May 19, 2007
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by Al Yu – MMAWeekly.com

referred to as the “healer of MMA stars,” Dr. Peter Goldman has been helping
people with their discomfort for many years with a special technique called “Zone


Hi Peter. How are things?


Goldman: Great, thanks for taking the time to speak with me.


In addition to being a well-known chiropractic doctor, you’re a pretty
accomplished person. Can you tell the readers a little more about yourself?


Goldman: In the early 1990s, I competed at a world class level in Oyama
(Kyokushin style) Full contact Karate around the US and in Europe.  I
earned my black belt from the founder of the style Soshu Oyama in 1990 in New
York City. Soshu was considered Mas Oyama’s top student.


After high
school in Brooklyn, NY, I attended Brandeis University near Boston, MA.  I
majored in Economics there and played 4 years of Varsity Tennis. After
graduation, I moved back to NYC where I was born and raised and worked in the
business world for 4 years.  Although I enjoyed the work I did, I really
wanted to help people and I always loved chiropractic so I enrolled in
chiropractic school for the next 4 years. 


In your profession, you a practice a technique called “Zone Healing”. Can you
explain a little bit about this technique?


Goldman: As you know, there are thousands of chiropractors in the world, but
only a few do the Zone Healing technique.  In my estimation there are
probably about 100 chiropractors who are familiar with Zone Healing, probably
about 40 or so who incorporate it on some level in their practice, but only
about 8 who do pure Zone Healing.  I am one of the 8. 


Healing looks at the body as having 6 different systems:  glandular,
eliminative, nerve, digestive, muscular, and circulatory.  The goal of
Zone Healing is to get these 6 systems as balanced as possible.  One
of the many great aspects of Zone Healing is that it identifies particular
emotions that may be contributing to imbalances in the body, thus making one
aware of changes that they can make on a mental or Spiritual level to assist in
balancing their body.


You mentioned that you’re only one of 8 chiropractors who practice pure Zone
Healing. With your success, do you think that number will rise?


Goldman: That would be great, we will see.


How often do you teach seminars?


Goldman: About every 2 months.


Given the many positive testimonials, your treatment has been pretty successful
in relieving your patient’s discomfort. That must be a gratifying feeling.


Goldman: I love my job, it is awesome.


Tell us about your relationship and experiences with former UFC Welterweight
Champion BJ Penn.


Goldman: When I met BJ Penn his neck was in very bad shape and nothing he had
tried had worked.  We got him in great shape pretty quickly and from then
on he has had me at all of his fights as part of his team and we have become
very good friends.


Will you be there to assist BJ when he faces Jens Pulver at the Ultimate
Fighter 5 Finale in June?


Goldman: Yes.


Can you name some of the fighters who are currently in your care?


Goldman: BJ Penn, Bas Rutten, Rob Kaman, Renatto “Charuto” Verissimo, Cabbage,
Lucia Rijker, Rigan and John Machado, and Eddie Bravo to name a few.


What inspired you to start practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?


Goldman: I was pretty good at stand up fighting and wanted to learn the ground
game.  I love it and train in BJJ at least 3 times per week.


Have you thought about participating in BJJ competitions?


Goldman: No interest at the moment, but everything is possible.


Reflecting back on your success, did you ever think that one day you’d be considered
the “healer of MMA stars”?


Goldman: I never thought about it consciously like that.  I love helping
people in general, and taking care of some of the worlds best athletes is


With your association with many named fighters, one can assume that you
following the sport of MMA pretty close, correct?


Goldman: Absolutely.

MMAWeekly: What are
your thoughts about being Pride purchased by the Fertitta brothers?  Do
you think it’s a positive or negative thing for the sport?


Goldman: Positive because so far it appears as if they are doing good things,
negative because competition in business inspires the creation of better


Thanks for your time Peter.  Is there anything else you’d like to tell the
readers at MMAWeekly?


Goldman: Thank you for taking the time to talk to me, take care.



For more
information about Zone Healing or to contact Dr. Goldman, please visit
style='font-size:10.0pt'> style='font-family:Arial'>http://goldmanhealing.com style='font-size:10.0pt;font-family:Arial'>.



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