Has Fedor’s Approach Run It’s Course, Joe Rogan Thinks It Has

As a longtime broadcaster and a skilled martial artist himself, Joe Rogan’s comments carry a lot of weight with mixed martial arts enthusiasts. Rogan hosted a recent Question & Answer session with UFC welterweight Carlos Condit in Seattle, but ended up fielding several questions himself.

One particularly interesting topic of conversation was Rogan’s thoughts on former No. 1 heavyweight fighter Fedor Emelianenko.

“He’s an amazing athlete and he’s put on some amazing fights over the years, but once you get to the highest levels of the game, you can’t come in fat, you can’t be fighting way above your weight class,” said Rogan.

“I think Fedor is an amazing talent, an incredible athlete… but the reality is (the way he approaches fighting) that’s not gonna work at the upper echelon of the sport anymore.”

Check out Rogan’s comments on Fedor by clicking on the video below…

(WARNING: Explicit Language)


  1. Good assessment by Joe. Spot on IMO.

  2. Nah Joe, I know yur goign o be reading these comments so listen up, 1st of all Jon Jones and Anthony Johnson are as big as any one can probably ever get for the weight classesthat they fight in, just because the sport is so called “evolving” which I think there are many more negative things that could be said about mma fighters now a days and mixed martial arts, but any way w/e just because the sport is evolving at a fast rate and getting really popular doesnt mean that Human anatomy and natural evolution is going to hurry up and make a 6’5 guy with a frame as big as j jones and fight at 155, “The reality of it” is that somethings are just impossible that will never happen with out any genetic engiennering in the year 3000 or something lol. and Fedors strategy worked pretty well when he WAS YOUNG!!!!!!! why doesnt any one stop to think of that. aybe like everyone else he is getting old and in fact I think its a miracle that with that so inefficent body of his and the weight class he competes in that hehas had that much success, its not abaout size when it comes to prodigies liek Fedor, and penn with everyone else general laws of physics and common sense may apply but not to natural born fighters like Penn and fedor. Because of their success when they were younger even against guys much much bigger, Fedor vs Silva 4 years ago Fedor 3min Ko of Silva or 3min sub of “Big Foot”, plus look at so many other guys that are small for their weight class and have much success, Edgar, Aoki especilay aoki, wtf man he makes ethiopians look fat wtf is that guy!!!!!!! etc… so Joe, I know yur jelous but come on you cant do anything about what he has aleady done.

    • Very good points ((x1234x)), to many ******* dumb ass lighting rods out there. I know man, these new fan’s are idiot’s, and are driven by hype promotion, and patriotism.

  3. x1234x or whatever you call yourself you’re talking trash. So you’re saying when Fedor was younger he coulda beat Spider? lol…Fedor is still younger than Spider moron..there is no time ever in the past, present or future Fedor could even stand next to Spider…he would get mutilated..Its only now after Fedor has been fighting guys on the downhill, or nobodies for years, its only now he Fought a couple decent (not even top) fighters, and he lost convincingly both times in a row. Now its proven he was a fraud, his stupid fans say he’s old…..old at 34? LMAO….Spider is 36 and he’s still kicking people’s heads off bro…Please don’t compare Fedor with Spider, have some respect…and don’t comeback and talk about weight class, its actually easier for most fighters to fight at their normal weight than to cut weight, ask Brandon Vera, who beat Mir at HW, but almost got kicked outta ufc at LHW, or Diego who had to move back up to WW cuz he was struggling at LW..Spider dominated top LHWs by brutal KO, not even seeing 2nd round, performing even better when he doesn’t cut to MW. Open your eyes man.

    • Yo Jamin, he’s not talkin about Anderson Silva !! He’s talking about Bigfoot Silva !

      and by the way, it’s easier only in terms of not having to cut weight to fight at your own weight…. it’s much harder to be “successful” at your own weight….. Why do you think Kampmann left MIddleweight ? and Rashad left Heavyweight ? and Jardine left Heavweight ? The Penn and Sanchez examples you gave are just recent anomalies. It’s more that the skill level right now at 155 is just higher overall than it is at 170…. same with the Vera example … he didn’t do better at Heavyweight because it was easier to fight at his own weight …. he did better because the skill at that time at Hwt was far below the skill level at 205 ! wasn’t even close in 05 and 06 and 07 in the UFC

      • Ok, so my bad, I didn’t see that, but now that your talking rubbish, I think its Fedor who fought competitors that were of an extremely low level. Either guys who couldn’t compete in the ufc anymore, or no namers and new comers like Ho Man Choi, Brett Rogers. Your examples of fighters that had to drop weight makes no sense. Evans is a natural LHW, not a natural HW, he has to gain extra weight to fight at HW, much more than Fedor, who fought at his natural weight. Same thing with Kampmann, and Jardine, bro, are you smoking something? By the way Hendo was a 2-title holder in Pride, not even Fedor did that, and Spider beat him soundly, so not enough competition in MW eh? ok, go finish that joint.

    • yo look faggot I called my self x1234x because i m not creative lol!, but I wsnt refering to anderson silva but since you brought it up yes he would have fucked anderson up in lessthan a minute, you fuckign kiddin me Anderson got dropped by chael sonenn like 10x wtf man!!!!!!!! hes been tapped by chonan and other less than average fighters!!!!!! and Fedor would rock silvas shit in stand up because he puches like a heavy weight regardless of teh weight class he fight in silva is dominant at 185 cuz very little good competition there, u say chael is on roids okay fair enough but chael on roids equals Fedor on a bad day!!!!!!! look theres a reason why he was the p4p king cuz he has a 185 frame is fat and has fucked up the who’ s who of the mma world Coleman 2x Nogueria2x Cro Cop Fuijita, Randleman, come on man Fedor for liek 10 years was making the combat sports world wounder whether or not teh russians had developed some sort of undetectable super human drug. I dont know how any one can be dropped on their neck like that in his fight with Randleman and not die imeditalte due to a destroyed spine its just crazy there must have been like 2 tons of force on impact on his neck. YEAH what kno lmfao dont cry too much lol

      • Ok cocksucking mutherfukker, that name suits u better, and ‘saywhat’ listen up too: your ignorant stupid ass opinions don’t matter, you could believe what you want in your pint sized reptile brain, but Chael still LOST, so whats your fucking point? He was roided up, and Spider with INJURED RIBS, still beat him. Anyone could see Spider was not fighting his normal way, and dont tell me Chael is a better striker than Dan Henderson, Belfort or Forrest (a couple months after having the LHW title), oh very little competition eh? He didn’t only win, he won in brutal fashion. All these guys are very little competition AFTER they get defeated. Look thru the forum archives and guys like you said each one would beat Spider before the fight. Spider fought and DEFEATED eligible contenders for his belt, guys who won their way to the top to face him. Fedor fought guys that couldn’t compete in the ufc, like Arvloski, Sylvia..for God’s sake, Sylvia lost to a 50 something overweight retired boxer called Mercer. Mercer defeated Sylvia in faster time than Fedor could defeat him. Fedor beat Arvloski, lol Arvloski was defeated by Brett Rogers who was fighting in mma for about 1 year…imagine a guy fighting in mma for 1 year put a hurting on Fedor in the first round, only losing cuz he got careless due to inexperience and got clipped. I could go on and on, but am not going to waste my time talking to an inbred jackass like you. Fedor was a fraud for a long time, dodging real challenges in the ufc, and outside the ufc, like Overeem. He thought he could hide out in Strikeforce, but even he didn’t know how bad he was when B level fighters beat him up back to back, lol. Guys like you have nothing to say because he was beat soundly, or else you woulda argue he got robbed by the judges. So the only thing you could say is he got old, lol…old at 34, rrrright. You got nothing. There will always be a couple idiots who would think what they want. Some people think the world is flat..but the majority of sensible people know whats up.

        • Okay you DUMB SHIT, you must seriously be mentally retarted because if Belfort, dan, forrest ahahahahhahaha ….. Forest all have better striking than chael why werent any one of them able to touch spider lol yur a flamer kid, chael lost the fight since taking roids because thats illegal but not because of the triangle he gave that to silva all he should have done was walk around the cage like silva’s bitch ass did against Maia, lol okay silva isnt a bitch but you are lol!!! any way ummm…….. so who else has rocked silva the way chael did and if yur too retarted to understand my analogy than its really not my fault but I said that Chael on roids is Fedor on a bad day meaning that when Fedor was younger and healthier and on his good day there would be no one else to compare him to. And stop fucking mentioning arlovski I meantioned him once how bout the 20 straight opponenets that he crusehed in Pride which when fedor was competing there had 10x better heavy weights than the ufc you retarted ufc fan boy, Kid a word of advice under standing combative sports requires experience and a bit of deeper thinking watching ufc listening to joe rogan and mike Goldberg the two biggest retards in the world of mma isnt good enough, How are you goign to tell me fedor’s striking isnt good he beat Big nog 2x dropped him several times and Big Nog was a Amatuer Boxer, almost competed in the olympics if not did compete in te olympics, Fedor is a prodigy, the only problem with his method is that although not weight cutting has its benefits being fat and constantly training and fighting like that takes its toll on you especially when you have 30+ fights under your belt like fedor and all against heavyweights, its not that this approach doesnt work any more because look at Cain Velazquez hes fat and short for HEAVY WEIGHT but he’s got heart and he fucked up Brock who doesnt but technically is much stronger anf bigger and …………………. Bull shit Brock is not a fighter, Fedor is Bj Penn is Silva is Sakuraba, is ….. there is a fine line between fighter and very talented athlete, and Fedor is a fighter before anythingelse, so is Anderson Spider Silva but Fedor is better p4p. So…………………. now ……. eat shit you dumb faggot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I won’t make this long cuz I really shouldn’t be wasting my time talking to an inbred jackass like you, so fucking retarded, you can’t even spell retarded…you say ‘retarted’ LMAO..Anyways, you musta came outta your mom’s ass, you got all your facts mixed up. I don’t care how many fights Arvloski won, my point is your boyfriend Fedor fought him when he was already way way down..it was around the same time period Brett fought him, Pride was long gone, and he was already kicked outta UFC bitch..oh, and you must be the only dumb fucking motherfucking ass in the world that thinks Chael is a better striker than Dan Henderson, for the last fucking time Spider was fighting that steroid freak with injured ribs asshole, its why he had an edge and all those other fighters couldn’t touch an uninjured Spider….bro, you so stupid, I really cant continue this conversation, is like typing to the to a pile of bullshit, I wish I could run into you on the street, then I could physically demonstrate to you what Spider did to his victims, the only difference is even when your dumb ass is knocked out, I’ll keep kicking your fucking head on the ground like there’s no tomorrow..

          • hahah your a faggot kid, Il crush your skull u stupid piece of dog shit, and you checked this blog what 3 times know just to see what I wrote u faggot…. Spellling is irrelevant, and your a fucking idiot, all u pussy ass white kids say the same shit”i SHOULDNT BE WASTING MY TIME WITH BRAIN DEAD IDIOTS LIKE YOU BLAHAHAHAHA..” okay then tell me where u live and I l come over and kill you and your family and everyone you know and well see how serious we are…… you piece of garbage, you talk shit cuz you are protected because i dont know your identity tell me where you live and I ll run into the street with you …. further more your pissed anderson got dropped 10x by a wrestler and that if he were to face HENDO HE WOULD BEAT HIM TOO AND HE WILL BEAT ANDERSON IN THEIR REMATCH. Fedor is the best no one argued that when he was winning now he gets old liek everyone will and dickless pussy little white boys like you talk shit, your so big of a pussy I would unload a huge cumm shot to your mom’s face in front of you and you would be too scared to do anything about it.

          • Where are you man? Threaten my family in the post below, What’s your phone number keyboard tough guy? I’ll come to you, cause I know you must have a monkey sista I could put some cock on, like I did your mother, then I deal with all you bitches and introduce u to my chainsaw… You talk too much shit bitch, and you have no facts, just stuff you wish was true..boy I’ll rip your fucking head off and shit down your neck, you dunno who I am…anyway, speak for yourself, but everyone I know is convinced by factual evidence that Fedor is a fraud..he’s a nice guy, but he not a great fighter, he’s an average fighter whose management were smart enough to pick the losers for him to fight to fool shitbrain stupid asshole fans like you for years….you really ate up all the hype and even now, the guy gets massacred twice in a ROW, you still in a fucking trance you stupid bitch…Anyway, lemme know where u are man, I am serious, i will come to you, when I finish with you everything would look dark for you cause cuz your stupidass fuckin head would be shoved so far up your ass you’ll be farting on your brains lmao.

      • If you think Anderson had any chance against Prime-Fedor…you are a UFC Dana nuthugging fan boy.

        Imagine if Fedor was in the UFC and Anderson Silva was at M-1. Dana would have talked so much shit about Silva being one dimensional, shitty wresting, and fighting guys way smaller than him.

        He would have worshiped Fedor and built a UFC shrine for him. “OMG Fedor! You are the best. He destroyed Sylvia and AA, wow!!! You are god Fedor,” Dana would have said.

  4. Furthermore, that’s why Couture was able to win the heavyweight title at his age… because the UFC hwt division was so weak compared to 205…. Couture would not even come close to getting a title at 205 now…. or back in ’08

    • exactly Couture was never at any point in his life championship material i i dont care what any one says the guy has 10 losses agaisnt non top guys and guys his own weight and back then couture was big LHW!!!!!

      • Yeah, you’re right, Cotoure was never championship material… ya know, except for those times HE HELD THE GODDAM BELTS, you brain-dead wombat.

        • OKAY SHOCKEDHGTHUH HOMOSEXUAL FAGGOT!!!!! LOL Couture = 20-10 hmmm has beaten scrubs to win the belt get romped by chuck 2 times and by some other people 8 other times. So you get my oint lol, I can open up my own mma organization today and find some pretty tough guys pay them and the winner or the best guy out of all of them will be champion and ill go and buy him a fake wwe belt and give it to him and he is the New world Heavy weigth champion of teh world as they say in all mma organizations and boxing organizations. thats the state that teh ufc was in when couture became champion he has very little notable wins, Couture’s biggest pit fall was that he has no chin, great wrestler but again some so called mma fighters are not really fighters they’re just good athletes that are very good at their base which for couture is wrestling, however that does not constitue him as being a good fighter, he has no excuses hes always been in good shape he has a fantastic wrestlign pedigree and he has fought many of hi matches as the bigger of the two opponents only when he went to heavy weight and found no success was he smaller, come on for real Randy Couture…….. watch ill beat you anythign Machidawill knock him out in th efirst round, come on man even when he was young and champion he sucked.

          • Just to reply to your earlier comment about Arlovski, I get what your say, that he was washed up because he fell to a string of losses to Rogers, etc. But when Fedor actually fought him, he was ranked the number 3-5 HW in the world. The rankings are still posted online for a number of sites at around the date they fought if you wanted to check it out.

      • Ignore these morons.

        Couture was never champion material at HW. The only meaningful win for him at HW was a point match against Sylvia. (Dana used to say Couture destroyed Sylvia…lol!!!)

        Barnett and Ricco kicked Couture’s ass at HW. And that is why he went down to LHW.

        Prime-Couture can’t beat: Aleks, Sergei, Bigfoot, Werdum, Barnett, Prime-Ricco, Reem, JDS, Carwin, Brock, Cain, and Fedor.

        At HW, Couture was NEVER a true champion. He marketed himself as the #1 contender against Fedor couple years ago….lol

  5. You lying jew

    I know you need to kiss up to danna white now StrikeForce has been bought and there are no more options out there but still…

  6. Who cares what Joe Rogan thinks.. People act like he’s “God” when it comes to opinions in MMA. Yes he knows his shit, and he has a vast knowledge on the sport, but you can’t take everything he says to heart. Fedor is a great fighter who I believe, just wasn’t fully there mentally in the two fights where he’s lost recently. He’ll be back though. I know this…

    • Ha. Ha ha. Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!

      Yeah, he’ll be back… back in SharkFights… 😀

      And people listen to Rogan when he talks about MMA because of the reasons you listed. So why’d ya ask?

      • If you can’t see that Rogan is being lil biased here, then you have a lot to learn in life.

        Dana has been talking shit about Fedor since 2007. In 2007, Dana stood alone in that and people just laughed at him. Joe Rogan disagreed with Dana and said, “I totally disagree with Dana White’s assessment of Fedor BUT he is a business man!”

        Then in 2008~2009, Joe Rogan straddled on the Fedor issue, playing it safe. Because he wanted to look unbiased, he said Fedor is #1…HOWEVER (to suck up to Dana)…He was not p4p #1 and Lesnar can POSSIBLY beat him.

        Fast forward to now. He is being a bit harsh on Fedor now. Yet people don’t see that he has been pretending to be unbiased all this time.

        Joe Rogan can never be objective since he works for the UFC.



  7. Joe said nothing against Fedor. He said a lot of nice things about him and explained his opinion why Fedor’s talent and hart are not enough today.

    Some of you sounded like JR said that Fedor wasn’t brave enough to fight in UFC and then didn’t have enough skill to fight in minor league. He didn’t. He showed a lot of respect for Fedor accomplishments even that is not something you expect from UFC employee. He is doing that for years. That is why people like to hear his opinion. He is as real as it gets…

  8. First off, I’d like to know what Joe means by “upper echelon” … because Fedor has always been there. His record and his victories over some of the the most recognized MMA hw say it all.

    Second of all, I’ve yet to see Fedor gas out or look like he has no speed or reflexes. The guy has been beaten two times and already Joe makes it sound like Fedor doesn’t have it anymore. Fighters get beat and they come back or they don’t, that’s part of the sport, the game.

    Joe, just watch, just observe how psyched up fighters get when they are about to fight Fedor, they get serious, they get extra training, more intense and go beyond their usual training regimen to face the guy.

    Let’s not put Fedor in the coffin yet guys.

    • Agreed 100%. Joe is the best commentator there is, but this is also the guy that stated we’re in the “Machida era”, and many other things like it. I think in some situations, he speaks a little too soon. This being one of them. Fedor has two legit loses, out of ten year career against the best HWs ever. I’m hesitant to say that he isn’t able to hang with the upper enchelon just because of two loses. The facts that Werdum and Silva are on the top ten, Werdum being number two speaks to the relevancy Fedor still holds. I still think after seeing his last fights, he could hang with a lot of the current top heavyweights, but I would personally like to see him venture into lightheavy weight.

  9. Whole lot of butt hurt going on. LOL

  10. Joe speaks the truth. Hes not dogging fedor at all. Some of you cant understand that fedor is not evolving like he needs to. And its true that fedor is fighting as a smurf compared to the heavyweights now days. And im a HUGE fedor fan

    • I get what your saying, but evolution only occurs when it is necessary. So until a little over a year ago, Fedor was at the top of the food chain, to use your analogy to the fullest. I would say, give him some time to evolve, it hasn’t been that long. Of course Fedor hasn’t evolved as a fighter, because he didn’t need to until 2010. Give him some time before we accuse him of being a ‘static’ fighter.

  11. Ive thought the same thing since Fedor’s fight with Werdum. Fedor is, in my opinion, the greatest MMA fighter of all time. With that being said he’s also oldschool. Oldschool in his game, which while being the best doesnt mean much but we have now seen the plateau of his greatness. In order to evolve with the sport, Fedor too must evolve. Fedor must train with new partners, at new gyms, learn new techniques, wrestle with high caliber AMERICAN wrestlers (theres a reason why American wrestlers hit the top of the ratings quicker than others aka Jones/Lesnar/Velasquez), box with high caliber boxers, and Strike with world class strikers if he wants to remain or at least retire near the top. Fedor has not evolved with the sport and the sport has not only caught up to him but with Silva’s dominating performance, has obviously surpassed him at this point. I feel Fedor should make the proper adjustments, get into the best shape of his career and fight at 205. This would prove to me, to him, and to the world that he is evolving and will continue to be the greatest MMA fighter of all time.

  12. Bigfoot was said to have been 290 lbs at fight time. So I am not impressed at all that he beat a guy that weighs 230 lbs. Fedor should be fighting at 205 so he has failed to evolve in that aspect. But since there aren’t many guys that are all muscle and 290 lbs like Brock and Bigfoot there will have to be fights that have super heavy weights against heavy weights which sucks because it’s not impressive when a larger opponent beats a guy 50 pounds lighter.

  13. Revisionist history has Fedor beating all the best heavyweights in the world, but the truth is that Fedor’s best wins came in Pride against Cro Cop and Nogueira, and those were in 2005. He never fought Barnett (though I personally think Fedor would have won) and many of his fights were against guys who clearly shouldn’t have been in there with him. Sure, wins against Herring, Schilt, and Coleman are good, but did anyone really think Goodridge, Fujita, Zulu, or Hunt were in his league? His best win since his Pride days was against Arlovski, who was actually ranked pretty high prior to that fight. Rogers and Sylvia were O.K. wins, but Sylvia wasn’t ever that great (IMO) and Rogers is still fairly untested against top competition. I think Fedor is great and the fact that he went as long as he did without ever losing is a feat in itself, but I also think fans try to play up his level of competition and make it seem like he fought better talent than he actually did.

    The biggest issue facing Fedor now is that his mystique is gone, which was something that played a part in all his fights. He appeared so dominant for so long that guys didn’t have to just prepare for him; they also had to prepare for his aura of invincibility. Well, that’s gone now.

    I think M-1 will be very selective with his next fight because he needs a win, and I don’t think they want to lose more negotiating leverage by having Fedor drop a third fight. Unfortunately, most of the HWs are spoken for because of the Grand Prix, and I think a fight at LHW against someone like Dan Henderson is a bad fight for Fedor.

    • Kuch: I mostly agree with what you’ve said, epsecially the FACT that Fedor hasnt fought any real top 10 ranked fighters in YEARS……. you cannot consider Arlovski & Tim Sylvia “top HW’s” when they fought Fedor, b/c they were both let go by the UFC b/c they SUCKED & were washed up. Tell me again y I should be immpressed that Fedor beat 2 guys who got FIRED for not being good enough to hang with the BEST HW;s in the world/UFC?!?

      I dont dispute Fedor is a good fighter, especially for being so undersized, BUT he knows the rules/weight limits & chooses to fight guys who can walk around 280lbs +, JEBUS didnt Fedor submit Hong-Man Choi? Who’s 7’2″ & 350lbs, but it was Choi’s 2nd EVEr MMA fight, like come on. Fedor has a sick record but he still hasnt foguth in the #1 MMA organization, so how can anyone claim Fedor is the best HW ever? (let alone the #1 P4P fighter – FuNnY). what other sports can you say that a guy who has NEVER EVER fought/played in the big leagues is considered the best?!? NONE – so why do u think Fedor deserves to be the 1st? Whos the best Hockey player – Wayne Gretzky – Best Basketball player – Jordan – Best Baseball player – Babe Ruth/Hank Aaron or whoever – Best Football player/QB – Joe Montana/Tom Brady/P.Manning etc. Would it make any sense for anyone to say that the best hockey player is a guy whos never played in the NHL? or the best Football, Baseball & Basketball players have never played one single game in the NFL – MLB – NBA?!? EXACTLY!

      Also, when was the last time Fedor fought a real top 10 HW in his prime?!? Its been well over 5-6 yrs @ LEAST, so y are we talking about Fedor being so great if we have to go back to his days in Pride/early 2002 – 2005 which was the last time he actually beat a legit top HW in his prime – which was Cro Cop. Last time I checked, a guys accomplishments that happened 5-6 yrs ago, while basically ignoring what hes done in the last 3-4 yrs (b/c beating “Tomato Cans” isnt something to brag about) SHOULDNT & DOESNT merit to be considered the best HW fighter ever, let alone the greatest MMA fighter ever. Time to get off of Fedors nut sac, b/c that ship has long sailed, especially to those who have the slightest common sense about MMA.

      P.S The ONLY reason Werdum is ranked as high as he is #2 HW is b/c he beat Fedor, but when Werdum loses to Overeem & whomever after that, people will realise WOW Werdum isnt really all that good & then it will “click” – now I know why the UFC FIRED Werdum after he got KTFO by Jr Dos Santos (who Werdum was suppose to DESTROY).

      *** Fedor the best MMA figther EVER…… GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!! Fedors so “great” hes too scared to fight in the UFC, but I gues only getting $5 million per fight & a guaranteed title fight wasnt appealing enough right?!? Or b/c he knew he would get EMBARESSED. Funny/Ironic thing is………. it backfired, Fedor stayed wanting to fight B level fighters & lost, while he could have lost to top level fighters! BAHAHAHA

      • Just to address the first couple of things you said. What Kuch said about Arlovski was correct. He was a top ranked fighter when Fedor fought him, he was on a 5 fight win streak over Werdum, Nelson, and Rothwell. He was not fired by the UFC, he left on a 3 fight win streak.

        As far as Fedor fighting in the best organization out there, when he was the best, he was fighting in the best organization; pride. The UFC took second place to pride when it was in it’s hayday, so technically he was fighting better heavyweights than the UFC had to offer in the prime of his career.

        Your looking at Fedor right now. And yeah your right, he’s not the best HW or P4P at the moment, but what Kuch is talking about is when he was in the prime of his career, fighting in the best organization at the time, which again was Pride.

        So I agree with you that he’s not the best at the moment, but he was a couple of years ago, and what he did when he was the pride champ was incredible. So impressive in fact, that I think someone could make the case the he is the best HW ever. I can’t think of any other HW that has had as many impressive wins, even in their prime, consecutively as Fedor has. Name one other MMA heavyweight that has defeated/manhandled the best without a single loss in their reign? In fact, no UFC HW champ has ever defended the title more than two times consecutively, one of those men being Tim Sylvia.

        • Frye557: I’m not sure if you didnt read my full comment, but I did say Fedor was a good fighter & yes he was dominant back in the early 2000’s in the Pride days & yes he did fight/beat alot of great fighters in their prime, I also stated that. BUT to say Arlovski was in his prime when he lsot to Fedor…… Sorry Frye, not even close. Just b/c Arlovski had a 5 wins fight streak VS B levle fighters doesnt mean hes in his prime, it means he beat B level fighters. I apolgize for saying Arlovski was “fired”, he was let go ager a 3 fight win streak, which is shocking, b/c I cant remember the last time that’s ever happened, so the UFC couldnt of been that impressed or worried about losing a guy who just won 3 straight, since they still released/didnt re-sign him.

          I’m not disputing what Fedor did in the past wasnt impressive, b/c he was very dominant during Pride’s best yrs, but the skill level of fighters back then to now isnt even comparable. What fighters know now, from what & how to eat, how to cut/gain weight safely, to how they train in every single discipline (hours a day 2-3-4 times a day for weeks/months).

          Look at Matt Hughes, he was like Fedor but in the UFC & in the WW division. Noone could touch Hughes, but now the sport is alot more popular/mian stream/more fighters & the thinking behind MMA now is way beyond the thinking it was just 10 yrs ago, is night & day. Hughes today is SHIT, you take Hughes in his prime VS GSP in his prime & its not even close. Same goes for Fedor, hes losing now & wouldnt have a chance Vs. alot of top HW’s especially in the UFC b/c size alone doesnt count for much Hong Man Choi is the perfect example, but size with skill like a Brock Lesnar is very very dangerous, I’m not a Brock fan, but the guy has only wrestling on his resume, for him to be HW champ after only 4 fights is incredible. Noone has EVER done that, but seing how Brock has size, skill & atheleticism makes him VERY dangerous & for real, he needs to work on getting hit or how to react on getting hit. Brocks problem isnt skill or “inexperience” per say, its mental. Dont forget Brock only started training 4 yrs ago & was UFC HW Champ after 4 fights, who else has ever done that in todays MMA/UFC?!?

      • And again, just because Fedor isn’t the best right now, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t great at a time. Whenever you look at some of the greats in sports, of course you going to have to go back in time and look at their career. Ali, Jordan and many other are all great, but you have to go back and look at what they did in their time. Having to look back on someones early career, or prime doesn’t constitute them any less legitimate.

        • Frye – you want to be impressed, well you are right I cant think of any HW that has defended the HW title more than twice, so one that tells you that they have always had great HW’s or is it another reason? Also, Sylvia was a great fighter back in 05/06 & after that he was washed up & useless. Sylvia’s record after 2006/after Randy Couture a 44 yr OLD MAN who weighed 40-50lbs less than Tim, spanked him for 5 rounds…….. Including Randy’s beat down of Sylvia, Tim was 1-2 in his last 3 UFC fights, including the loss to Randy, Sylvia was 1-4 – including getting KTFO by a 48 yr old BOXER in an MMA fight in just 9 secs, by Ray Mercer. After getting ultimately embarrassed by a boxer in an MMA fight, Sylvia won 4 straight Vs. C level bums, such as……Jason Riley?!? Mariusz Pudzianowski BAHAHAHA really?!? World’s strongest man?!? WOW impressive (cough cough), Paul Buentello B level fighter (sorry), Vince Lucero?!? BUT then got TKO’d in 26 secs by Abe Wagner. Talk about cream of the crop!!!

          ***BTW***: Brock Lesnar was one of the HW’s in the UFC who defended his belt TWICE, but not only did he win the title after just his 3rd UFC fight & only his 4th MMA fight, but he defended it twice, once to Mir #2 & then he defeated Carwin. Albeit short, the start of Brocks resume sure seems a lot more impressive than Fedors, especially considering the amount of time Brock has been fighting/training MMA (4 yrs) & only has college wrestling as a base. Did Fedor win the Pride or UFC title after his 4th MMA fight?!? Ohhh yeah Fedors too SCARED to fight in the UFC. Don’t forget Fedor has Sambo & Judo black belt, which is priceless experience that Brock does not have, give Brock the yrs of experience Fedor has & you would see an unstoppable force.

          P.S I DISLIKE Brock, but I can respect & appreciate what he has done, considering the lack of skill & training.

    • Agreed 100%. Spot on, dude.

      • It’s Kuch I agree with, not Adidas… 😀

  14. Another thing about fedor is that he did face alot of b-level fighters, and fought/beat some tough fighters aswell. He beat Nogueria on the ground, nogueria being a beast at the time and being in his prime. He also beat an in-prime Cro cop. Kind of off topic but i still dont understand how dana white says fedor beat “bums” and “old fighters” in pride. Those fighters, some of them, are now fighting in the ufc (nog brothers,cro cop…) Just saying

    • You are right, Fedor did fight some top guys in their prime YEARS ago in Pride, I’m not sure who Dana White is talking about but Fedors first 10 fights were jokes, but that was NOT in Pride. From 2003 when Fedor fought Nogueira X3 (won 2 & 1 NC), Coleman X2, Randleman & Cro Cop there arent any other impressive names who were in their prime like the above mentioned names. So why is Fedor getting so much credit for beating 4 or 5 guys/(6-7 fights) in their prime?!? Yes its impressive but its been DONE by ALOT of top fighters & those other fighters dont have as many tomato cans on their resumes like Fedor has. Arlovski was NOT in his prime when he fought Fedor, yes he won 3 straight Vs. top B level fighters. Just b/c you win 3 straight Vs. “bums” doesnt mean your in your prime, thats funny!!! Arlovski did not get fired by the UFC (TY FRYE) but he was let go/not resigned. So, tell me when was the last time, a guy who had won 3 straight fights & in his “prime”, NOT get resigned by the promotion?

      Come on guys, Fedor was good, but he fought 4 or 5 top guys in their primes & beat them no doubt, but he beat a hell of alot more TOMATO Cans. Even if Fedor did beat 10 guys in their Prime, that was over 5-6 yrssince he beat an actual top HW fighter. My point is why are we still talking about Fedors “BIG WINS” if they were 5-6 yrs ago? Hes still a good fighter now, but would get MAULED by most of the top 10 Ranked HWS. Werdum got his 15 mins of fame & that will be over come June when Overeem destroys him. Do you people forget why/how Werdum was “fired”/booted from the UFC? He was KTFO by a “NOOB” who was suppose to be a steping stone for Werdum. The man who KTFO of Werdum with a sick upper cut, was Jr Dos Santos, funny thing is Dos Santos wasnt half the fighter when he KO’d Werdum, compared to what he is now.

      Cro Cop was Fedors last real challenge/fight back in 2005, I can be generous & say Coleman Vs. Fedor #2 was his last real test from a top HW contender in 2006, so y arent we talking about the people Fedor has fought since 2006 to now?!? b/C they are all “bums” who Fedor should have beaten, but ended up losing 2 straight fights Vs. two guys he had no business losing.

      What do you guys think Fedors going to do Vs. Brock if he gets on top?!? NOTHING, of Cain? NOTHING, Carwin? NOTHING etc. Fedors time has coem & gone, hes old school & the new MMA fighters have so much more of an advantage now than Fedor had 8-10 yrs ago, and thats not me hating b/c I dont dislike Fedor, its fact!!!

      • Prime Fedor had a good chance of beating Green-Lesnar by a quick submission.

        Prime Fedor vs Lesnar or Carwin would have been an awesome show.

        Prime Fedor would have lost to Cain Valesquez.