Heavyweight MMA Top 10 (over 205 pounds)

March 19, 2014
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Cain Velasquez at UFC 1551. Cain Velasquez

2. Junior dos Santos

3. Fabricio Werdum

4. Travis Browne

5. Josh Barnett

6. Mark Hunt

7. Alistair Overeem

8. Stipe Miocic

9. Gabriel Gonzaga

10. Vitaly Minakov

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    Alistair Overeem???? where is he

    • Bossman

      Where you at nick??????

    • stonepony

      It’s a best fighters list. Not a biggest cheaters list.

      • GoNoles

        your a complete idiot if you think overeem isnt a great fighter

        • Cptmats

          Far from One !

        • Gagan Gill

          he was great fighter.
          now he is on over-roids.

    • Yeah really he should be #3

    • RUS

      right in the ass

    • Baby J

      Recovering from getting embarrassed by Big Foot Silva and Travis Browne in back to back fights.

  • that-guy

    if overeem is to face the winner of jds and velasquez , how is he not in the top 10…?

  • Buckethead

    lol no allistair – yet travis browne, too funny.

  • JPW

    Frank Mir at 5? Hah Carwin blasted him.

  • DannYV

    Wheres Roy Nelson? He’d smash Browne.

    • Bogle

      Agreed. Where on earth is Big Country?

  • JD

    Fighters on suspension and fighters that sit out for a calendar year aren’t placed in the rankings (Diaz & Overeem). I always find it funny how someone is left out of the top 10 even if they have knocked out a fighter in the top 10. It is an absolute joke that Big Country is not in the top 10 and Struve is in the rankings.

  • Rankings are garbage.. Frank mir number 5? You on crack? Roy Nelson is the only man to go all rounds with Dos Santos…

    • aries

      Cain Valasques …….

      • post was before that fight, it says when it was posted right beside it pal

  • table chair

    Wheres Fedor?! He can kick Nelson’s fat ass anyday

    • RUS

      Fedor is a very rich man and he live in moscow right now ? he dont need this s*** any more )

      • Cptmats

        Actually Fedor lives in Stary Oskol and i Don’t think He’s very Rich ! His managers are doing great though !

  • Парень из ббп

    Кто хочет пасасать

  • theguy

    Wheres Mark Hunt?

  • Tyler Winningham

    Besides Cain and Junior I doubt anyone would agree with these rankings. Struve in the top ten takes away any credibility of MMA knowledge. The HW division has lost most of its excitement with fighters in better shape able to make 205. I say the top 5 is a toss up between Cain, junior, cormier, carwin, and Nelson. All of these guys have knockout power but lack in one way or the other. All have been knocked out except Cormier and Nelson. Have to figure out which of the five has better luck that night. I am a big Cormier fan but the standout is Nelson dropping the gut.this guy is great and still dangerous two min. Into the first when he is gassed. Not sure where he is going to stand at 25. He has said he could make 205 debut at end of 2013.

    • Anthony Lopez

      Nelson has been knocked out

      • nowyoullseefrankmir


      • WhatTheF4ck

        TKO’ed is not a KO you MMA fans don’t seem to understand that

        • michael kelley

          Remind me what the ‘K’ and the ‘O’ stand for in TKO? Because “technically” it IS a knockout.

          • WhatTheF4ck

            Okay I punch you in the face 3 times the ref stops it you’re completely aware but I KO’ed you if we’re thinking your way

  • Bob g.

    Where is Travis Woof?

  • Andres Cano

    And Roy Nelson???

  • drdamonmarcus

    Frank Mir has no business on this list!!

  • julian moran

    Dos Santos is ranked too high.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Heavyweight is now the weakest division

  • luis

    Nobody can F*** with Cain Velasquez not even overeem if jds is a joke to him than who can beat him

    • Vanilla

      Cain has already been knocked out cold.

    • Cptmats

      Hunt !

  • TheCerealKiller

    Why is this not updated since Oct 27 2013????????????????????

  • jojo

    Anyone?!! Who is the huge guy that trained in the backwoods of Elk River MN?he did ufc or cage fighting…??? He was a tank!! I’m not sure this is where i shud ask but someone’s gotta know.