GSP on Nick Diaz: ‘I’ve Always Wanted This Fight, Now I Want It Even More’

October 30, 2011
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UFC champ Georges St-Pierre and Strikeforce champ Nick Diaz

UFC champ Georges St-Pierre and Strikeforce champ Nick Diaz

“Where you at Georges? Where you at mother (expletive)? I don’t think Georges is hurt, I think he’s scared. I think he’s scared to fight everybody right now. Where you at Georges?”

Those were the words of a victorious Nick Diaz after his unanimous decision win over B.J. Penn on Saturday night as he taunted UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, who was sitting cage side watching the action.

St-Pierre kept smiling through it all, but apparently there was an anger burning inside of him the entire time because as soon as he got a chance to speak to UFC President Dana White his message was clear.

He wanted to fight Nick Diaz now.

“This is what I wanted since the beginning. Let’s do what was supposed to be done originally,” St-Pierre said after UFC 137 ended. “I’ve always wanted this fight — now I want it even more.”

Unfortunately, Diaz’s title shot comes at the expense of Carlos Condit, who now must get back in line and fight another opponent instead of St-Pierre.

Regardless of that situation, St-Pierre sounds ready to get back into training camp as soon as his injured leg will allow him, and February can’t get here soon enough.

“I can’t wait for Super Bowl weekend,” St-Pierre stated.

If all goes accordingly, St-Pierre and Diaz will face off as a part of the Feb 4 show in Las Vegas in what could only be described as a grudge match for the ages.

It’s rare that St-Pierre shows quite so much emotion, but Diaz has found a way to get under his skin and the two fighters will settle things in the Octagon in 2012.

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  • kylesmith

    You’re in some serious trouble, Frenchie.

    • BigGuy

      kylesmith: Looks like you’ve been smoking pot with Diaz too long. He barely beat Penn, and you think he will defeat St. Pierre?

      • browill70

        Barely beat? More like soundly beat B.J Penn. This is going to be an exciting match-up.

        • wonggfan

          Don’t mind Bigguy. He is just butt hurt that BJ lost. He predicted that BJ was gonna destroy Diaz. Well predicted wrongly.

          • BigGuy

            I didn’t say he WOULD win…I said I hoped BJ kicked Nick’s teeth down his throat. Sadly, he did not. No worries though…GSP will do it for me.

      • McFearless

        Sorry guys. BigGuy hasn’t been available to respond due to him losing bets to people that Diaz would get destroyed by Penn. He’s been to too busy giving head to everyone as payment. He’s quite good might I add. Takes it balls deep. Thanks BigGuy. 😉

        • BigGuy

          Hahaha! McFaggot has proven my point that he is a QUEER! I have said it from day one. Seriously, if you are NOT a fag, why would you make a statement like that? My guess is that you mistook me for your father. I understand, McFaggot!

  • hectorhernandez

    If this is what he always wanted, why didn’t he push Dana White to keep the fight in the first place? He gets an “injury” all of a sudden knowing that the Condit fight was a joke now all of a sudden the fight is on. This was always a plan B for White now GSP better be careful for what he wishes for.

    • Jay32

      GSP is not the owner of the UFC. Dana White calls the shots, instead of blaming GSP for the fight not happening in the first place. How about you blame Diaz’s mother for not reminding him about his obligations to the UFC, just like Nick does. Apparently he needs someone to hold his hand throughout life.

      • MrAdidas

        BAHAHAHA – I love it! Also, “GSP better be careful for what he wishes for” – Ughhh sorry, Diaz is the one who wanted GSP, well he got him. Whats worst than figthing GSP? figthing an ANGRY GSP. Ask Serra after all the smack talk he said about GSP – ask Serra how that went. BJ Penn 2 “to the death Georges – I’m not kidding about this” & BJ had to get his corner to quit for him & then Koscheck – got his face broken… from a jab.
        I gurantee you, we will see the “old” GSP when he fights Diaz & I predict an ass beating of a lifetime for Diaz.

  • BigGuy

    ATTENTION ALL: McFearless is a flaming homo. He has offered to meet me for a sexual encounter, as well as fantasized openly about me giving him oral. His statement was, “BigGuy hasn’t been available to respond due to him losing bets to people that Diaz would get destroyed by Penn. He’s been to too busy giving head to everyone as payment. He’s quite good might I add.”

    Please be careful with this flaming queer. He is a stalking lunatic. Please avoid this homosexual at all costs!

  • natpaukar7

    Guys haha lets keep it about MMA…GSP is a different animal than BJ…I don’t think he barely beet BJ IMO he pretty much killed him…Nick is always known for starting slow…whehter its the first round…first minute or half a round he seems to take a beating and then come back….That having been said…I think that GSP can strike in and out with diaz…keep leg kicks …head kicks…and take downs…clearly diaz is unbelievable on the ground so GSP needs to be careful but I think he is a smart fighter and won’t overly commit on the ground…I would say 60/40 GSP but I would not be surprised if Diaz got GSP in one of his hitting spells with body and head shots and just worked the fight from there eventually submitting him…who knows…I am excited to find out…and by no means do I think condit fight was a joke…..Condit is a great fighter just not quite at GSP level though he has heart beyond most WW’s.

  • waltfreese

    All hype aside, Nick beat an MMA legend at the end of his career, BJ Penn. BJ followed in the footsteps of his contemporaries from Couture to Liddell and Hughes. We all owe BJ our greatest respect and gratitude. GSP is in his prime, a dominant champion who is explosive, incredibly well-rounded in all facets of the sport and unequalled in his conditioning.

    Nick will not have the luxury of striking with GSP for 3 rounds. He’s going to be tested in every aspect of his game. There are better boxers and BJJ practitioners than Nick that GSP can train with. Unfortunately for Nick, there’s no one Nick can train with that will prepare him for the strenghth explosiveness and incredibly well-rounded athleticism of GSP.

    Georges represents the best and most noble qualities of a true dominant warrior. Diaz has no idea what he is walking in to and lacks the humility and respect to learn at this moment in his life.

    • MrAdidas

      Wow, very nicely said. Nick did beat BJ, but he got spanked in the 1st round. If you gave BJ GSP like cardio, Diaz would have lost that fight from doctors stoppage. If BJ was able to do that to Diaz’s face in 1 round (mostly), then whats Diaz’s face going to look like after 25 mins with a guy who only gets better as the rounds go deeper? I mean Diaz LANDED 178 punches… thats LANDED 178 punches & he still couldnt finish a dead tired BJ.

      I’m not really sure what people saw in the Diaz Vs Penn fight that made me think “wow GSP could be in trouble”, if anything I was like WOW Diaz looked like he slowed down a lil after the 1st – to me he seemed to have slowed down some. Anyway, GSP will not gas out & Diaz will not land 178 punches in 3 Rounds Vs. GSP. I think Diaz pissing GSP off, is exactly what we the fans wanted…… signs of the old GSP returning. Diaz: be careful what you wish for, homie! WAR GSP