Hector Lombard Goes Back to the Drawing Board, but Not at 170

July 24, 2012
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Hector Lombard Pride Bushido 13Hector Lombard, at UFC 149 on Saturday night in Calgary, lost his first fight since late 2006. That’s a stretch that spans 25 fights, including only one draw.

But now, after losing to Tim Boetsch in the Octagon, Lombard is left to figure out what went wrong.

It takes two to tango and Boetsch certainly didn’t make it easy for Lombard to implement his usual bombastic game plan. Although Lombard tried swinging for the fences, searching for that explosive knockout that he’s known for, Boetsch kept his distance, using his reach advantage and lots of movement to stay out of Lombard’s power range.

“I was able to keep throwing those kicks and keep him at distance,” remarked Boetsch after the fight. “He didn’t land the big shots that he wanted to. I was able to frustrate him and I was able to not let him dictate the range.”

Still, Lombard seems to feel he fell flat, to one extent or another, in his Octagon debut.

“That wasn’t the real Hector,” he posted on Twitter on Monday, answering to fans and critiques alike.

UFC president Dana White concurred, saying maybe Lombard should consider dropping down a weight class. “Lombard maybe should fight at 170. He made 185 easily.”

As of right now, however, the Cuban born Australian doesn’t sound like he’s ready to contemplate such a move.

“I feel strong at 185. Just because I had a bad fight does not mean that I am going to drop to 170,” Lombard wrote on Twitter.

Regardless of what class he decides to fight in next, Lombard has some work to do. Being a former Bellator champion and Olympian, coupled with his amazing winning streak, there was a lot of hype surrounding his UFC debut.

That’s a lot of hype that now falls into the shadows and will have to be earned all over again.

“It’s the unfortunate thing about hype,” commented White after UFC 149. “When there’s a lot of hype behind you and you don’t live up to it, you go away real quick.”

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  • Judges sucked that night. Brian Ebs got ripped off too. I am a big Tim B. fan but sorry he didn’t win that fight at all. Hector stuffed his takedowns, caught him with a liver kick and even took him down. He stood right in front of him the whole time as well.

    • me vs you

      nobody won that fight, man. in fact, i’d barely call that a fight…it was more like a bad dance competition.

  • WarriorScholar

    That fight stunk,Lombard needs to lose some muscle and go to 170 where he might actually have good cardio.

    • his cardio would prob be worse if anything…starting to cut weight for a new weight class at 34 yrs old against the faster paced WWS? nah…lombard wasnt outmuscled vs boetsch…quite the contrary, he stuffed his TDs easily and was lifiting boetsch off his feet…he just needs to actually show up and fight and not stand there like a statue

  • Lombard has been over hyped for years…he hasn’t fought any tough competition at all. I would say his toughest fight would have been either Kaleb Starnes or Jesse Forbes…both TUF and UFC washouts…

    I dont care if a guy has won 100 fights in a row…if they are weak opponents it doesn’t count for shit.

  • axis

    Agreed Mr. Beaver! Lombard has been fighting in leagues with no name fighters and at best some washed up fighters in the UFC that got cut. Belator is growing but they don’t even come close in comparison to the talent level of the UFC, for instance Killa B and Daley, they must have been bad enough that they couldn’t even hang in strikeforce. Prediction, Lombard gets dominatrixed in his next fight and then gets cut. Maybe he will earn my respect if he KO’s his next apponent

  • “It’s the unfortunate thing about hype,” commented White after UFC 149. “When there’s a lot of hype behind you and you don’t live up to it, you go away real quick.”

    I think that says it all…don’t be surprised if he goes away soon.