Hector Lombard Becomes Latest UFC Fighter to Test Positive for Steroids

February 11, 2015
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The UFC 186 co-main event bout between Rory MacDonald and Hector Lombard was inexplicably pulled from the fight card on Tuesday, but now we know why.

Hector Lombard tested positive for anabolic steroids following his UFC 182 victory over Josh Burkman on Jan. 3 in Las Vegas.

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Nevada Athletic Commission executive director Bob Bennett confirmed the drug test result to MMAWeekly.com, following an initial report by MMAFighting.com.

Hector Lombard UFC 182 weigh-inThe specific steroid that Lombard tested positive for was Desoxymethyltestosterone, commonly known as Madol.

“Madol has rightfully earned a solid reputation for being an extremely potent muscle and strength gaining oral steroid that is 60-percent more anabolic (muscle building) than testosterone, yet only 60-percent as androgenic (impacting male sex characteristics),” according to Steroid.com.

According to the drug test report obtained by MMAWeekly.com, Lombard’s sample was collected on Jan. 3, the night of the fight. The results report was provided to the Nevada Athletic Commission on Jan. 13.

Burkman was also tested the night of the fight, but his report reveals no adverse findings.

It is unclear why it took nearly a month for the results to become public, as the Nevada commission in the past has issued drug test results rather promptly upon it receiving them.

Lombard’s positive test result, however, comes during a period of major upheaval in regard to drug use in mixed martial arts. It was recently revealed that UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones tested positive for cocaine metabolites and former middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva tested positive for two anabolic steroids.

The spotlight has intensified as former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has been making the media rounds, reiterating that he has no desire to return to the UFC if performance-enhancing drug use isn’t at least heavily curtailed.

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Lombard will now have to go before the Nevada Athletic Commission to learn his fate, but there was yet to be a clear timetable formulated for when he might have a disciplinary hearing in Las Vegas.

When all is said and done, Lombard is likely to face a fine and suspension, and will likely have the result of his UFC 182 bout changed from a victory over Burkman to a no contest result.

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  • Gary Fredericks

    JEEEEEEEEEEZUSS KEEEEEERIST! With the UFC on the cusp of becoming a major sport in not only the USA but all over the world, this is NOT a good sign of things to come. I say all of the sanctioning MMA bodies should hold an annual conference/meeting where they should enact a 2 strikes for PED use policy, and ban the 2 time cheats for life….EVERYWHERE. Let these guys go fight in the deep jungles in South America or on some Indian Reservation or something. This is getting stupider by the day.

  • benoit

    It just becomes ridiculous…It seems that everyone is on juice…(Except maybe two karate freaks or GSP…) I don’t know what to think about it anymore…It is just a pity and it is very sad that all these ‘athletes’ (or maybe junkies) want to cheat…Please, Mr White, do something or we will soon never be able to consider MMA as a sport anymore….

  • Usmc8408

    So we get Lombard’s results in 10 days, but Silva’s don’t come in until after his fight…more than 22 days. Sounds legit to me…

    • MillerTime037 .

      10 days??? he tested positive the night he fought burkmen (jan 3rd)read the article before you post

      • Usmc8408

        Let’s do a little math here. He was tested on Jan. 3 and the results came back Jan. 13. That’s 10 days buddy. So who’s the one that needs to read before posting?

        • Guest

          different lab, different protocols. plus no idea what happened behind the scenes, maybe with andersons a lab tech hit the wrong button on a machine and messed it up etc and their lab protocol was to redo the entire tests etc Try to imagine how an actual lab works and what sort of complications and differences might exist between them etc

          • Usmc8408

            I hear ya, obviously I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. I’m just throwing out some conspiracy theories.

          • crazy

            I know, you seem like one of the more reasonable ones I was just throwing perspective out there for the crazies like Sir_Roy but hes too ignorant to even contemplate what could have happened, and obviously has no experience working in a best practices setting lol

          • Sir_Roy

            Doesn’t come from me bud. This comes from official authorities on the matter. Even gave you a quote. But I’ve learned one thing from frequenting the “net”; you can’t fix stupid. As you were.

          • Sir_Roy

            Right. What happened is they were encouraged to wait until after the fight. Like, literally, right after the fight. Let’s not underestimate the power of the almighty dollar shall we?

            The delay makes no sense.

            To anyone official at this point, it makes NO sense.

            But yeah, you’re right. Maybe, like, Bugs Bunny came in and went all loony toons with the all the devices and buttons and such, and, like, maybe Daffy took a duck piss in the beakers and messed with all the results … y’know … cuz … all that’s more likely and, um, and stuff … dear lord.

          • Sir_Roy

            Just in case you want to refute things further, here’s an official quote to spell things out to you (cuz I know you need the help);

            “Currently, drug testing falls under the authority of the athletic commission that regulates specific mixed martial arts events. But generally, the athletic commission also benefits financially by collecting fees from the promoter of the event.

            So, as an example, in the recent case where Anderson Silva was drug tested on Jan. 9, but the results of the test weren’t revealed until after his fight took place on Jan. 31, the UFC (the promoter) and the Nevada Athletic Commission (the regulatory body) both benefited financially from the fight not being cancelled.”


  • Seth

    Somehow, looking at him it’s not a shocker…I mean, I didn’t suspect him to be on something, but now it kinda makes sense…

    Sucks to see that news, since he was on rocket rise to the top… :/

    • dana

      the guy is a typical juicer. Started slow, was probably hesitant to use roids at first. After he got used to ufc he started roiding and winning.

    • Groinstrike

      You didn’t suspect him? I knew he was on them before he even got in the UFC. Anyone who buys this BS about training 6 days a week, and look jacked without steroids is fooling themselves.

      • Seth

        I mean, I rarely suspect anyone – unless it’s like Vitor who looks like himself against Jones and 3-4 months later is just perfectly ripped against Bisping. Unless its not extreme case like that, I don’t suspect anyone. I think I just got used to the fact he looks like a monster o:

  • SCP

    UFC = Ultimate F’Kn Cheaters..

  • Usmc8408

    Lance Armstrong really needs to offer his services to these guys. He had people “fooled” and beat the test for years. It could be his new LiveStrong. There’s a whole career in it for him apparently.

    • Sir_Roy

      He dodged the random tests and had implanted help during the scheduled testing. As did most others competing at that level though. Problem is widespread. Lance was simply in the spotlight due to his success.

      Fact is, Lance is still a champ as he was simply defeating competition who were likewise saucing. Let’s not pretend the needles weren’t being passed around now …

      • Usmc8408

        I totally agree that he was competing against fellow juicers so in a sad pathetic way the drug use cancels itself out. None of the riders at Lance’s level were clean.

        • Sir_Roy

          The sad truth is, it’s a legitimate case of “blame the game, not the player”. About as legitimate a case as they come. And yet, we all turn around and ignorantly blame the player regardless. I’m not condoning it. I’m simply stating the problem runs far, far deeper.

          Somewhere, somehow, there are officials who need to start taking responsibility. Because at this stage in the game, for athletes to remain relevant, they have to start f#cking with their bodies. That`s just fact. Unless they have abnormal genes, like a Jones or a GSP. And even then, Georges knew in order to stay in the game at his level, he’d have to start supplementing … which is why he stepped away (when his gambit with Hendricks didn’t pan out).

          Heck, I’m not even sure Jones is clean at this point in the game (look what happened to Anderson). I wouldn’t accuse him, cuz that’s unsubstantiated and defamation of character, just saying I wouldn’t be surprised.

          • Usmc8408

            It would be a very hard place to be in as a professional athlete…..compete at the highest level with those on PED’s and have to do them yourself, or stay clean and get washed out. Unfortunately there’s a case there for doing PED’s so yeah, you’re right Roy

  • snapdad

    hey dana, are you going to stand by hector and fully support him too?

    • whawha

      I don’t think he puts enough butts in seats 😉

      • snapdad

        sad but true

    • dana

      Hector is a boring meat head dolt. I had him tested after Chael Sonnen informed me that Hector had approached him for advice on using roids. I used the commission so it wouldn’t look as though I am throwing my fighters under the bus.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Quoted from a guest post, but 100% dead on – “Start fining them 100% of their fight purse, including PPV dollars and bonuses. That would hurt them and not the fans.” A guy might fight for free one time before they get the picture that roids are done.

    • snapdad

      best idea ive heard yet

    • Joe Dog

      Good idea, but testing is supposed to make fights safe and fair. It would seem irresponsible to knowingly let juiced fighters fight. The fans lose any way you cut it. For cancelled fights, award both fighter purses to the clean fighter (if there is one). Lengthy suspensions with mandatory, regular, self-funded testing while suspended. No title fights for 5 years. 2 strikes and you are out for good. Etc….Consequences.

      • TheCerealKiller

        If they test positive for roids post-fight. Pre-fight test, they don’t fight.

        • MaritalArtist

          Why does hector need muscle mass? Isn’t he pretty much the biggest guy in the division? I would think he would try to be as small as possible so he would have more endurance, since nobody’s taking him down anyway.

          • Sir_Roy

            There are different kinds of PEDs. Roids are far from just about “muscle mass”. Thus the term “performance” enhancers.

          • TheCerealKiller

            “Why does hector need muscle mass?”

            Just ignored you from now on.

          • slowdown

            Errr I belive this is a illogic loop, why does he do juice if hes the biggest? hes the biggest because he does juice. it’s not like this is a one time thing and he just was on of the largest men with no body fat in the division ever lol

    • Sir_Roy

      Hit them where it hurts most. Sounds about right.

      2 choices … ignore testing altogether and have a free for all wherein everyone sauces to stay relevant (as that’s where the sport is heading at present), or test right every fight, random and scheduled testing every fight without exception, punish those who fail with suspension and 100% loss of revenue. The third option, which is what we’re seeing now, is a disaster as those who want to play by the rules are getting overrun by those who cheat, and roll the dice (praying they don’t get tested randomly).

      The financial threat doesn’t stick though if the testing isn’t thorough, rigorous and constant.

  • victorymma

    It’s sad that I’m getting less and less shocked as these stories come out. Love this sport but it’s getting harder to defend it when this is becoming the norm. (Especially since everyone can’t be cheating)

  • runner2300

    He should have snorted coke…would have been able to get Dana’s support as well as go ahead with the fight

    • Darin

      Nah, he should’ve made more money for Dana.

    • Lorenzo”nose”fertitta

      The UFC is owned by rich Italian Americans in Nevada. Their business is violence and they are known as a cut throat organization. They are being sued by former employees. Dana White had promoted a fight between himself and Tito Ortiz, Dana the PRESIDENT of the company was going to step in the octagon and fight Tito over disagreements. They brought us fighters like War Machine, in jail for attempted murder, Junie Browning, another psycho and many more who are now serving time or disgraced in some other way.
      The UFC has always been corrupt, it is being noticed now that people are speaking out.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Have you ever heard of the NFL?

  • runner2300

    Anyone else think the UFC is starting to turn in to a really corrupt organization? Seems odd these results were made public pretty quickly yet Anderson Silva’s weren’t…and Dana knew of Jones’ positive test yet kept it hidden…I’m thinking Don King is looking like a boy scout now compared to Dana

    • Groinstrike

      If Dana was like Don King none of these fighters would be getting caught. It’s very bad for business. Anderson will be out a long time if he doesn’t retire. That’s major loss of $$$$.

  • Sir_Roy

    Right then. GSP quits due, in part, to steroid abuse in the system. Not long after, all hell breaks loose and fighters are testing positive left, right and center proving GSP had very good cause. But, of course, everyone’s ragging on Georges stating he quit because he himself was using.

    How dumb can fans get. Unbelievable.

    • Groinstrike

      You will notice he retired when the UFC announced it’s plan to implement the more strict testing that has started catching so many people.

      • Sir_Roy

        No. You will notice GSP quit because said implementation was not followed through on.

      • Kris-tyahn

        Do you even say anything that is based on fact, or do you just say stupid stuff that comes to your mind?!? GSP “retired” a long time ago, many people have only been getting poped the last 6-9 months. Nice try dummy!

    • Guest

      get off GSP’s nuts ya nuthugger.

      • Sir_Roy

        Original. You must be a deep, deep thinker.

  • drkdisciple

    with this Rory gets Scr*wed once again!

  • taylor2008

    How shocking! Now Rory gets screwed again. Give him the title shot.

    • Groinstrike

      Rory will probably get caught eventually himself. Whenever young athletes come in with thinning hair, and acne I suspect they are on them.

      • taylor2008

        HAving acne and thinning hair does NOT mean you are on roids.

      • Kris-tyahn

        Ur such an idiot, and it proves how uneducated you really are! Apparently all those people I went to school with, were taking roids b/c in Gym many people had acne and/or thinning hair…. IDIOT!

  • Groinstrike

    Looks like Lombard will be going off the juice, and moving down to his more natural weight of 145

  • Timothy Malone

    Lombard vs Rory was going to be such an awesome fight. This sucks. I would punch Hector in the face for this if he wasn’t a monster trained in hand-to-hand combat.

  • Bigdu01

    Vote with your wallets and quit buying PPV and merchandise, this is the only way to iniate change.

  • Boris

    Did ypu read the comment your commenting on? Apperently not or you don’t understand that strenght and muscle mass are 2 diffenrents thing. In fact you just proof his point.

  • MMAisTrash

    Scum sport with roided up fake scum athletes. Take this garbage off TV