GSP Opens as 3 to 1 Favorite Over Condit

February 5, 2012
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Carlos Condit locked up his spot as the UFC interim welterweight champion with a unanimous decision victory on Saturday night over Nick Diaz, and now awaits the chance to face Georges St-Pierre to unify the titles and declare the true 170lb title holder in the UFC.

While the fight is not by any means set in stone because Condit may end up defending his belt during the summer months while St-Pierre continues to recover from knee surgery, it’s still the fight everyone is buzzing about post-UFC 143.

Well the odds for the proposed fight have been made courtesy of Nick Kalikas from and St-Pierre will come into the bout as a sizeable favorite.

According to Kalikas, St-Pierre opens as a -315 favorite in the potential fight with Condit, and the challenger comes back as the underdog at +225.

The odds would have actually been a little bit more in St-Pierre’s favor, but with the champion recovering from major knee surgery, and by the time he comes back for a proposed November date he will have been out of action for more than a year and a half, the favor falls on Condit’s side a bit more.

“It would have been higher,” said Kalikas. “But the injury and time off has an impact on the number and Condit’s a legit threat.”

St-Pierre is targeting a late 2012 return date, but it’s unclear if Condit will sit and wait for him or take another fight and defend his interim belt in the mean time.

The most likely contender right now would be Jake Ellenberger if he can get past Diego Sanchez on Feb 15 in Nebraska. Should he win, it would almost seem like the perfect scenario for him to face Condit again in a rematch from a fight the two had a few years ago.

Condit edged out Ellenberger by split decision when the previously met.

  • MikeMc1983

    I don’t recall what odds Gsp usually gets. Maybe someone can help me remember what kind of line he’s carried in the past. This -300 is obviously quite a bit lower than the other dominating champions. I know he said its lower because of injury. Maybe I can find the older numbers before Gsp’s injury. I don’t remember those numbers either.
    If Gsp was ducking anyone it was condit. I’m sure he’ll take that extra time to heal.
    For some reason I don’t view interim champs really the champ unless they defend the belt. (I realize how I view it means nothing)
    It’s pointless to have an interim if his first fight is the actual champ.
    Belts still Gsp’s unless condit defends his from my view.

  • D-rail

    Make’s sense, since GSP isn’t going to press forward like Diaz did. I don’t know what Carlos’s plan will be considering George plays it just as safe as Carlos now does.This fight will only sell if they put other bouts W/fighters that come to fight and give the fans a good “FIGHT” not like others who run around the octagon hoping to score just enough to win. Those who praised Condit’s performance against Diaz, should be delighted and ready w/their pencils and paper to score welterweight borefest.

    • MikeMc1983

      Lol, maybe that’s how it should be, but history has shown Gsp will sell a card. He has a fan base that I don’t understand, but maybe it’s just the canadian thing.
      I get that people are mad, but one fight is one fight. I’m not sure exactly what it is people wanted condit to do, other than let Diaz win of course…
      Just because condit was more passive in one fight doesn’t mean he’ll always be that way. If he even felt he was doing that.

  • innovator

    Shame on Carlos for not standing still and not let Diaz punch him repeatedly. All Diaz did in that fight was walk forward and try to draw Condit in. Carlos won because he fought a better fight. Was it the most exciting? No. But people need to stop whining because their bad boy crush got beat.

    Diaz crying afterwards and saying he’s going to quit shows the character of him, and also shows the reason why he lost. He does not want to play unless its by his own rules.

  • Towers66

    D-Rail…..You are absolutely correct. Could not have said it better myself. Diaz may have lost to Condit fair and square but what kind of “dog fight” was that? Condit ran away the whole fight while Diaz chased after him and ate punches and kicks just to get close enough to hit him. Diaz is a true fighter. Condit really showed what kind of champ he’d be. Just like GSP. I don’t think the GSP vs. Condit fight will ever happen…if it does it will definitely be a point match. Guarantee it will be in the lower PPV sale percentages for GSP fights. If it were Diaz fighting GSP I think it would be the highest grossing PPV in UFC history.

  • voltaire64

    I think gsp takes condit down and most likely controls him there. Diaz doesn’t have any better take down defense than condit but is a more dangerous opponent on the ground for gsp. Btw, why does condit have the interim belt? It’s been ages since gsp defended it and will be well over a year before he’s ready to fight again.

    • MrAdidas

      Thats why its CALLED the interim belt fool, you answered your own question. GSP is still champ, **** happens genous, deal with it… everyone else is. Brock was out for a long time, he kept the belt, Anderson Silva has been out a while & is out even longer than expected, eventhough Silva trained with Lyoto & Wanderlei for their last 2 fights, but he’s not healthy enough to train for his own fight?!? BAHAHAHA okay! I guess we should take his belt away too?!?

  • Mma fanatic

    I kinda agree ! I think an ‘ interm champ ‘ holds merit just because if you enter a title fight , you’re fighting for more than a pur$e ! Youre fighting that night with a world championship on the line! That adds the pressure in a fight , that I think the winner deserves to be called a champion. On top of the fact that the ‘ champion ‘ is not available to defend the World Title!
    Now Carlos owned Diaz ! He showed so many more technical standup than Diaz’s little pitter patter punching he calls MMA! I can’t believe Diaz thought he was winning that fight!! ANY top 5 WW in the UFC ST.Pierre,Ellenburger, Kos, Sanchez , Fitch , Beats Nick Diaz! Possibly Alves and Hendricks, and Carlos did beat him so he better reconsider and head back to Strikeforce or cut to 155!

  • Mma fanatic

    Btw How passive was Condid in the Hardy fight ! He’s a natural aggressive fighter , he was just smart and out fought Diaz!

    • Lesnardo

      Yeah, you probably don’t want to stand there and bang with Diaz. Diaz (and also Diego Sanchez) got some serious scrapping abilities.

  • Its MMA, not boxing! You shouldn’t want to pot-shot and run. The thing that gets me is how did Condit control the fight? He turned his back to Diaz and flat out ran. You should NEVER be rewarded for that. Im not saying he should stand in there and just trade with Diaz, but to just run for 5 rounds is ridiculous. Im still trying to understand how he (Condit) won a unanimous decision. I only saw him winning the 3rd and 4th round. He was clearly tentative in rounds 1 & 2, and for sure lost the 5th round where he nearly got “Tapped.”

    • MrAdidas

      “Nearly got tapped” – What fight were you watching? B/C the fight I seen/everyone else seen, did not show Diaz nearly tapping out Condit. He had position & had his back, which scored him points, but to say he “nearly got tapped in the 5th Round?” – BAHAHAHA…. NO!

  • Mma fanatic

    I would say he controlled the fight by not letting Diaz corner him and unload 1000 shots that couldn’t hurt a 15 year old! Diaz is useless unless he corners you! Condid’s ‘footwork ‘ was just more running than movement! He dictated the pace , tempo and where the fight was gonna take place! He showed more diversity in his striking than Diaz too! IMO Carlos 5-0!!

  • D-rail

    Look, let’s back off “HAPPY FEET” (Condit). If he wanted that fake belt that bad, he deserves it with all that fancy foot work (dancing around) he did. That wasn’t the entertainment I was hoping for but it payed off for him. Dominic Cruz paved the way for these dancing penguins, that they even made a movie about them.

  • Mma fanatic


  • shereko

    Yeah I hear what everyone is saying about him running away and fighting his fight… but really can we rip him for this? Wasn’t the way already paved with, Cruz and lets not leave out Frankie Edgar, in which at the time Dana praised Frankie as the #2 pound for pound in the world. So its hardly a trend setter that Carlos took that blue print. I am NOT a GSP fan but, I think GSP will bring it more to Diaz than Carlos did, but not saying thats a smart move, but I think his jab is good enough to hold off a beating like Penn took.