Happy for Brock Lesnar to Be Back in the WWE? Dana White Is

April 29, 2012
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When Brock Lesnar walked out on the stage of WWE’s Monday Night Raw a few weeks back, everyone wondered how the UFC would react to one of its former champion’s going back to the pro wrestling world.

Well, UFC president Dana White couldn’t be happier for him.

White commented about Lesnar’s return to the world of sports entertainment with complete happiness and said there’s no lines being blurred by a former UFC champion now doing professional wrestling.

  • mmachoman

    Why are we still talking about this?

  • TKD

    Slow news week, Damon Martin? When exactly are you going to let the Lesnar thing rest already? He is out of MMA, and everyone is happy for him (whatever!). Last time I checked, this is MMA Weekly, not WWE Weekly.

  • tsszaltax

    ^signed. I said this about 20 stories ago.