Gustafsson vs. Nogueira Heads UFC Sweden; Tickets On Sale Wednesday

January 10, 2012
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The UFC on Tuesday announced the main event for its first trip to Sweden. A light heavyweight bout between Alexander Gustafsson and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira heads the UFC on Fuel TV 2 (UFC Sweden) fight card at Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm.

“Sweden has been on our radar for a long time and on April 14, we’re excited to finally bring the UFC to Stockholm,” UFC president Dana White said. “We’re putting together a great card for the Swedish fans. I can’t wait to get there in April!”

Gustafsson (13-1) is coming off the biggest win of his young career, knocking out Vladimir Matyushenko slightly more than two minutes into their fight at UFC 141.

Nogueira (20-5) also enters the bout with an impressive performance in his most recent trip to the Octagon. He TKO’d former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz midway through their fight at UFC 140 in Toronto.

Aside from the main event, UFC officials on Tuesday also added a bantamweight showdown between British banger Brad Pickett and hard-hitting Damacio Page.

Tickets for UFC Sweden go on sale to the general public Friday, Jan. 13 at 9 a.m. local/8 a.m. GMT. UFC Fight Club members will have the opportunity to purchase tickets Wednesday, Jan. 11 at 11 a.m. local/10 a.m. GMT.

Several other bouts have already been rumored or announced for UFC on Fuel TV 2.

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  • Mma fanatic

    Here’s A.G’s true test! I’m not quite sold yet. He did great against Vladimere M. I will say!!! Lil Nog is a lot more durable than V.M tho!! I’m a fan if he wins this one!! Lil Nog looked savage in his demolishin of Tito(Jacob ) Ortiz:)! So he’s gonna be ready to bang!!

    • themightyvandal

      @mma fanatic

      I agree with MrAdidas

      Since when has beating Tito Ortiz been considered impressive?

      Jason Brillz was absolutely robbed during the Nog fight. Nog should have been skating off a 3 fight loss streak coming into the Tito fight. He’s a top 10 fighter because he’s a Noguiera. Not because of what he has accomplished lately.

      Gustaffson should have been paired with someone like Rampage instead.

      • fitefan

        Yeah, I felt Brillz got robbed there too.

  • MrAdidas

    Mma fanatic: I have to absolutely disagree with you, there’s no way Lil Nog is better/”durable” than Vladimir. Before Vladimir fought Gustaffson, he had only lost to former or current Champs. I believe that streak will continue b/c I definately see Gustafsson as a future Champ (maybe when Jon Jones moves up to HW). I don’t see Lil Nog making it past the 2nd Round, that’s if he’s lucky enough to even make it to the 2nd Round.
    Lil Nog beating Ortiz is barely worth bragging about, Ortiz is 1 fight away from retirement!

  • fitefan

    I agree, Lil Nog beating Ortiz is hardly noteworthy. That win is on a lot of resume`s.

    I’m not sold on Vladimir’s fighting prowess being superior to Lil Nog’s. Vladimir is awfully stiff, he nearly fell down doing a kick combination on a heavy bag they aired during the fighter comparison dialogue.
    He’s probably tougher than Lil Nog, but even that’s a hard statement to make, he’s the twin brother of the toughest man alive.

    I think this will be more of a test for Lil Nog than Gustaffson. Tho still a test for him. But L’Nog has to overcome a great height and I think reach advantage.

    Gustafsson has the potential to be a future champ. Not sure if he can take Jones tho, he’s got long legs and short arms. So, he gets punched first and offers Jones more leg for a take down. I’d love to see that match up over Hendo,Evans, or anyone else for that matter.

  • longtime fan

    If you guys dont know, Lil nog and Vladimir have fought twice before, with the most recent bout between the two going to lil nog.

    • fitefan

      what about the first two?

      • themightyvandal

        You mean the first “one”

        • fitefan

          my bad….

          Finally found it. They are 1 and 1.

          Vladimir won back in 2002 by a UD. Was Nog’s 5 th fight I believe at age 26ish, and Vlad’s 13th fight at 32ish.

  • longtime fan

    Yeah, thats why i didnt mention the results to the first fight because it was like ten years ago while nog was fairly new. So The most recent bout has a lot more meaning. But regardless, vlad is pretty good, and for AG to beat him the way he did, not to mention I think they way he beat Matt Hamill was ever more impressive, just shows what type of fighter he is. And after we watch davis vs evans, thats gonna tell us somethin else about gustafsson seeing how davis is his only loss, and also davis and lil nog was pretty close.