Have We Seen the Last of Wanderlei Silva in the UFC? “They’re Going to Bury Him!”

June 14, 2014
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Wanderlei SilvaThe MMA world was up in arms when speculation spread that Wanderlei Silva avoided a prefight random drug test in Nevada, and was subsequently pulled from his scheduled UFC 175 fight with Chael Sonnen.

The storm winds blew in when it came to light that Sonnen, who submitted to the random test, failed it.

Sonnen’s failure comes with its own flavor of controversy, mostly centered on the recent testosterone replacement therapy ban and the fights that are coming off of it, which Sonnen is one of. Regardless of the details, it led Sonnen to announce his retirement earlier this week.

Silva, at that point, was but an elusive figure the fog.

He is, however, taking center stage once again, as the Nevada State Athletic Commission has requested his presence at a meeting on June 17.

Silva evading the drug test and Sonnen’s positive test are in the spotlight of the meeting.

Nearly every MMA insider is expecting the commission to come down harshly on Silva. Who knows what they will do with Sonnen? He’s sure to receive sanctions, but Silva is primed to become a poster boy for how not to handle random drug testing. (Watch the video of Wanderlei Silva trying to explain why he didn’t take the test.)

“I love Wanderlei. Wanderlei has always been a great guy. (But) you don’t walk out on a drug test… especially in Nevada,” said UFC president Dana White at a media scrum on Thursday in Vancouver.

“There is no way in hell they are letting him off. No way in hell! They are going to bury Wanderlei Silva… in my humble opinion. They’re gonna bury him.”

And that is the sentiment of most people that follow mixed martial arts, either as a fan or a pundit.

With both Silva and Sonnen off of the UFC 175 fight card, and the UFC being unable to secure a new fight for Vitor Belfort, who was going to fight Sonnen in Silva’s absence, Belfort has been removed from the commission’s docket for the day.

White said it wasn’t he or the UFC that asked Belfort to be removed, but he certainly understands why he wouldn’t want to be part of the commission meeting that is likely to see guys like Silva and Sonnen in the commission’s crosshairs.

“It’s not easy to get Vitor Belfort an opponent in two-and-a-half weeks (notice),” said White. “(And) on this agenda, you’ve got Wanderlei Silva, the Chael Sonnen thing was going down. There’s a few boxers that are going in on the same agenda. There’s no fight for Vitor right now. When we come up with a fight, let Vitor apply for a license in Nevada.

“The other thing, you don’t want Vitor in there at the time all this other stuff is going down, when they drop the hammer on everybody.”

That leaves Silva and Sonnen to be the focus, and Silva will likely be the key focus, as Sonnen is retiring. Sonnen can, and likely will, still receive sanctions for his drug test showing positive results for prohibited substances, but most people expect Silva to receive the harsher punishment.

It’s one thing to submit to and fail a random drug test; it’s another matter to not even submit to the test. It doesn’t paint Silva in a good light.

Silva hasn’t fought since he defeated Brian Stann in Saitama, Japan, in March of 2013. Who would have thought at the time that it might have been the final time that we see the Axe Murderer in the Octagon?

But it very well might have been.

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    • GrammarTeacherLOL

      That’s bad grammar! Here’s how my Mexican friend would say it: “Jew no berry me!” ROFLMAO



  • Christina

    Running equals guilty. That’s just the way it is. Some may say ‘But he didn’t fail the test’ but that’s incorrect. Running IS failing. Avoiding the test may even be worse than failing the test alone because it shows an added disregard for the people that require it. He didn’t even take the shot at passing. At least Sonnen had the nads to admit guilt. I think Silva is done because his punishment will probably be at least 1 year ineligibility and at his age he’ll probably be too old to come back.

    • put me in the sauna coach

      with all due respect Christina…we just heard from the Axe Murderer himself in this very forum. And he claims he will not be buried. Never underestimate the heart of a juiced up Brazilian.

    • mmalive


      You have NO IDEA about MMA.

      You making stupid statements with no merit.

      You fail drug test when administered.

      NOT when you do not take it.

      How do you know what transpired on meetings, etc….

      Sonnen got caught hence his retirement.

      WAR ON WANDY!!!

      • Sean

        Mmalive!! YOU are clearly a retard! As YOU don’t obviously listen to mma. Dana White him self said that running, in the eyes of the commission, is the equivalent to failure. Dana White the presedent of the UFC a wold wide mma organiseation! So well done smart ass. Your need to just say something has made you look thick!! YOU should not accuse ANYONE of making statements with no merit. So maybe get YOUR facts straight! Oh and it wasn’t just Dana who said it!! A lot of other fighters have claimed it aswell. I suspect you’ve never entered a cage. Your probably just a keyboard warrior. And before you say it yes I’ve done mma for 4 years and Krav Maga for 3. 🙂 keep trolling mate. One day you’ll have purpose!

        • Eric Pope

          What does whether you have entered a cage have to do with the legitimacy of an arguement. Let me guess you have 15 amateur fights all won via ko in first end.therefore you know best went it comes state sanctioning bodies. And your appeal to authority”Dana white” is as empty as that bald headed juiced wanker Dana himself. Stfu stop trying to be a “real” internet tough guy.

          • mmalive

            Eric, GREAT POINT man.

            Read my post right above yours to EXPOSE the DUMMY named Sean with NO SPELLING SKILLS or Education.

            This CLOWN shoots off his mouth and EXPOSES his STUPIDITY.

          • Sean

            Your are completely correct. It doesn’t matter who’s done what but as most things I read here end with, “you know nothing about mma” “you’ve clearly never entered a cage” or”have you ever watched a fight” I thought I’d add it in as he seemed the type of lad who would such a thing. But you are correct! It doesn’t matter. I have to ask though. What would make you thing Dana is a “juiced wanker”?

        • mmlive

          Sean, DUMB ASS.

          Go back to get your high school diploma to learn how to spell.

          Your English and Spelling is worth of Shit.

          “Dana White the presedent of the UFC a wold wide mma organiseation!”

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          By the way, I have been studying MMA for 7 years. BJJ Brown Belt, Kempo Karate, Kung Fu and Boxing CLOWN.

          • This man is super cool!

            Ahhhh well congratulations on all your achievements. Please continue to troll women and correct people’s grammar and punctuation as it makes you sound super cool! Hahahahahahaha. I won’t reply after this so feel free to have the last word. I’m bursting with excitement as I’m sure it will be worth reading!!

          • Sean

            Also…. “Your English is worth of s–t” makes no sense. Maybe look at your own grammar mate! Hahahaha

          • Sean

            You studied “boxing CLOWN” Ahahaha. What’s that then?……… Yeah your grammar is awesome mate!

          • Sean

            “Your are an idiot” …….. Still not quite there yet mate. Keep trying. Re-write it one last time. Go on! Why not, you may even get it right this time. Hahahaha

          • Troy

            Go back to your high school diploma and learn how to spell? Maybe it might sound correct if it said go back to English or go back and get your high school diploma. Before you type try saying it and if it doesn’t make sense please do not type it and try to make fun of others lol. Also when you call people a clown does that make you smart? Can you please post a few more times? It reminds me of ken shamrock calling Tito a monkey lol.

          • Sean

            Ahaha I’m so glad it wasn’t just me that noticed. Yes my grammar and punctuation are both terrible, but as you said, the fact he tried to educate 3 people and messed up is brilliant! Haha.

        • mmalive

          Sean, DUMB A$$ CLOWN,

          Go back to school and get a high school diploma.

          Do you know how to spell or use proper English?

          “Dana White the presedent of the UFC a wold wide mma organiseation!”

          Do you see the ERRORS?

          If not, I will correct them NOW.

          President, worldwide, organization.

          I can tell your have NO EDUCATION.

          Sean, you could not SPELL basic words.

          In order for you to communicate you have to know how to spell.

          Which you have NO CLUE ABOUT.

          By the way, I trained MMA for 7 years, Brown Belt in BJJ, Kempo Karate, and Kung Fu.

          • james j

            Brown belt lol

          • Sean

            ” i can tell your have no education” are you really going to give advice on grammar? If so I’d prefer to take it from someone who knows what there talking about. Hahahaha oh and it doesn’t matter how manny times you write a message to try and cover up your failings, you still come off looking like an idiot. Hahaha why don’t you try re-writing it one last time! Ahahaha for someone who cares so much about grammar, you screw up a lot! Ahahaha

          • Sean

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      • taylor2008

        Running in the eyes of the commission is failing. If a person was clean they would not have run away. Wand knew he was caught.

      • Gary Fredericks

        When you “evade” the drug test, would it not be equated with “running” from it???

        YOU have no idea about reading comprehension or MMA! LOL

        • mmalive

          Nope. Wandy mentioned point himself. Also, You fail a test when it is administered. NOT when you do not take it.

          Gary, you are another keyboard CLOWN with NO LIFE.

          • Gary Fredericks

            refusing and/or evading the test is considered a fail in the rules of the NSAC. Had you the ability to read the article and comprehend the content of it, you would have a better understanding of this and less likely to resort to attempts at personal insults that further show your mental capacity.

      • james j

        OJ ran and was found not guilty

        • mmalive

          YEAH BOY!!!

      • Sean

        “You making stupid statements” it’s you are or you may even get away with your. You really are terrible!! ……… Grammar expert! Ahahahaha

    • Corey Hutton

      How do you know he “ran”? Because Sonnen and his big mouth cronies say so? If you believe anything Sonnen says, you are retarded.

      • Gary Fredericks

        The article states industry wide speculation (not just what Sonnen said) that Silva evaded and is still evading the drug test. Evasion=Running. How is Christina’s statement inaccurate?

        In the opening sentence:

        “The MMA world was up in arms when speculation spread that Wanderlei Silva avoided a prefight random drug test in Nevada…”

    • Dellbert

      He didn’t want to sign an official document that he did not understand. Signing away on something you don’t understand only out of pressure is one of the dumbest things you could do. He didn’t run, he invoked legal counsel before signing an agreement = smart.

      • carsti07 .

        Ruining your career is smart????
        I like Wandy but he is everything but smart

  • Joe

    losers come to this site to check the news an see you fans bitching at eachother for grammar an other useless things whats going on here this site is great for news for mma an i just have to say please pple dont ruin this site with your weirdness mma fans an wannabe fighters seem to have chips on their shoulder

    • Sean

      Gotta be said………. That’s actually a very fair point!

  • julian moran

    Why is all the hate driven towards Silva while Sonnen is forgiven? Is it because Sonnen retired? Because Sonnen took the easy way out?
    I hate to say it, S.H.E.E.P.S.

    • carsti07 .

      Because he did not run from testing, and because of TUF

  • Bob Sacamanto

    Retiring is the only way Sonnen could make people believe that he was doing it to get his wife pregnant. The only thing is he said first it was to come off the T program properly, and then added the fertility issue to the excuse. Sorry chael I ain’t buying it, just like you didn’t buy wandy excuse.

  • mmalive

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        • MMAreality

          Does anyone else fell like mmalive is a loser with no self esteem? What kind of a person attacks someone else for spelling. mmalive please by all means don’t comment anymore on here.We don’t need junior high bullies posting.

          • MMAreality


      • aaron gustaveson


    • Sean

      And also messed up in comments that were directed at me!! Hahaha you never answered me! What’s “boxing clown”? Or was that another one or your mistakes aimed to make me look like a jack a$$. Ahahaha. You are such a tool but your making me laugh so much!! Please respond again 😀

  • Chris Morgan

    Like it or not, Wanderlei ran from the drug test and the commission has to see it as guilty. Assuming Silva’s lawyer excuse actually has some merit, how difficult would it have been to call the lawyer and either explain things over the phone or get him to make a trip down to the gym? Instead, Silva just walks out of his gym and leaves. It’s called RANDOM testing for a reason. If Silva had any issue with how Nevada is doing things (since random testing is new in Nevada), perhaps he should’ve avoided fighting in Nevada until he gained a better understanding of the changes made.

    Silva will get the opportunity to present his case next week. Whether you like it or not, he WILL be punished for running from the test. The only question is how severe will his punishment actually be.

    • Bill Aldred