Gustafsson Ready to Rumble, So is Manny Pacquiao… in MMA (Dana White Scrum)

September 1, 2014
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Post-UFC 177, UFC president Dana White discusses a potential bout pitting Alexander Gustafsson vs. Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, and Manny Pacquiao’s recent decision to venture into MMA.

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  • Get2DaChoppa

    Anthony Johnson is a killa! Everyone at 205 should be terrified to fight him.

  • drkdisciple

    If Gustafsson fights Rumble he loses his title fight!

    • Manuel Lopez

      Gustafsson will out class Rumble. Rumble not ready for such a high caliber opponent. Gus has been outboxing heavy hitters for a while now. And hes is the only one that gives JJones nightmares.

  • Marc Livingood

    Gus will destroy johnson his kick boxing is no wear near Gus

  • TheCerealKiller

    Pacquiao is not fighting in MMA? Stupid headline.

    • vulcan

      pacquiao is not fighting in mma? how is that a question?

      • TheCerealKiller

        The headline suggests he is fighting in MMA. So yes, I’m asking the writer if he is or isn’t fighting in MMA.

        • vulcan