Hector Lombard Knows Georges St-Pierre is Coming Out of Retirement, Wants to Fight Him in Melbourne

December 1, 2014
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Now that it looks like the UFC is going to be able to make a move on Melbourne, Australia, the chatter about fights for the promotion’s first, and likely blockbuster, event in its new territory has begun.

Mixed martial arts has been legal in the state of Victoria, where Melbourne is located, but under the previous Liberal government, competing inside a cage was banned, so the UFC would not go there. Over the weekend, the Victorian Labor party was elected to power and has vowed to change that, paving the way for the UFC to bring its Octagon to Melbourne.

Australia’s Daily Telegraph is reporting that UFC 193 will take place on Nov. 15 at Etihad Stadium, which seats more than 50,000 spectators. Jon Jones, Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor are reportedly being considered to headline the event.

But one former Australian resident, Cuban-born UFC welterweight Hector Lombard, has an idea of his own for UFC 193.

“If I can’t fight for the title for some reason, you know I really would love to [fight Georges St-Pierre],” Lombard said in a recent interview with Submission Radio. “I know that GSP is coming out of retirement, so I really would love to have a big fight between me and GSP in Australia. That would be a shocker, eh?”

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Although it wouldn’t likely be the headliner, as Director of UFC Operations in Canada and Australia, Tom Wright, told the paper that at least one title fight, and maybe two, would be on the line for the fight promotion’s debut in Australia’s second largest city.

Georges St-Pierre“We only get one chance to make a first impression,’’ Wright told The Daily Telegraph. “I remember when we first went into Toronto, Canada, and (UFC owner) Lorenzo Fertitta said ‘this is going to be our Super Bowl.’ It’s the same with Melbourne. That will be our mandate.”

A fight between Lombard, who spent a large portion of his career fighting in Australia and built a strong following there, and St-Pierre would certainly add to the Super Bowl-like feel that the UFC would be aiming for.

As he currently climbs into title contention, Lombard believes a fight with St-Pierre is one that he would win.

“I can take a punch and my wrestling’s improving every day. So it’s going to be very hard for him to get me down and my stand up, he’s got no chance with me. That’s for sure.”

Whether it happens or not, doesn’t just depend on Lombard wanting the fight, it also depends on St-Pierre actually making the decision to fight again. While Lombard believes the former welterweight kingpin is on his way back to the Octagon, St-Pierre has yet to declare if he’ll ever fight again.

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He recently returned to the gym after having knee surgery, but readily admitted that means little in regard to ending his pseudo-retirement.

“I’m going to tell you the truth, I always train. I started training when I was seven years old, and I never stopped. Training is part of my life, so it doesn’t mean anything,” St-Pierre said on a recent Chael Sonnen podcast.

“It doesn’t mean that I’m going to be back or not. Whether I retire or not, or if I come back or not, I’m always going to be training.”

If he does decide to return any time soon, put Hector Lombard at the top of the list of those wanting to fight him.

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  • NotASocialist

    George would smash him even in his first fight back, assuming he comes back.

  • Dick hertz

    Boy where have we heard those comments before ? His wrestling won’t affect me and I’m a better striker . Huh? It sounds like every opponent that has ever fought GSP and there pre-fight message to whoever will listen. Then, the fight starts and it goes in the total opposite direction of those comments and for 5 rounds GSP puts on a clinic and the opponents Don’t win one round. Keep on talking fellows.

    • Edwin Pineda

      Until St Pierre ran into Hendrix. 🙂 and for once his wrestling was pretty nullified, then he RAN away. Some say he is hiding in Quebec Canada hunting for UFO”S, who knows.

      • durrr

        You mean the fight gsp won?

        • Edwin Pineda

          He might of won but he ain’t screaming for a rematch either, is he? 🙂 His lay and pray tactics did not work with Hendricks as it did with so many others, for once he found an athlete that could match his strength and he chose to walk away rather than fight Hendricks again. BTW, I ain’t even a Hendricks fan as he is too freaking winy for me and too full of excuses.

          • Godly3vil

            Why would he be the one asking for a rematch? He won.

          • Edwin Pineda

            Doesn’t he always claim that he always like challenges, he might of won with the judges but his faced looked other wise. wouldn’t you like to see another fight between those 2? Anyways, I am glad that the welter weight division is out its comatose state as far as the champion is concern, is more exiting now. Nothing against St Pierre but he was the most boring champion ever

          • genie

            you make no sense and repeatedly sound dumb

          • Eric Houghton

            why because he fought to win fights and was so disciplined he stuck to the game plan an listened to his corner?

            You want sloppy knock outs watch Dan Hardy.

            You want a champion? Watch GSP.

            He beat Hendricks, albeit not definitively, but he beat him while being entirely unmotivated for the fight.

            This guy has nothing to prove to no one. We’ve seen what a motivated GSP can do, you try being at the top for a number of years an see how you stand up to the pressure.

            Hendricks hasn’t even had 2 defences, and his last one he did the only thing he could to win. Take Lawlor down and hold him there for about 3 minutes of the last round.

            You’ll notice even when GSP has them down he is always busy, he never just sits there.

            Hendrick’s standup is over hyped an Robbie is going to prove that again because if Hendricks wins his fight it won’t be from trading shots I GUARANTEE THAT.

            As for Hector, GSP ain’t coming back unless its done in MTL that’s been said by Dana White, an if GSP came back it would be to headline.

            UFC cares about money. Seperating the two events means a lot more money for them. Think about it.

          • Dick hertz

            That means nothing he is a fair skinned white man . I guess that means that lawler beat hendricks right??? I mean hendricks looks like he got ran over with his own rig and lawler looked like he got done walking his chihuahua . But, I’m not that ignorant as some , I know it was razor thin but hendricks won that fight .

          • Htamak

            Cause except for the judges, the rest of the MMA world didn’t think he won that fight!

        • GSP’s Busted Face

          hopefully gsp stays gone

          • Dick hertz

            I know one thing he has nothing at all to prove . Sorry you don’t like him but I think we were just plain lucky to have seen this man throw down in our lifetime. Just my opinion .

      • Dick hertz

        Hey Edwin , u may have it twisted a little. You do realize that hendricks was a d-1 all American wrestler at arguably the best wrestling college of all time and GSP is a man who never even wrestled in high school so to argue that gsp’s wrestling was nullified is a little odd. We should be talking about how gsp somehow nullified hendricks’s wrestling but of course we all know that that guy who chasing ufo’s so u say and who never even wrestled in high school actually beat that all American at his own game!! If you don’t respect the athlete that gsp is than that is just being ignorant . You are better than that my man, you are better than that !

  • booger

    Line up Hector…… Who doesn’t want to fight GSP to prove their worth…

  • jay

    this would be a good fight IMO, rounds 1 and 2 could go either way; one clean shot and GSP would be down and HL’s olympic credentials would lead you to imagine that the first 10 minutes or so would play out on the feet. Towards the end, rounds 4 & 5, Hector will have faded big time as usual and unless HL wins the first 3 rounds, GSP will put him on his back and grind out the 10-9s. Round three is the money round in this fight. No matter what, HL will mostly likely be going for broke. Either he is up 2-0 and attempting to make it 3-0 before he goes towards survival mode, losing the last 2 rounds 10-9 instead of 10-8, or he is wholly aware that it isnt long before his cardio gives in, and he can no longer stop Georges shots. No doubt rounds 4 and 5 would go to George via safe, boring and effective, but Hectors judo background can definitely keep it on the feet for the first 10-15 minutes of the fight depending on the level of their conditioning. During this time all it takes is one punch from HL. Or it can go the other route, George playing it too safe as he tries to tire out Hector in order to get the fight to the ground, and at the start of the 4th, he finds himself (or its in his head) losing the fight 3 rounds to zero. As far as I can recall, GSP has never been in this scenario and it may be exactly what is needed in order for him to try and finish a fight again.

  • Eric Houghton

    Why do fans think GSP owes them something?

    GSP owes the world of MMA nothing. He cleared out the division and put his stamp on it.

    If he doesn’t want to compete anymore all the better. Imagine the knowledge he’ll be able to give the members of his team as a coach.

    We saw GSP coach on the Ultimate fighter an he’s got the right chops for it.

    Personally I don’t care if he comes back, I really don’t. I just hope he stays involved with the sport some how to continue the growth.

    GSP brought a different level of class to the fight game, this guy is one of the best things to ever happen to MMA.

    It’s a shame the UFC doesn’t support independant testing. Maybe they can’t because of the various contracts they have with various fighting commissions.

  • GSP’s Busted Face

    i dont wanna see gsp fight anymore he is boring there are much better exciting fighters worth the time

    • vulcanman64 .

      Lol who? Hardcore fans know GSP is the best that ever was. Should anyone care that GSP entertains just bleed fans like yourself? Mma went downhill since the casual fan took interest.

  • Greg Sandsonni

    Good luck Hector.. I think GSP would have the choice to fight for the title if he decides to come back

  • James Williams

    No, I want no part of another lackluster GSP fight. Sticking, jabbing, throwing the odd takedown. His last few fights were dull. Nothing against the guy, as he is a fantastic athlete, but I just can’t get excited to see more of that.

  • Quality and entertainment don’t always go hand in hand. Can’t blame people to like Lawler for instance more then GSP. I love me some GSP and agree that he is a phenomenal martial artist but other people decide for themselves what they want to pay for.

  • Dude, come back when your medication kicks in.

  • mmalive

    GSP is a very smart MMA fighter. He does what takes to win. Whether UD, Sub, or KO. He has done it all. GSP does have a great point for reasoning of retirement. Make mandatory testing. BTW, look at recent displeasure from Cung Le. Similar aspect.