H-Bomb or Not, Dan Henderson Won’t Let Jon Jones Slip Away (Video)

July 28, 2012
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Dan HendersonDan Henderson has won held two Pride belts at one time. He’s fought the top fighters in the world at middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight, usually coming out on top. He even won a UFC tournament more than 14 years ago.

One thing Hendo has never done, however, is win a UFC divisional title. He’ll get another crack at a UFC belt when he faces Jon Jones for the light heavyweight strap at UFC 151 in Las Vegas. And at 41 years of age, Henderson knows these opportunities are getting more and more rare.

Nearly everyone gives him the punchers chance to land the devastating H-Bomb against the younger, faster champion, but Henderson doesn’t count on such measures. All he counts on is trying to win every round and not letting this opportunity slip through his fingers.

  • mma fanatic1982

    Key is for henderson to force the pressure and get inside jones range. Everybody has been letting jones walk them down and stay on the outside where his range is. U cant do that, basic boxing rules smaller guy needs to get inside where his opp cant hit him with power and he can utilize all his. Rampage did walk forward but it was a joke. He used no movement to get inside and was slow. Henderson must do what machida did which is explode inside but stay inside. Machida likes to go in n out but henderson needs to get in and stay in. Henderson has a great jaw and bones not really a one punch knock out guy, so rush in and stay close and drop the h bomb. Jones will not ko henderson if jones its by desicion. If hendo comes forward with high pace i believe he has a great chance, all depends if hendo will bring him the fight or stand back like everyone else and let jones relax and use his reach.

    • markrenton

      I agree. Now Dan is the clear underdog in this fight, but I don’t see Jones knocking him out. Considering Jones submitted Machida and Rampage, there’s a chance he gets choked but not KO’d. Hendo has taken shots from Wanderlei, Belfort, Silva and Rampage in their prime (key word) and has never been knocked out. Again, Jones is obviously favored here but I wouldnt say Hendo has no chance. Dan is just a very tough dude and you cannot count him out of any fight. For 15 years he has found a way to get in on much bigger guys and land that H-Bomb. We have never really seen Jones’ chin get tested and if Dan lands 1 of those bombs this fight will get real interesting.

    • lowlb

      Dude you lost credibility with matty, dang, I hope you can get it back..(see below)… I agree with your original post

  • matty

    Jones will not ko Henderson? That statement alone makes you lose all credibility with me. If Hendo tries to stay to close to Jones Hendo will get elbowed or ripped to the ground and elbowed like Machida. Let’s be real here Hendos chances are very slim of winning this fight. Like slim to NONE!

  • natpaukar7

    I actually don’t think he will KO Henderson…he has fought better strikers and not come close to being KO’d…I’d like to see Jones under intense pressure…I think he needs to fight Jones similar to how he fought Bisping…hopefully with the same result…not as bad tho…I like jones…I dislike Bisping…haha

  • dez

    Jones can win this fight anywhere, in any manner. No, Jones is not know for one punch knockouts, but he has rocked everyone he has fought. I believe he is too big for Dan to out wrestle, and if goes to the clinch or ground Hendo is likely to eat massive shots and/or get submitted. In fact I would expect that to be Jon’s game plane, keep distance in the striking and pick Hendo apart until he either tires or catches a big shot, at which point Jones will close in and take Dan down.

    I do believe Dan could hurt Jones with a solid right, but would have to be careful not to get subbed in the aftermath. As far as out pointing Jones, seems unlikely but perhaps if he has an awesome game plan.

    Dan has to get inside early and often and hope to land the moneyshot. If Jones loses I think it says almost as much about him becoming complacent at the top, and buying into his own hype, hence the D.U.I. I’ll probably bet some money on Hendo just in hopes of hitting it big, but my brain says Jones chokes him out in the third.

  • mma fanatic1982

    Matty u r an idiot lol. No jones wont and cant ko hendo. Jones hits nothing like vitor shogun etc and they didnt ko him! Jones punch isnt ko material and neither is his elbow lol. The same elbow that couldnt even drop evans who is my fav lwh but admittingly has the most questionable chin in lwh. Rampage 1 punch almost finished evans, machida 1 punch finished evans and jones elbow just a quick wobble lol. That elbow will not phase hendo but if hendo is pressuring and close enough to get hit by an elbow then that means jones is in the dangerzone of the h bomb! Jones want to stay outside he dont want to get close to hendo. If jones tries that silly grab hands with hendo stuff like he did with evans hes going to sleep. Jones is def the fav to win but if hendo moves forward pushing the pace hes got a real good shot. Oh jones jaw did get a quick test against machida lol he stumbled back and ran backwards flinging his arms around, but in the post fight he said i proved i have a good chin and can take a punch lol funny jones didnt look like he walked thru it too me. Hendo by ko! Jones never been put in a fight and hendo will bring one! Silva couldnt ko hendo and he hits devastingly harder than jones, just ask forrest who couldnt handle the left jab haha.

    • RubeKegal

      Matty is right and you are wrong. A Jones elbow shattered Vera’s face, he TKO’d Shogun, he stunned Rashad a bunch of times.

      • shakejunt

        i think this is the only time i will ever agree with rube. jones via hellbows

        • Drock420

          Come on lets get real here. Who has KO/TKO’d Hendo? NOBODY, Hendo has never been KO/TKO’d in his entire career!!! And I doubt that Jon Jones is going to be the one to do it. I’m not saying its impossible, it definitely could happen, but its not likely.

          • A couple of years ago people were saying the same thing about Fedor. Before that they were saying the same thing about Big Nog. Everyone gets KO’d eventually.

    • matty

      Why do you put lol after every other statement? Must be because you know everything you write is ridiculous. I guess we will see come fight night if Hendos getting inside will work out for him. Hendo got beat by Jake Shields enough said. “LOL”

  • MaritalArtist

    Come on guys, let’s get these facts straight. 1. Of course Jones can KO Hendo with a hard elbow. 2. Hendo is not a 6:1 underdog as listed on these other boards. He’s more like 3:1. Hendo will at some point put Jones on his back. He is an olympian.

    • RubeKegal

      He will put Jones on his back because he is an olympian? Let’s clarify, he is a Greco Olympian, not a freestyle, he is not quick enough to grab hold of JBJ. Shields outwrestled him for Christs sake, and why is Bones’ wrestling non being mentioned???

      Bader was a 3-time Pac 10 champion and two time all-american. The result? Bones tossed him with ease.

      Matyushenko, a two-time Juco champ was thrown by Bones almost immediately in their fight.

      Hamill was a 3 time D3 national champion wrestler and Bones threw him with ease.

      I don’t see how Henderson is going to be different.

      I think Henderson is going to look like Ken Shamrock in his 3rd fight w Tito.

      • RubeKegal

        Furthermore, Couture was an Olympic alternate and VERA TOOK HIM DOWN!!! CMON MAN!!!!

        • Machterf5

          Have no clue what Couture and Vera have to do with anything regarding this fight.

      • adam1848

        I agree with Rube et al. Jones can finish this fight wherever it goes. I would LOVE to see Hendo win…I’d probably lose my voice yelling in excitement, but it isn’t gonna happen. Jones knows Hendo’s best chance is the right, and he will stay on the outside with front kicks and jabs until Hendo gasses in the 3rd and Bones chokes him out. Don’t see this fight going any other way, but I’ll be hoping.

  • wiiliamstanley

    I agree with the majority. I don’t think Dan will get knocked out by Jones. But i for sure can see Jones win by tko or a sub. I see hendo only winning by KO. But I’m rooting for Hendo. The dude is over the hill and still killing it. Im psyched just to see him with this shot.

  • mma fanatic1982

    Lol funny. Yes he shatteres vera face.whoooo its vera! And he tko shogun but thats ground n pound and its tko not a ko! We or i was talking standing striking and standing striking he.cant ko hendo! Yeah u right about one which is the elbow wobbled evans key word wobbled never close to finishing (far from ko). And jones will not.take down hendo, hendo is no vera n shogun in wrestling! Hendo cant take jones down either jones is very good wrestler too. It will be evans jones kinda fight, standup! And i dont think hendo will wait to counter like evans did, hendo should press and explode inside. Watch this will be a standup fight the whole way, the.wrestling skills of both will cancel that out. All depends if hendo stays back and lets jones dictate range or if he comes.forward with fast pase pressuring. If hendo moves backwards at a slow pace jones will pick him apart like hes done everyone else, if he moves forward pressuring fast pace odds in his favor.

    • adam1848

      Jones finished Shogun standing. It was not g&p.

  • WarriorScholar

    That 84 inch reach is going to be hard to overcome,i see Hendo getting submitted in this one.

  • dgs

    Henderson is one of my all time favorites of the sport, but I give him very little chance of winning this fight. Jones is just too good at everything, and couple that with an incredible reach, it’s going to be a very difficult fight for Henderson.

    Even if Henderson connects with his big right hand, Jones has proven he has a great chin, so no guarantee Henderson wins with his “h-bomb” connecting

  • mike

    NO way hendosen can beat JOn jone..Jon is to strong .Look What happen to 35 year Vitor belfort…DEstroy him with one arm..Dan hendo have no chance .JON BONE JONE WILL BE the champ for a long time..