Heavyweight Could Be Calling UFC Champ Jon Jones as Soon as 2013 or 2014

August 20, 2012
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For years, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has been unable to escape questions about “super fights” in the Octagon after he has seemingly dismantled every 185-pound fighter the promotion threw at him.

Now that same problem is falling squarely on the shoulders of the man primed to take his spot as the No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world when Silva walks away from fighting.

Jon Jones has already defined himself as the top light heavyweight in the sport, but as he approaches his UFC 151 showdown with Dan Henderson, he can’t quite slip away from the “super fight” questions or his desire to compete at a different weight class.

Make no mistake, Jones is focused on the task at hand because Dan Henderson is as formidable an opponent as he’s faced in his young MMA career, but even he admits there are new opportunities on the horizon.

He’s just not planning on tackling those goals for a few years.

“I’ve put thought into it and, like I said, not to be cliché, but Dan Henderson is my main priority and focus, but I have a lot of years left in fighting. Coming up to heavyweight is something I’d like to do maybe in the next two or three years,” Jones said in a recent Fuel TV interview.

“2013 or 2014; it would be cool.”

Jones has long hinted at a move to heavyweight and at 25 years of age, he’s still growing into his long six-foot-four-inch frame. With two brothers already playing defensive end in the NFL, the Jones family is no stranger to packing on size to go along with height.

Of course, Jones first wants to smash and decimate every light heavyweight contender in the division, but if he continues down the same path of destruction he’s been walking, the heavyweight division might come calling sooner rather than later.

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  • used2bgood

    If uncle Dana makes him go up to HW, the match I would pay to see is JDS vs Jones. But in my opinion it is way too early to talk HW fights for Bones.

    • RubeKegal

      Bones kills JDS. I think JDS is great and all but Jones is damn near invincible. Mirko landed quite a bit against JDS and Gonzaga even took him down and Gonzaga is no wrestler by any means. Roy Nelson landed quite a bit on him and Roy is not quick or agile. Jones is a new level.

  • stevemcz11

    I didnt think I would become a fan of Jones but I
    would really like to see if he can hang with guys his own size

  • Lesnardo

    I think there are several paths for Jones at HW.

    His first opponent will most likely be Roy Nelson, a middle-of-the-pack guy, if Jones takes moving up to LHW seriously. If he does not take it seriously, then he will most likely take the Anderson Silva route and fight someone like Dave Herman, and shortly thereafter run back to 205.

    Assuming that he gets past Roy Nelson, depends on the status of the HW division, he may fight either Cain/Overeem (if he performs impressively against Nelson) or Mir/Carwin/Werdum (if he doesn’t perform impressively but nonetheless wins).

    • jamin

      Lesnardo, you sound like a serious retard..Anderson did not take LHW seriously? And he fought the guy who was the champion of the LHW division just 2 months prior? I’m also sure its guys like yourself who were chanting that Spider was going to be defeated if he fought any decent LHW fighter, and he chose to fight the champ at the time (Forrest was just a couple months after he had the LHW belt) and he convincingly won the fight even easier than he wins fights at MW, within minutes. Once Spider defeats an opponent, its morons like you again that say, ‘oh, the guy couldn’t fight’ lol, Forrest defeated Shogun, Rampage to get the belt..Its Spider who makes the fights look easy..get a life.

  • stevemcz11

    Hopefully whoever fights Jones at HW gets a full trainin camp to prepare for him. Unlike Machida and Rua

    • Lesnardo

      No professional fighter comes unprepared. So I don’t know what you are talking about.

      • matty

        That is a really ignorant statement.

        • GiovanniB

          I agree! Machida won 1st round and I believe he would’ve done better, perhaps even win, if he had gotten a full training camp. I don’t care how much of a professional fighter you are, if you don’t get a full camp to fight a talented fighter as Jones, you won’t stand much of a chance. Jones is talented, but even he admits you’re taking a risk when you get a last minute fight without proper preparation. Anyway, Lesnardo is a f-ucking idiotic ignorant person. Just look at his nick name “lesnardo” he sure is a Lesnar nut licker and hugger…LOL…poor bastard! Ignore him and all the MMA ignorants here.

          • GiovanniB

            Watch the Machida vs Jones fight. You could see Jones’ frustration and fear when he got clipped by Machida and he didn’t know how to handle Machida in the first. The second I think it was a fluke. I’d like to see Jones pulling a submission on Machida or a knock out (wait Jones has no knock out power, so never mind) so try to pull a submission on Machida this second time around. Now that Machida knows him better, I doubt Jones will have an easy fight, that’s why he’s saying he doesn’t wanna fight Machida a second time, because he knows his “money” is at stake here!

          • Lesnardo

            Or more like…that clipping was the only thing Machida could do to Jones. Wooo~~! He clipped him! Did he drop Jones? Nope. It just took Jones off balance for 2 seconds.

            And what did Jones do to Lyoto? Takedown, Cut, Knock down, and then choke.


          • MrAdidas

            WTF are you talking about?!? Jones was lucky?!? LOL Okay, whatever you say dude. Lyoto did well in the 1st Round, but doing well in 1 Round doesnt mean ****, espeically if you get owned the following round & especially if you visit sleepy land, which Lyoto did. To say he was lucky is ignorant, since Jones is “undefeated” & noone has really done anything against him. Evans was the biggest test for Jones & Evans did much more than any other Jones oponent, which isnt really saying much, but he did last all 5 Rounds & he never really got “hurt.”

            Lyoto will lose again & it will be before the end of the 5th, that’s 95% guaranteed.

      • stevemcz11

        Anderson Silva went in with a broken rib

    • shakejunt

      Can’t tell if you’re saying that because you want to see jones in a competitive fight or because you actually believe both rua and machida would’ve beaten him had they gotten full camps.

  • stevemcz11

    Machida and Rua both found out late into the camp that they would be fighting Jones. I apologise if ye didnt know that. Also I said I hope whoever faces him has a full camp to prepare for him I did not say they were unprepared(big difference). It would be similar to training to fight Dan Miller and finding out late that your fighting Anderson Silva

    • dathump

      thats a load of crap!! Did they tell Jones 6 months in advance and keep it a secret from Machida or Rua until a week before. I dont think so, they both had the same time to prepare. If they didn’t have time for a full camp and accepted the fight, thats their own fault, not that of Jones. Plus it was Jones that took the fight on short notice, 6 weeks after his last fight and took the title.
      So what you are saying is the champ should be ready for all opponents, unless the champ is Rua or Machida.

      • stevemcz11

        GSP spent his entire camp for Shields training grappling. Do you really think he would accept that fight on a few weeks notice? Same goes when your training to fight Machida you need a very specific camp for him. Same goes for Jones. Silva accepted a fight against Sonnen when he shouldnt have and came very close to undeservedly losing his title.

        • MaritalArtist

          He didn’t come close at all. Had sonnen won, the belt would have stayed with silva due to Sonnen’s elevated T:E ratio.

          • stevemcz11

            That doesnt change the fact that Silva went into the fight with a broken rib. The point I was making is that fighters do go into fights unprepared.

        • dathump

          No GSP wouldn’t accept a fight on short notice, but also wouldn’t need it as an excuse for losing either. These are the top fighters in the world, and if you think Rua or machida need a full camp to win, and Jones doesn’t and still wins, thats why Jones it the champ and the others are not. remember the more time for rua and machida to train also means the more time for jones to train. I will say it again, they both had the same time to train for each other, so no advantage one way or another.

          • stevemcz11

            By that logic then if Velasquez gets injured before December then Jones should just step up and fight JDS. He doesnt need a year or two years to train for much bigger guys does he? Why 2014?

          • dathump

            If Jones takes the fight at HW, all the blame is on him, sure. The fact of the matter is 2 fighters in the SAME weight class had the same amout of time for training as their opponent, and Jones walked through them (no unfair advantage)

          • stevemcz11

            I never said anything about an (unfair advantage). I just said I hope whoever Jones fights at HW gets a full training camp. I also said Machida and Shogun didnt have full camps but I didnt say that it gave Jones an (unfair advantage) I dont know where your getting your (unfair advantage) from at all?? Fair enough Jones won those fights and if he gives Machida the rematch then Jones will probably win even more impressively than last time but that doesnt change the fact that I personally would like to see both fighters get a full camp to prepare for each other!

  • markronin

    If he beats Hendo and Machida in a rematch he should move up, there’s nothing left for him other than maybe a match with Chael or Gus.

    Thing is to move up comfortably he would have to have 6-12 months to put on muscle mass to be more competitive at HW, like Overeem did. Overeem used to be skinny like Jones.

    My prediction, 2014 Jones is at HW with or without his LHW belt.

  • kaldani15

    I dont see anyone beating jones in LHW except Hendo. Randy coutre said hendo will beat jones but idk. If jones moves up i dont think he can hang with them. JDS will ko him, Overeem will destroy him, Cain will smash him. I could see jones beating some ppl maybe carwin and roy nelson but if they get one solid hit hes out cold. If jones gets to distracted hendo might drop him and wrestle him for 5 rounds and take his belt.

  • dathump

    3 years and 30+ lbs (which is possable without roids) he will be a beast if he stays focused and hungry. He would have to take some smaller heavyweights first because there will be a while in there where he wil be to big to cut, but too small for the really big guys. the other problem is by the time he is ready to move up and be competitive there may be a line of new fighters looking for their shot. That is happining in WW and MW, remember 2 years ago there was no one left for Anderson, now there is 4 or 5 guys getting close.

  • gogogadgetplata

    john jones should just fight a pole with his car again

  • gogogadgetplata

    or maybe he could go on that dumb jousting show cuz its way more brutal than mma.

  • D-rail

    Easy there. Let him beat Machida, Gus, Texiera, and Jimo, then he can give HW a shot.

    • MaritalArtist

      I’m down with that

    • RubeKegal

      Jimmo beats Crocodile Dundee and you already are giving him a title shot?

  • gogogadgetplata

    kidding but jimmo is too green, glover needs more names defeated, and gusto doesnt want any jones anyways. hw is the move but the chael stuff is just to distract him from hendo and i still give hendo (goat) almost no chance.

  • pooby

    Please, let’s cut the crap. Jones isn’t interested in any other LHWs after Hendo.

    Anderson Silva isn’t interested in any MWs, and has fought at LHW before.

    These two need to fight each other NOW (assuming Jones beats Hendo).

    • Lesnardo

      Two does not need to fight. Anderson should fight lyoto/shogun/rashad and Jones needs to fight at HW.

      Move Jones up to HW and Anderson up to LHW.

      GSP can stay where he is.

  • stevemcz11

    Silva vs GSP and Jones vs JDS please 🙂

  • felix

    If jones move up tu hw, he will and deserve to land on top of the ladder to fight for the championship. If not like that, why make the jump?

  • D-rail

    I’m just saying, let’s give others a chance. Jimmo is a very talented and smart fighter, so let’s not put him at the bottom EH!

  • MaritalArtist

    Here’s what’s gonna happen. Dana will say to Jon Jones “Look, you stupid f***er, all will be forgiven. Just pick a fight with Anderson and we’ll be cool.”