Has Rashad Evans Lost His Drive?

February 7, 2013
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Rashad Evans

Rashad Evans has lost back-to-back fights leading UFC president Dana White to believe the former light heavyweight champion has lost his drive.

“He has lost that hunger.  He has lost that desire and that drive,” said White after Evans’ recent loss to Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFC 156.  “And he needs to get it back.  He needs to get hungry again.

“He needs to get the fire back.  He doesn’t have the fire.  He needs to get it.”

Evans won the second season of The Ultimate Fighter as a heavyweight.  He immediately dropped down to his more comfortable weight class and went on to win the 205-pound title.  Evans eventually returned to The Ultimate Fighter as a coach in the series’ tenth season coaching opposite Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

White feels there’s been a change in the former titleholder.

“Rashad used to train like a beast.  Rashad never used to get tired.  The only time you saw Rashad get tired was when he first came into the UFC and he fought Tito (Ortiz) that first fight.  After that, he turned into an absolute beast,” said White.

Evans has lost back-to-back fights for the first time in his career.  Winning his next bout is crucial.

“He has to get it back,” declared White.

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  • Oswald Cobblepott

    No, just needs to remember that he needs to throw punches in a fight and lose the dancing

    • FrankG

      But if he throws punches, he might get hit. He’s still a Greg Jackson fighter.

      • JimmyPettishardo

        Again, I just don’t enjoy watching fighters that try to take a point approach to fights.

        GSP and Rashad Evans are two of the guys that are well known for this. They don’t want to put up a fight. They just go for points. “Oh 2 points of a takedown!!! Oh 2 points for that leg kick!! Oh wait…I think I am losing the round on points…let’s go for a take down so I can get some points.”

        Machida was a point based fighter too but at least he’s been knocking guys out as of late.

        • gnodeb

          and some points for broken bones… shame… instead, they should give some points for trash talk and mean look so Sonnen and Nick can be people champs…

          • JimmyPettishardo

            I am also not a big fan of round-by-round scoring system, mandatory 10-9, and 10-8 only given in unusual situations.

            Pretty much unless you destroy a dude you can’t get 10-8. And you can get 10-9 by simply out pointing the guy by one point. Now add round-by-round judging on top of this and you get guys like Rashad that actually fight based on points.

            Let’s just look at Rashad vs Rampage. The most eventful thing about that fight is when Rampage was beating on Rashad in the third round. The rest of the fight was unmeaningful and Rashad was just getting takedown points and rabbit punch points. Yet he won the fight.

            Get knowledgeable judges. If you can’t find one then pay I dunno John McCarthy to judge.

          • FrankG

            I agree. If fighters are just dancing or hugging, rounds should be scored 10-10. The main reason we have boring fights and crazy decisions is the 10-9 hairsplitting BS.

          • JimmyPettishardo

            Yup. And some fighters like Rashad abuse this 10-9 hairsplitting.

      • Wisecrackerjack

        Hahaha. Perfect comment

      • Oswald Cobblepott

        Bones jones is a Jackson fighter, you don’t have a clue about this MMA do you

        • FrankG

          Lol, JJ is a finisher in spite of Greg Jackson. He wears people down.

  • gea

    With the exception of the Machida KO highlight and Ortiz pushing the pace, Rashad hasn’t been in an entertaining fight since 2008.

    He looked like typical Rashad against Nog, except he shot and hugged less.

    • JimmyPettishardo

      Yeah…this guy was never exciting and never any good. A typical TUF product of the UFC without character.

      He did what he does in every one of his fights. It’s just that it didn’t work out in this fight because Nog had better boxing.

      I just hope Rashad asks for a rematch with Lyoto. He knows that if he loses that fight, his career is over.

  • Joey

    He reminded of how Forrest Griffin looks when he goes out and fights nowadays. He lacked emotion and didn’t look like he was very motivated or excited to be in the octagon which I felt he always had during the early and middle part of his UFC run.

  • dan

    It’s his camp. Overeem said before the fight Bigfoot was a walking target. Rashad said how wasnt really worried about Lil Nog. 2 idiots who went into their fights thinking their opponents were gonna be gimme’s

    • JimmyPettishardo

      Oh come on, you don’t know that these guys actually believed those comments.

      Reem got owned. He was given a relatively easy fight that he was expected to win. And yes, Reem was schooling Bigfoot until the third round where he got destroyed in a classic PRIDE Alistair fashion. Somebody should have just gave Reem a shot of roids. And we would be seeing Cain vs Reem. Too bad.

      Rashad thought he could just eek out another decision against Nog, in a fashion similar to his fights against Thiago Silva and Rampage Jackson. This means that Rashad would strike with his opponent, score some points, and take his opponent down and score some points. I just never really liked Rashad’s point based approach to fights and am glad that it didn’t work out for him this time.

      Reem actually tried too hard in the 3rd round. Bigfoot may be slow but is a giant nonetheless. The guy is pretty strong and can take punishment. Against Cain, Bigfoot got off the wrong foot and Cain didn’t give him a chance to get back up.

      So what Reem should have done is run around in circles and just eek out a decision and apologize to the fans afterwards that he wasn’t feeling well or BF was stronger than he had thought. Instead, this guy wanted to KO bigfoot but ended up getting KOed himself.

      • GoNoles

        whats roids have to do with him getting ko’ed? hell you even said he was dominating the fight until the third which was his own doing. wasnt like bigfoot out skilled em.and stronger than he thought? he tossed bigfoot around what are you talking about? overeem lost cuz of overeem bud so you can stop downing the man cuz he is still a beast. id be willing to bet overeem would destroy em in a rematch cuz he wants that revenge, he didnt take bigfoot serious and got ko for it.

        • JimmyPettishardo

          Was never defending or making excuses for Reem.

          He lost. That is what matters. And he lost.

          You need to learn to read other ppls comments before writing dumb comments.

          Overeem out muscled Bigfoot. But did I say that Reem is therefore a better fighter regardless of his lose??????

          Not sure why you are being argumentative.

          You and the two other guys that commented on my comment sound dumb.

      • justin_e

        What has the Reem done to make you believe Bigfoot would be an “easy” fight. He’s got nothing, and it doesn’t take much at HW. He quits the second he gets hit. He is not a fighter, much less a top level fighter.

        • JimmyPettishardo

          I never said I thought BF would be easy. It was supposed to be an easy fight give (a) the betting line, (b) the hype behind Reem and (c) BF is not top 5.

          No MMA fight against a top 10 guy is an easy fight. But let’s be honest here the betting line wasn’t exactly 50/50.

      • kbroesq

        Why are people so upset that Reem lost because they wanted to see Reem fight Cain? It’s the natural order of things; he’s not the most qualified challenger right now. Do you not understand that Reem couldn’t beat Silva; a guy who Cain rag-dolled into a bloddy pulp?! Why would you want to see the less qualified fighter fight for the belt? Reem’s fight with Silva was no fluke; Reem was done. You think he can go 4-5 rounds with Cain?!

        • JimmyPettishardo

          Not upset that Reem lost

          Not sure if Reem vs Cain would go 4 to 5 rounds.

          Not sure why you are being argumentative.

    • Mark McDowall

      Dan your 100% right. Rashad built the Blackzillians because he was no longer the #1 guy @ Jacksons. He wanted to be the cornerstone of a new “super team”. He recruited a bunch of good fighters and coaches. But no “great” top level guys that will push him like there were at Jackson’s camp. Rashad has a bit of an ego problem which is why he moved camps in the first place. And it looks like its bitten him in the butt.

      I don’t care who you are you need good people with drive around you to make you better. I don’t think the blackzillians are doing it right at all.

  • bajafox

    I wonder if Dana would cut him if he gets a 3rd loss in another less than impressive fight?

    I was never a big fan of Rashad but just over a week ago I was hoping he’d be the next one to face Anderson Silva, now I’m wondering if he even has a future in the UFC anymore.

  • Ronnie Griffin Sr

    Gun shy thanks to machida

  • Ronnie Griffin Sr

    What I mean by that is Evans has never been the same since being knocked out by Machida

  • Mike

    Rashad is Garbage!


    Mike Johnson is another guy from that camp who suddenly looks terrible. I don’t know what the Blackzillians are up to but it is ruining fighters.

  • gggg

    He hasn’t lost his drive he lost his team. Rashad needs to go back with team jackson

  • I love Rashad Evans. Incredible fighter. But c’mon the guy losses a fight and their saying he’s lost the fire? Maybe Lil Nog was just better that night. It was a good fight. IMO I had Rashad winning it. Then again that’s why I’m not a judge, I would have to re-watch the fight lol.

  • I think Evans just went into the Nog fight with a poor game plan. Then he didn’t adapt it at all despite the fact that hes losing.

  • Rashad must have lost his drive because he lost to Nogueira? This article is d#mb

    Nogueira just has been training for wrestlers for his last 5 fights. His take down defense got quite good.

  • dudu

    the only thing that amazes me about rashad is his paycheck…

  • Rashad got hollywood! That’s why he got soft. Turn the camera off on him and release his ass and the old Rashad will come back. He is like a 80’s boxer only do well when he gets broke.

  • sounds like he’s caught a case of the jardine flu.i know the cure, next fight glover texeira.

  • El Gvapo

    I guarantee that 6 weeks out from his next fight, rashad will announce he’s on that testosterone replacement therapy treatment.

  • adam1848

    I’d like to see Rashad drop down and make a run. I mean really, one bad performance and people are ready to write the guy off? I’m not saying he is the most entertaining fighter in the sport, but he is very good, with great wrestling and pretty good hands. I think he underestimated Nog, as many of us did. I’ll admit, I did. But I think Rashad could have an immediate impact at 185, and put on some good fights in that weight class.