Hatsu Hioki Thought He Inflicted More Damage Than Clay Guida, but Not Yet Asking for Rematch

January 28, 2013
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Hatsu Hioki and Clay Guida at UFC on Fox 6One of the most hotly contested fights of UFC on Fox 6 was the bout between Clay Guida and Hatsu Hioki. Depending on who you asked, the fight could have gone either way, but was ultimately decided in favor of Guida via split decision by the evening’s judges.

Speaking to MMAWeekly.com following the fight, Hioki said of the decision, “Although I think I inflicted more damage on him, I take the loss because I understand that staying on top of an opponent scores big to a lot of judges.

“Guida was very skilled and tough. Also, he is a very respectful gentleman, so I was very honored to face him.”

In the eyes of many, Hioki worked hard enough off his back to make a case that being on the bottom doesn’t automatically mean a fighter is losing the bout. Still, Hioki knows that sometimes judges don’t see it that way.

“It would have been great if judges have me more credits for working off my back, but, again, I understand how the unified rules work so I am not to complain about anything,” he said. “Guida won the bout fair and square.”

Though Hioki is taking the loss with grace, it would be understandable if he would immediately seek a rematch with Guida, but at the moment, that is not the case.

“I cannot think of anything like that nature right now because I just fought, so I will see as a time goes by,” said Hioki.

While he’s not thinking immediately of what to do next, one thing is for sure, Hioki intends to return and do so an improved fighter because of this loss.

“The team will learn from this as that fight was a tremendous opportunity as a learning tool, so I take one step at the time to work my way back,” he said.

“I will be back!”

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  • dan

    Clay Guida: Deadliest shoulder thrusts in all of MMA

  • Joey

    I hate the notion that if you take someone down and your on top, that your winning the fight.

    Hioki was so much more active from the bottom, going for submissions and utilizing his strikes. Not to mention when they were on their feet he was lighting Clay up.

    I really disliked Clay after that Maynard fight and with this performance he cemented his status as the least enjoyable fighter/style to watch in the UFC IMHO.

    • kbroesq

      Yeah, I think he’s losing droves of fans, and has no idea. I like him before the Maynard fight, and never thought he was boring. He’s been in some of the most exciting fights in the cage, but he needs to change back. Honestly, I doubt Guida will ever hold the title, but he’s been one of the best gatekeeper fighters because he’s been a fan favorite. He also fights a lot because of that. Dana is going to forget his name soon.

      • Advance*

        He’s always been boring when he’s able to take down or control his opponent. He managed to hug Pettis out of a title shot. His most exciting fights were when he was forced to stand because he’d usually be on the wrong end of a slugfest. It wasn’t until the Maynard fight that he started taking the bouncing around shtick way too far.

      • Ron Couden

        He already is, first time in awhile Guida wasn’t on main card. Guida is the best “hugger” in MMA. He will take you down, never do any damage, and hang on for dear life. His split decision over Nate Diaz was a joke. The only time I ever want to see Guida fight again, is if it’s a rematch with Diego.

    • gnodeb

      It’s boring… I agree. But if you give points for being active from your back, both fighters will lay down and wait (remember Maia against Silva?). Same with striking. Counter punching is effective, but if you give points for trying to counter punch, MMA will become ultimate staring contest. Simply, if you go for counter punching or submissions, you have to succeed…

  • Advance*

    He probably doesn’t want to complain too much because he was pretty much on the other end in the Roop fight. I thought Roop did enough damage to win but Hioki controlled him

    • Bob

      I agree about the Roop fight.

      Hioki won the fight- Guida won the decision.

      Apparently if you hold on for dear life and fling your hair you score points with the judges.

  • Jmoney 510

    Guida didn’t do **** from the top. His whole style has changed to just doing enough to get the W.

  • kbroesq

    I was waiting for you guys to put up a story about the Guida fight. I thought it was a big story because of his last performance, and I was very curious to see the fan reaction. I don’t think he fought any different than he did against Maynard. Guida fights to win the fight now; not to finish his opponent. You could tell when the fight was over, Guida got up, and was like ‘yes’ I got it! Like he just did enough.

  • BobLemons

    The gripe really needs to be with the judging criteria and not the fighters.

    As a fighter, your ultimate aim is to get that belt, and when you see the most success coming from point fighters (for contenders as well as champs) you must surely adapt your game and do what you’ve gotta do to get that shot. Guida in particular has been on the brink of getting a shot and had his wild style lose him the opportunity.

    As the saying goes: don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    • Brian

      Amen!!!!! Although, I would rather blame the ref…for not standing them up.

      • BobLemons

        Well he did, more than once.

        I have to disagree though, wrestling is a legitimate part of the game and it’s a fighters job to learn takedown defence and know how to work off their back if they do end up there. Judges need to be educated. Having the top position counts for nothing if you don’t do anything significant with it.

        Take the Pettis vs Guida fight as an example, at that time I was still a huge Guida fan. Of course, I was hoping for Guida to win and I remember spending most of the fight biting my nails because I kept thinking Pettis was gonna catch Clay in a submission; that’s how active he was off his back. I spent more time worrying about Pettis locking in a sub than I did cheering Guida for doing anything damaging from the top position. That says that Pettis was the more threatening fighter, and he should’ve won.

        • Dan

          Wow… Pettis should of won? That fight wasnt even close. Pettis made one good connection and thats it. Let me flip the argument around. Should a fighter win by not being able to stay on his feet at all during a fight? Once he is down he can defend himself. Big deal. He isn’t down there by choice, but because he couldn’t avoid a take down. His opponent put him there against his will. Also, all the submission attempts is another example of failing. Obviously it shows your opponent can fend your attack off, but you cant fend his (the take down). Is it a boring fight? Sure. Does not mean Guida lost. Obviously strikes from the bottom also did jack crap if it didn’t force guida off him. What about the guida slam? H

          • BobLemons

            Well that’s where we disagree, I don’t see where the fight takes place as the primary factor in who’s winning. To me it’s all about finishing your opponent, and failing that, inflicting damage. I know Pettis didn’t inflict any damage, neither guy did, but I think Pettis had more opportunities to finish the fight, even though he failed to do so. It’s a tricky situation no doubt. That said, I didn’t think Pettis/Guida was a boring fight at all.

  • Darin

    Clay has accomplished what I thought impossible. He has made himself an even MORE irritating fighter. At featherweight, he now has even less ability to actually finish a fight…..and that ridiculous porn stache…. When I watch that freak flopping his hair back and forth for 15 minutes I want to shoot him.

    • John Bunch

      I have to stop you there. I agree with everything being said here about Guida, including Hioki doing enough to win…but the ‘Stache was awesome!

      • bmc92

        the stache was awesome!!!!

  • diazfan209

    as a Hikoi fan, that decision was an absolute outrage….. what’s the point of fighting if the judges can decide a fight against you based on one aspect of mixed martial arts?

  • Matte

    I did not even think Clay did enough to earn the win. The only fighter posing a threat was Hioki. He should have won 30-27 imho. The only think Clay did was laying on top of Hioki who threatened with both submissions and strikes.

  • bmc92

    iv always been a guida fan so its hard for me to see him fight like this now. i think its greg jacksons fault the guy just makes fighters boring imo. i think the ufc put guida on the prelims as a statement because of his fight with maynard this was his chance to show he is still an exciting fighter and he didnt deliver at all and i wasnt asking for a slug fest i just wanted him to bring the fight like he used to not this point fighting **** he can win as much as he wants but he wont get anywhere fighting like this anymore and i think the same can be said for anyother fighter at the moment.

  • Clay Guida, I did not watch.

  • It’s bad enough the judges can’t score a fight but the ref should have stood the fight up more. Guida has great conditioning and a chin, he’s a tough fight b/c of that but I hope he goes against a big wrestler who forces him to stand up.

    • BobLemons

      That’s already happened in the Maynard fight, he knew he wouldn’t take him down so he did his crazy dance instead.

      • Who’s a good fight for Guida? Somebody that you think will be able to handle him in every which way and beat him down? I’d say Aldo or Edgar or Jim Miller. What do you think?

        • BobLemons

          I’d like to see the easiest path possible for Guida so he can wear a belt!

          Realistically though, we have to talk 145. What do you think of Dennis Siver?

          • I think that’s a bad fight for Siver ha ha. To be honest I really don’t know who I’d like Guida to fight at 145. I would like to see him fight Gleison Tibau at 155 though b/c he his huge and has great wrestling.

  • Timothy Malone

    I think the octagon control portion of the rules needs to go. Not only do we get this where the top fighter is always winning, but we also have seen instances where a counter-fighter who lands more still loses because they aren’t moving forward (Noons vs Couture most recently). I wouldn’t recommend anyone counter-strike in the UFC unless they are certain they can get a knockout.

    It should be effective striking and effective grappling, and the aggression portion can stay if it’s meant as an effort to actually finish the fight.

    Striking: The fight metric data shows Hioki landed more strikes in every single round, and Guida actually never manages to get his accuracy above 25% in any of them (Hioki’s accuracy is above 45% in the first two).

    Grappling: Guida lands one takedown each round. He also fails on three takedowns (2 in the 1st, one in the 3rd). He has one significant pass in the third and Hioki has one submission attempt in the 2nd.

    Based on this I think Hioki’s clear dominance in striking should override the grappling, in which Guida did better but not by alot. And I think Hioki was working for a finish more by at least trying a submission.

  • Brian

    Yes his fights are getting boring, but this is his livelihood and job!! It’s not his fault, it is the ref’s fault. Guida is always looking to improve position and work. He doesn’t just lay there. Wrestling is a big part of MMA and people choose to forget that because they are punch drunk. Just because the guy can’t get off his back, and just because the ref won’t stand them up, quit hating Guida!

  • George Sperry

    Yes… awful decision. I can’t believe some judge saw that as 30-27 Guida.

    After looking at Clay’s new “look” I wanted to play super Mario Brothers.