but Munoz has a loss right now.”

The UFC president mentioned that he has been conferring at length with UFC matchmaker Joe Silva lately about the state of the UFC middleweight division and, assuming everyone comes out of the next couple of shows healthy, there is already a road map sketched out.

“You know how I never have any answers for you (immediately after the fights)?” White said at the press conference. “I’ve been talking to Joe Silva. On Saturday night, after the fights, I’ll have some answers for you.”

The brash UFC boss wouldn’t hint at anything beyond that, but made it sound as if Saturday night’s fight has a lot to do with how things will shake out in the middleweight division’s title picture.

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  • b-soc

    I don’t understand why people are singing about Lombard – he hasn’t beaten anyone significant!!! I personally think Boetch is going to crush him. Prediction: Lombard comes is as another guy with a ton of hype and fizzles out when he gets into the real competition of the UFC.

    • Mike_Oxafloppin

      I would have to second that statement. Lombard will be back in Bellator within 3 years.

      • obuchons

        I am with you guys! Boetsch is a bad dude! On top of that I HATE when guys start talking about plans for the next fight. Lomard has no quality wins! He lost to Mousassi? He gets his ass kicked in Strikefarce!

        • phrankthetank

          Mousasi is a lot better than he’s shown in strikeforce. And that loss was 6 years ago… He hasnt lost since. This fight is either gonna be a “holy sh!t Lombard is the real deal” experience, or its gonna be a hell of a slug fest. I really like Tim boetch, but I don’t like his chances. Happy to be wrong tho

        • Are you serious??Mousasi lost only one fight since his in Strikeforce out of 9 or 10fight and he was injured but Strikeforce couldn’t get no one to replace him so he took the fight coz Strikeforce wasn’t doing so good!

    • Are you serious??? You’re obviously one of those guys that have no clue what’s happening outwside the UFC and maye Strikeforce.Lombard destroyed James TE Huna,Brian Ebersole when he had 40 wins already,Shlemenko who has 50+wins,Akhiro Gono when he was in his prime in Pride.He wen’t toe to toe with 1 of the best strikers in 205 G.Mousasi and he was training 3 times a week coz he was working and lost a pretty close decision,Beat Joe Doerkson he KO d Jay Silva in 06 seconds.2 months after Silva had a fight of the night loss against Chris Leben.There are other organizations besides UFC where there are great fighters but Dana White wont sign them coz they are cannot be controlled the way White wants to control’em.Like Mousassi who is easily top in the 5 at 205.Tomorrow you will see why ppl are singing about Lombard.The ******* guy is an Olympic Calibre Grappler,who was of one of the best Olympic Judo team in the World Cuba.No one in the ZUFFA Organization can say the same Except Daniel Cormier and Ronda Rousey and non of em in the UFC!And u will see when Cormier goes to the UFC everyone better watch out coz he will rip through the heavy weights!!!

  • WhiteboyGBJJ

    Not so fast, guys don’t win 25 in a row for nothing. His only losses are to Mousasi and Gono in 2006. He has fought many opponents who have 30-40-50 or more fights and beat them including Shlemenko. We shall see, we shall see. I would love to see him fight Bisping after he wins at 149.

  • MaritalArtist

    Bisping sounds like an awesome fight

    • If Lombard wins tomorrow he will fight Alan Belcher and winner gets Spider.Or if he like destroys Boetsch then he probably gets Anderson next.Ppl will see tomorrow why Hector is Hector.In the whole UFC no one I mean No one in the middle weight division,would have the balls talking about Boetsch as Lombard is Saying his going to Knock him out.And already talking about the next fight ha ha ha.Ppl don’t like this but this is genuine Lombard he believes it 100% and he always backs it up!Here’s a Cuban Sonnen in the UFC now!This is the reason Dana White wouldn’t sign him before coz he can’t control Lombardlol

    • Sorry I should have said the winner of Belcher vs Lombard would face Silva vs Weidman,or Lombard will face the winner Of those two

  • SuperNate-AO

    Winner of Boetch/Lombard vs Bisping/Stann winner. Sorry Belcher, good fighter but you are the odd man out.

    • phrankthetank


      • shakejunt

        if lombard wins convincingly, he probably gets the next shot, otherwise i’m thinkin:

        boetsch/lombard vs bisping/stann
        franklin vs vitor
        weidman vs belcher
        sonnen vs munoz

  • Just a sick fight all together. Tim B is on a roll and is just a tough guy, so underrated, really do to just not being a draw popularity wise, but he’s a top 10 no doubt from his fights at light heavyweight to middleweight. No walk in the park. I just want to see Hector and Anderson go at it.

  • Lombard may have won a bunch of fights in a row. But who has he beaten? Ive said this before and I’ll say it again…if your 50-0, but you’ve fought 50 chumps then it doesn’t hold as much weight as a guy who’s say 12-2 but had 14 tough fights against big names.

    I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if Lombard looses. And if he gets past Boestsch then I don’t think he has a chance against any of the top 5 UFC 185ers

  • pogodog7

    Lombard must be brain damaged.

  • crappyme

    Aside from the Okami fight, who has Boetsch beat? Most of those guys aren’t even in the UFC. It’s stupid to say Boetsch has beaten all these top guys and Lombard hasn’t. He’s not beating chumps, he’s beating guys with winning records and many of them are former or current UFC fighters. He was also the champ of bellator so they have to get him the best fights they can based on the talent available outside of the UFC.

    Even look at the guys Bisping has beat, many of them aren’t even in the UFC anymore. Compare that to the guys Jon Jones, Rampage or Shogun have beat. It’s a different level and neither of these guys are there.