GSP May Be Out of the Cage, but He’s Not Out of the Action (Video)

November 20, 2014
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Former UFC welterweight BMOC Georges St-Pierre may not be in the cage, but he’s certainly not out of the action. He’s currently making his way back to full health after having another ACL surgery, but he’s still continuing to live his life to the fullest.

One of his main sponsors is NOS Energy Drink, and even without fighting anywhere in his current plans, the company has St-Pierre out checking items off of his bucket list. Case in point, this video where GSP drives a NOS Energy Drink stock car.

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Yeah, it’s on a closed track without a bunch of other carries to shimmy around, but St-Pierre reportedly hit a top speed in the neighborhood of 140 miles per hour! Fast enough to raise anyone’s blood pressure.

Folks, please, don’t try this at home!

(Photo courtesy of NOS Energy Drink)

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  • tcat19861 .

    good for you georges live it up dude looks fun as a mofo