Heavyweight Fight Between Satoshi Ishii and Philip De Fries Headlines Inoki Genome Fight 1

February 8, 2014
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Satoshi Ishii

Antoni Inoki’s IGF promotion signalled its intention to become a major player in the Japanese MMA market by announcing a series of 2014 events. The first is booked for the Ryougoku Sumo Hall on April 5 and will be headlined by a heavyweight match-up between Satoshi Ishii and Philip De Fries.

Primarily a wrestling promotion, IGF has been regularly putting MMA fights on cards since New Year’s Eve 2012, and has plans to put on more actual fights this year.  De Fries vs. Ishii will be just one of a number of fights on the card at Inoki Genome Fight 1, which will also feature some pro wrestling bouts.

Ishii (11-2-1) is unquestionably IGF’s main star and has won seven straight fights since losing to Fedor Emelianenko on New Year’s Eve 2011. He faces an interesting examination of his credentials as a top heavyweight prospect when he takes on De Fries (10-3).

After going 2-3 in a UFC stint, De Fries fought on IGF’s last New Year’s Eve event and submitted Strikeforce veteran Brett Rogers with a rear naked choke in the opening round to set up the April 5 date with 2008 Olympic Judo gold medallist Ishii, who is the organization’s current heavyweight champion.

Inoki Genome Fight 1 will be the first of five events the organization is putting on this year although two of them are set to primarily feature wrestling. IGF’s founder Inoki is himself a former wrestler and elected politician who currently sits on the House of Councillors in Japan.

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  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    will he defend his title?

    • Alex

      pro wrestling title LOLLLLLL

      • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

        Oh no another neofascist Dana puppet!

        btw, it’s an official MMA title, check

        • Alex

          LOL you know I’m right and thus try to insult me instead of proving your point.
          Had you known a bit of MMA/wrestling history, you’d known what I’m talking about.

          Don’t hate the guy, that shoves the truth right into your stupid face. Thank me instead and be polite, boy.

          • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

            - you’re the one hunting for my post, facts
            – the title Ishii won against Fujita is registered as a MMA title by IGF, facts
            – I didn’t insulted you, you’re the one insulting right now, cauz you’re proud to hate whatever fighter isn’t fighting in UFC or isn’t american, facts as are your statements in previous posts

          • Alex

            Yeah, “registered”…in the pro wrestling promotion.
            The fights there have the same credibility as if Vince McMahon would’ve produced them :).

            And I watch other promotions too, and when one of them reaches UFC level I’ll admit then (not happened yet LOL).
            Also, why would I hate non-Americans?

          • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

            well Strikeforce was a Kickboxing promotion, that diminish the value of its past MMA fighters?
            Can’t get the logic here.
            Maybe he’s unproven, but that doesn’t mean he’s a can.

            How many cans Barao beated before steamrolling all the UFC competition?

          • Alex

            Sorry to burst your little bubble, but kickboxing is a real sport, while pro-wrestling is a circus (BTW, Santa isn’t real too, sorry).
            TNA also had an “MMA match” couple of years ago,with Frank Trigg against…Kurt Angle? Don’t remember, watched it for the lolz.
            It’s Japan, pro-wrestling show, everyone does what Great Master Inoki tells them, just like in Pride they made Coleman tap to Takada LOL

            Barao’s record against cans was ridiculous, but the difference is – he didn’t lose to a known can crusher Fedor in the middle of his can streak, which made him a can crusher, not a can.
            And then he proven his value by beating the best – not losing to a guy that has just been KTFO by an old man 1.5 weight category below him.

          • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro


            so you call “sport” a competition where an athlete get a title shot coming out of a loss just because talk shit? I call it entertainment … Olympics show you how a combat sport must be managed, not UFC or any other MMA pro organization …

            Fedor fought all the ranked heavyweights of the time, and there are the proofs of that, check the rankings of the time … or you wanna say that Sylvia and Arlovski were the best HWs? LOL

          • Alex

            What what?
            Who got title shot just because of trash talk? Where?
            Ah, you probably think that Sonnen got a title shot for trash talk – not because he was the guy Jones refused to fight in the first place, when all the other pussified fighters refused to take a fight with Jones himself.

            And LOL about Olympics, where judges are absolutely biased and corrupted – just ask this Iranian who “lost” to Kurt Angle, or this Cuban taekwondo guy who was so pissed for unfair referee that he kicked his teeth down the throat.
            MMA is 100x more fair than Olympics.

            Who cares who Fedor fought and where they were ranked?
            Brett Rogers also was ranked, getting this “rank” by a lucky punch. The guy was a bum and he’s a bum now.
            HW are big, slow and sloppy swingers that KTFO each other and exchange the ranking places, and their rankings are irrelevant. However, an educated MMA fan, unlike you, can see the superior skills and athleticism in certain fighters – like Velasquez and JDS, for example. Now your beloved WAMMA champ is nowhere near them – none of them would’ve never lost to an undersized old LHW on decline of his career.

          • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

            Yeah because now in sports saying that you’re eager to fight the champ make you automatically the contender, not that you’ve to win turns/quarterfinal/semifinal … LOL

            so who were the HWs better than Fedor between 2000 and 2007?
            Barnett that lost 3 times against CroCop? Couture that was a RINGS reject? Pedro Rizzo?

            It’s kinda cute LOL

          • Alex

            I see that you confuse combat sports for command sports. What is that turns/quarter/semi-blabbering?
            There is no “automatically” here, and there are no points either…and it’s like that in any other combat sports.
            After all, there was no one who should’ve get a title shot and hasn’t got it after all because of the “entertainment” matchmaking.

            I see you’re a bit slow about Fedor issue (probably because you’re seriously butthurt about me blaspheming your idol), so I’ll explain again:
            there is no “better”, or “worse”, in the HW division, full of sloppy swingers with little technique. All the guys you mention fall under that category, except Couture, that had guts to fight guys that were MUCH bigger than him and actually being quite successful with it.

            P.S. Big LOL @calling Couture “RINGS reject”…you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Randy was more than welcome in RINGS and beat the guy who made Fedor bleed like a pig and quit.
            Doesn’t matter much though, Rings weren’t the real MMA org, their rules were made by pussies for pussies, they couldn’t even strike normally.

          • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

            you’re on the trot badly :D long replies, and you started this conversation calling me out.

            Combat sports have tournament formats when they’re legit, never watched the olympic summer games?
            GSP vs. Diaz wasn’t entertainment matchmaking?

            Couture was clearly a RINGS reject,first the fighters kicked his ass and then the promotion :D he was great for the UFC level of the time but doesn’t has Fedor legacy, and everybody know that

          • Alex

            Well, blame yourself for my long answers – who would’ve known that you’re so ignorant, that trivial things are needed to be explained to you?
            Instead, thank me for educating you, kiddo.

            You seemed to be stuck with the Olympic stuff, I see, and I don’t know why – I already shoved to your face that Olympics are corrupted and biased, so that doesn’t count.

            And, for the dessert – a little history lesson: Courute was never kicked out of Rings, and has lost there only two times (the first time was a total fluke, Couture lost because of the referee mistake).
            Do your homework next time you speak to me, boy.

          • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

            lol ok no proof of what you’re saying and you’re insulting with no filters :)
            what a cultural level here!

          • Alex

            What proof do you need?
            Watch fights, learn history of MMA and then you’ll know all the facts, throw your ignorance away and will thank me for showing you the truth.

            And if you’re offended by my strong language – well, sometimes masters need to show some tough love to their apprentices, so deal with it.

          • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro


            That’s a case of a master getting his ass kicked badly I c :D

            I enlighted you, admit it

          • Alex

            How exactly did you “enlight” me and “kicked my ass” exactly?
            By showing you the naked truth and totally owning you in a debate, leaving your lack of knowledge and understanding of MMA wide open?
            You’re funny in your pathetic ways to get out of admitting yourself being wrong and ignorant.

            Now I’ve given you a homework to do, come back only when you finish it. Bye until then :)

          • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

            bye and watch your bum when you close the door :D

          • Alex

            Hey don’t you be all sad, it’s only temporal, until you learn something about MMA.

            No go back to your room and start doing the homework I’ve given you

          • shakejunt

            go back to sherdog

          • Alex

            I remember you. I already made your butt cry brown tears from pain, I just don’t remember which subject it was about.

          • shakejunt

            you like boy butts? LOLLLL

          • Alex

            No boy, sorry, I can’t fulfill your dreams, I’m straight.

            The only way I’ll cause you a buttpain is by pwning you in the debate, like I always do :)

          • shakejunt


  • Alex

    Ishii making fun of himself, continuing to “fight” into Inoki organization.
    These “fights” are as legit as Inoki’s fight against Ali LOL.
    Fighters are paid money to lay under Ishii and pad his record.

    Everyone think he’s a great prospect and should fight in the UFC, but he knows better LOL.
    He lost in the first round to a Russian Can Crusher, he knows he’s no UFC level.