Hector Lombard Wins Again, Not Waiting Idly by for Bellator Challenger

September 4, 2011
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Bellator middleweight champion Hector Lombard

Bellator middleweight champion Hector Lombard

Bellator middleweight champion Hector Lombard may not have an apparent challenger to his title right now, but that’s not keeping Aussie from keeping busy.

Not only is he staying busy, but he’s also winning. The latest notch in Lombard’s belt is The Ultimate Fighter Season 7 alum Jesse Taylor. Lombard did away with the Team Quest fighter early in the second round of their fight at Saturday’s Australian Fighting Championships 2 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He submitted Taylor with a heel hook.

The victory marks Lombard’s 19th consecutive win and his 24th straight bout without a loss. He had a draw with now-UFC veteran Kyle Noke.

Lombard has been with Bellator ever since winning the title in the promotion’s first season back in 2009. He has only had the opportunity to defend the belt one time since, having fought several non-title and catchweight affairs, as well as competing outside the promotion from time-to-time as his contract allows.

Bellator is conducting a middleweight tournament as part of its fifth season, which kicks off next week in Atlantic City, N.J. The middleweight tournament starts on Sept. 17 at Bellator 50 in Hollywood, Fla.

  • Mario

    They need to get this guy into the UFC NOW!

    Forget Bellator and these tourneys. What kind of challenge will the winner of it really bring to Lombard?

    It’ll just be another mediocre fighter. That’s why this man doesn’t get any love in the rankings. Cause every opponent he beats isn’t quality.

    He can rack up a streak of 40 beating these type of fighters, and sites like this will STILL not show him the love and respect he truly deserves.

    That’s why I say, GET HIM IN THE UFC NOW!

    At least there he can fight the best of the best, without having to go elsewhere to keep busy.

    Lombard is a great fighter. Not just a knockout artist, but he also has slick submissions to his arsenal.


  • I’ve still never heard the whole story as to why Lombard was released from the UFC back in 2007. I know he had a fight scheduled but had visa issues and was pulled from the card about a month before it was scheduled to happen. After that he was fighting elsewhere and I don’t remember hearing anything more about him and the UFC.

    Would be nice to see him in the UFC, I think he’s wasting his talents in Bellator. I’d like to see a fight between him and Palhares.

    • afk

      thats a sick fight, assuming paul harris doesn’t tweak out and decide he wins randomly again 😛

      • d_f21

        Paul Harris..? You mean rousimar palhares..? You sir are officially an idiot

        • “Paul Harris” is a long running nickname / gag people have been throwing around for a long time. He’s not an idiot, you’re just under-informed.

  • judo johnson

    I thought that Lombard was gona fight Karo in the UFC a few years back, if i rember right, Lombard had some visa issues, he could not get in to the USA at the time of the fight, that would have beeen awesome, BRING LOMBARD TO THE UFC!!!!!