GSP Didn’t Want to Fight Johny Hendricks Because He Believes He Lost to Josh Koscheck

January 23, 2013
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Georges St-Pierre at UFC 145UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre states the reason he wanted to face Nick Diaz is because in his mind he was the No. 1 contender for the belt.

The long reigning champion was quizzed on Wednesday during a UFC 158 pre-fight press conference in Montreal about his decision to ask the UFC to face Diaz instead of current top contender Johny Hendricks.

St-Pierre says there were a few factors at work, including the idea that it was the fight the fans wanted to see most.

“It’s different reasons why – first, Nick and I were supposed to fight before, and this is the fight everybody wants to see. This is the big fight people wanted to see. People wanted to see this fight more than me fighting any other guys,” St-Pierre said.

The other reason St-Pierre says he opted for Diaz was because of Johny Hendricks’ 2012 performance against Josh Koscheck at UFC on Fox 3. In that fight, Hendricks pulled out a close split decision victory, but St-Pierre believes the fight should have gone the other way.

The Canadian wasn’t as interested in facing Hendricks, who he believes lost to an opponent he’s already bested twice in the Octagon.

“My other option was Johny Hendricks and Johny Hendricks, when I watched the fight with Josh Koscheck, according to me Josh Koscheck should have won that fight, so I didn’t want to fight a guy that lost to a guy I beat,” said St-Pierre.

“I think for me Nick Diaz is the No. 1 contender. He’s proven himself many times before, and there is a story between us. It’s a big fight everybody wants to see. Nick wanted to have that fight for a long time. I wanted to have that fight for a long time. Now it’s time to do it.”

Not splitting hairs or anything, but it has to be noted that Nick Diaz’s last fight was a loss to Carlos Condit, the same opponent St-Pierre beat in the UFC. Even back in November when St-Pierre was facing Condit, he stated on numerous occasions that despite a close fight, he thought the former interim champion got the best of Diaz.

“Seeing it live, I give (Condit) the win for that fight. I believe he did very well. He hit Nick much more than Nick hit him and I believe he should have won. I loved that fight; I thought it was one of the greatest fight of the night,” St-Pierre said last year when preparing for Carlos Condit at UFC 154.

Add to that the fact that Diaz also has losses to Karo Parisyan and Sean Sherk, two opponents St-Pierre also beat (albeit several years ago), and his case doesn’t seem to hold as much water when regarding Hendricks.

Regardless, St-Pierre’s choice has been made and he’s going to face Nick Diaz next at UFC 158.

As for Johny Hendricks, who now squares off with Jake Ellenberger at the same card in Montreal this March, he will likely get the next shot at the champion assuming he comes away victorious. Like anything else in the UFC, it’s not a guarantee, but right now Hendricks is leading the pack of contenders.

“I would have to say the Johny Hendricks thing, if Johny Hendricks looks good and wins his fight, it will probably be Hendricks,” said UFC president Dana White. “But then again who knows, we’ll see what happens that night.”

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  • dan

    I can understand him not wanting Silva to rearrange his face but he’s really doing his best to avoid Hendricks. Let’s face it, GSP hates getting hit and will do all he can to avoid it. Oh and quote me now: WE WILL NOT SEE DRUG TEST RESULTS FOR THIS CARD OR GSP DOESNT GET TESTED @ ALL.

    • Sir_Roy

      Are you one of those who actually believes the UFC chooses which events and athletes the Athletic Commission drug tests for? Interesting.

    • Jimmy Hoffa

      Dan you are completely wrong on this. The best fight will be between GSP and DIaz. Believe me. GSP would destroy bigRig. bigRig is a one trick pony, Messing with the likes of GSP will just get him hurt. The longer fate protects bigRig by keeping him out of the cage with the likes of GSP, Diaz or Condit, the longer those of you living the dream of a beard wearing badass from the hills, pushing an 18 wheeler, and cage fighting on the side, will stay alive. Trust me on this one.

  • Dro

    But it’s ok to fight nick Diaz who actually lost and you admitted you thought Condit beat him.

    • MMAsuperexprt

      Someone should asked him that!!! It’s kinda silly he choose to go with Hendriks lost his fight agenst Kos argument, he should just say that Diaz still bothers him or something like that.

  • Sir_Roy

    Yeah … it has nothing to do with the Hendricks/Koscheck fight Georges … it has to do with the Benjamins … and you know it.

    No shame in admitting you want a bigger paycheck and the extreme pleasure of shutting Diaz’ pie hole.

    Though it is a decent enough point in a roundabout way; GSP has absolutely no reason to be ‘afraid’ of Hendricks or to be ducking him in any way. Yes, that left hand can knock him out. But so could Koscheck. Yes, Hendrick’s wrestling is top tier. So was Koscheck’s. GSP has the answer to both.

    Simple truth is, GSP wants the more lucrative fight before Diaz smokes his way out of the UFC or does something similarly silly and/or loses to someone and ruins the hype behind the match-up.

    It’s that simple.

    • Joey

      I don’t think anyone said he is ducking Hendricks.

      And your right, as a long standing champion, wanting a more lucrative fight with someone you have a beef with that will generate more cash, there is nothing wrong with that at all.

      But the irony in saying you don’t want to fight someone because you think they lost to someone you beat but then the fighter you request to fight is in the same exact situation, it makes it sound really shady.

      Not to mention Hendricks didn’t even lose.

      • Sir_Roy

        Maybe not here, but scroll down to a few more threads pertaining to GSP, and you’ll find a fair share of folks claiming GSP is ducking Hendricks.

        And I agreed 100% above that GSP’s purported excuse is complete BS. I think he wanted to use Koscheck as an example to highlight he’s not ducking Hendricks at all, and has no reason to. He just went about it very stupidly.

        • Kris-tyahn

          No he never went about it stupidly, you guys do not understand his point. Everyone is saying you can’t fight Diaz bc he lost a close decision to Condit, while a nice few people have given the edge to Diaz (I think Condit won). So GSP is saying well if I can’t fight Diaz for losing controversial decision, then the same can be said about Hendricks winning a split decision vs. Koscheck and Mike Pierce. I guess people will ASSume whatever they want, especially if you’re a hater.

          • Stanislav Alyas

            Dud Diaz lost and Hendricks won I don’t understand ppl this is the guy who lost failed a stung test and didnt show up for a press conference and he gets a title shot, while Hendricks who’s been koing ppl left and right, I no theres more money in the Diaz fight, but by that logic bisping should still get a shot. He’s popular it would be a big money fight, and he just lost, all he needs no is to fail a drug test and he should def get a fight against silva

          • Sir_Roy

            Difference is in the fight. Hendrick’s win is controversial. Diaz’ loss is controversial. Bisping got TKO’d. Nothing controversial there. You can stick to looking at things black and white, but I think the distinction is clear and the devil is, as they say, in the details.

          • Jimmy Hoffa

            Stanislav, here is the thing. The Diaz loss was controversial. Lot’s of people including me and Joe Rogan think Diaz won. Secondly, failing a drug test for marijuana has nothing to do with it. They shouldn’t be testing for pot anyway. It does nothing to build muscle. Doesn’t give a fighter an edge in any way. It’s not a freaking STEROID. As for his skipping some press conferences, so what. Like White said, he never skipped out on a fight. Hell it’s his personality disorders that make him such a compelling draw for people. We like him because of his issues, not in spite of them. I wonder how many people as bipolar as he is could become triathletes, run Exterra and be world class cage fighters? Not many i suspect. Most of those type of guys end living up in their parents basement if they aren’t in prison. And frankly, I think DIaz has a better chance of beating GSP then Hendricks does. Oh by the way, I like GSP too. Finally, UFC is a business, and if they want to stay in business they will put on fights fans will pay to watch. I’ll pay to watch GSP v Diaz. I doubt I would even switch the channel to watch GSP v bigRig. lol.

            Oh yea about Bisping v Belfort. Not that it’s really related, but since you brought it up……Bisping got knocked the f%#& out. Diaz actually lost a very controversial decision. There is a difference.

          • Arne Weise Weise

            it´s a show, money rules whether or not it´s fair?

          • Jimmy Hoffa

            Definetly what you said. Except I think Diaz won the Condit fight. Jackson tried the exact strategy with Guida when he fought Maynard. But Guida is such a hairy retard, he couldn’t sell it to the judges and they gave it to Maynard. Diaz Condit shows the influence of coaching. Why didn’t Gracie tell Diaz to cut Condit off when he would get off the fence? Having coaches who don’t have the ability to see and make adjustments during the fight costs lots of good fighters the win. Look back on the Diaz Penn fight. Why didn’t Penn’s coach tell him to pop off the cage? Get away from the cage. That is where Diaz is beating your ass. Pop out to the center every time he pushes u to the cage. Instead those idiots coaching Penn were telling him to fight with his heart. Yea that was real helpful. That’s the kind of advice a coach gives when he has nothing to give. He puts it back on his fighter. Penn could still win a couple fights if he fired his coaching staff. Training a fighter for a fight and coaching a fighter during a fight are two different things. Okay, I’ve run on enough. Like I said…. “what Kris-tyan said.”

    • Gary Fredericks

      Simple truth is, GSP wants the more lucrative fight before Diaz
      smokes his way out of the UFC or does something similarly silly and/or
      loses to someone and ruins the hype behind the match-up.

      It’s that simple.

      My thoughts exactly Sir Roy. Me thinks you hit the nail on the head….and I am a long time Diaz fan.

    • Kris-tyahn

      WOW finally someone with a brain/common sense. Apparently if you fight every #1 contender for 4 yrs and ask to fight a guy you were suppose to fight twice and have unfinished business, you are ducking Hendricks, who’s identical to Koscheck, a guy GSP owned twice.

      GSP 23-2 : Hendricks 14-1 : yeah GSP is definitely scared to fight Hendricks, especially after fighting BJ Penn twice in his prime, Shields on 7 yrs undefeated, Fitch undefeated 6 yrs, Alves, Koscheck, Condit etc.

      You haters/noobs sure are funny!!!

      • Stanislav Alyas

        Bro ur retarted if u think kos is like Identical to big rig. Hendricks’s left hand is bigger tool in fights then anything kos has to offer.

        • Rich Elledge

          how is Hendricks not a koscheck 2.0? Let’s see both top tier wrestlers that have adapted it well with striking to create a upgraded version of Matt Hughes. Koscheck was there every second of there fight and I feel kos won but I’m not upset hendricks was given the w. Hendricks is a good fighter but In my opinion Ellenberger is going to take him out, but hey man this is just my outlook

      • Kaiolamaikalani Yuen

        The thing is who has the more recent loss in their career? Hendricks who won his last two by vicious kos or Diaz who lost his last fight? Not being a hater jus stating facts…

        • YeahYeahYeah

          Hendricks didn’t win his last two by KO. He “won” the fight with Koscheck by split decision.

      • Crashman

        Excellent post Kris, I was laughing at anyone who was saying “GSP was scared to fight hendricks” , that guy is a 1 trick pony, wow so he can punch and knock someone out, yea cuz GSP hasnt fought anyone like that before, .. i would LOVE to see Hendricks fight Damian Maia , THEN if he makes it past that guys amazing BJJ consider a title shot.

    • Darin

      Diaz DID lose to someone and this fight lost its hype with me before it was announced. It’s that simple.

      • Sir_Roy

        Right. Should have injected someone “else”. But so what? The omission was purposeful. The controversy behind the Diaz “loss” to Condit makes it pretty much irrelevant insofar as the hype generated behind a Diaz versus GSP match-up is concerned. Condit pitter pattered his way to a questionable decision victory. Far from decisive and far from having fans see Condit as a superior fighter to Diaz. (A rematch without the interim title on the line might be in order.)

        The rather pitiful performance of both those stellar athletes and warriors does little to lessen the interest in the match-up with GSP in my opinion.

        • Jimmy Hoffa

          Good points and I would add. Didn’t GSP say Condit was the toghest fight he ever had? Well since I believe along with many others including Joe Rogan, that Diaz actually beat Condit, to my way of thinking, Diaz has an even better chance of beating GSP then Condit did.

          • Sir_Roy

            I do think Diaz is a legitimate threat to GSP. More than many would care to admit. That said, if GSP is going to break his long line of decision victories, I feel it may well be against Diaz. If Diaz wins though, I feel it’ll be via submission. We’ll see. Bottom line though, this is still a very interesting fight. Just the danger Diaz poses from the bottom with his BJJ is exciting.

    • Timothy Malone

      If it was only about the money, we would have Silva vs St. Pierre right now

      • Sir_Roy

        With regards his choice of Diaz over Hendricks, it is mostly about the money … and fighting a higher profile name while it’s still worth its salt. That, and I think the internet buzz / Diaz perpetually calling him out, got to him a little over the years and he wants to shut it down while the subject is still lukewarm.

        In the overall scheme though, then no, it’s not ‘only’ about the money. It’s about building a legacy and biding his time in doing so. He’s tied with Hughes for the most overall title defenses in the WW division. A win over Diaz would cement his place as the most title defenses. I think he wants that to happen before moving up to fight an Anderson Silva. After Diaz, we’ll see which fights come his way … but like GSP, I wouldn’t start looking past Diaz too prematurely (even though the chances of GSP losing are slim at best IMHO).

    • GSP


    • Arne Weise Weise

      I think you´r on the money there buddy! + I just can´t see Hendricks doing anything to GSP, the wrestler will get humped on the mat all night long and his right might not even get fired a single time.. A top class 170 fighter that have the ability to stay away from that right will beat Hendricks imho

      • Arne Weise Weise

        sorry mixed up hendos right with hendricks left, hehe, still same idea apply

  • Joey

    Thats the WORST reason not to fight someone I have ever heard. Just call it straight GSP, you want to fight the person that will generate the most money for your self and conveniently that same fighter is the one that has gotten into your head and you now have a personal beef with him.

    Don’t use some BS excuse that you thought Hendricks lost to Koschek so you don’t want to fight him. NICK DIAZ JUST LOST TO CARLOS CONDIT WHOM YOU JUST BEAT TOO. Not to mention HENDRICKS WON HIS FIGHT.

    Since when does a fighter get to decide which of his two opponents won the fight, that’s what the judges (granted we might not always agree with how they score) are there for.

    Plus I have watched that fight a few times and I have Hendricks winning each time anyways.

    • Denny Periard

      thats like saying since when do keybord warriors think which fighter won a fight be quiet you are not an elite ufc athlete and you do not this person

      • Joey

        Awful comparison. My opinion doesn’t sway or effect anything. I was merely using it as an example. But for a fighter to win a fight and then for another fighter to claim he lost and therefore use that an excuse not to fight him, then that’s a whole different story.

        BTW what does “and you do not this person” mean?

        • Darin

          It means Denny Periard is a moron. I agree with you and so would any sensible person. Diaz just LOST (to the guy GSP JUST BEAT nonetheless). Hendricks just put Kampman into a coma in his last fight. GSP ignores that and refers to a close dec. win over KOSCHECK?

    • Kris-tyahn

      Ughhh didn’t he say he was someone he was suppose to fight (twice) and that they have a history?!? Dummy!!!

  • Maddawgmar

    I lose more respect for GSP with every word that comes out of his mouth. I respect his talent, but his persona is that of a douche. As a champion, to continuously prove that you are the best, you have to fight the next best person in line. Hendricks is number 1 contender whether you believe it or not. As I’m not a fan of Diaz, I hope he beats you and knocks you off that high horse.

    If it was about money, he would have told the all to wait while I fight Anderson. But he just wanted an easier fight for once, nothing wrong with that, but don’t lie about it, just say so

    • GoNoles

      your just mad cuz you aint getting your way.

      • Maddawgmar

        My, way? You don’t even know what my way is. My way is the way of the best fights, stylistically GSP v Diaz is a mismatch, But Hendricks v GSP is much better of a style match up.

        • Sir_Roy

          I don’t entirely disagree … though I don’t really see Hendricks being all that much different than a GSP vs Koscheck type fight.

          We’ll have to wait and see I guess.

        • coupdegrass

          Hendricks vs GSP is a lame matchup. . Stylistically, it’s a carbon copy of either GSP/koschek fight. Here’s the whole fight; Hendricks seeks bomb, GSP lands takedown, 5 min of ground and pound rinse and repeat for 25 minutes

          • Darin

            That’s every GSP fight and Diaz will be the same.

        • Kris-tyahn

          Hendricks who is identical to Koscheck is a better match up than Diaz? We already seen GSP fight a good wrestler with KO power, yeah Hendricks has more power than Koscheck, but KO power is KO, whether you knock them out sliding them across the octagon is the same as knocking them out on the feet/vertically.

          It’s funny how GSP has fought EVERY #1 contender for the last 4-5 yrs, never turned down an opponent like Anderson has (Weidman, bc he’s”new”). And now that he wants to fight a guy he was suppose to fight twice and has bad blood, you give him crap?!? Bahahahaha – be prepared to be disappointed again when GSP breaks Diazs face.

          As for Diaz losing to Sherk and Parysian how many years ago? They were I. Their prime when Diaz lost, but He sticks lost to Rick Story, and many believe he lost to Koscheck and Mike Pierce, both split decision wins. So Hendricks had a tough time with those wrestlers/opponents, but he’s going to give GSP a run?

    • coupdegrass

      Given that, unlike a few current champs, GSP has never before requested an opponent or turned down the next guy in line, I think it’s fair he do it this once. If you’re upset about this, you must HATE anderson “you’re not famous enough to fight me” silva lol

      • Kris-tyahn

        Not only are you not famous enough, but I only want big name fights, Stephan Bonnar you are next! Bahahahahaha, another padded name to an already padded resume. Last time I checked, Silva is stalling the MW division, while GSP is fighting a top 5 in the world at WW. Yeah, the two are identical ….. One guy won’t fight anyone in his division and won’t move up, bc he wants to fight a much smaller opponent, after being out for 19 months. Bahahahaha you haters make me laugh every time!

    • marcus miles

      I wouldn’t call Diaz an easier fight. He will bring the fight to Gsp more than everyone in that division. Tell me when the last time was you saw a shitty Diaz performance. Never!! He will come forward or get his ass kicked trying. Diaz will be a threat anywhere the fight goes.

  • I’m a big GSP fan but I also hate the matchups being made just on hype and talk lately. I will make an argument for an exeptiuon in the GSP vs Diaz case: two reasons this should have happened a long time ago and there is hate between these two which makes for an awesome fight!!!!!
    But if Hendricks beats Ellenberger and Gsp gets through Diaz “Big Rig” must and in no way shape or form be denied the GSP matchup later in 2013!!!!!!!

    • Kris-tyahn

      Absolutely, unless its another controversial split decision win like he had vs Koscheck and Mike Pierce. I think Ellenberger is going to give Hendricks a very tough fight, he might actually beat Hendricks. If Hendricks doesn’t win in the 1st round, he usually wins a close decision. I’m not saying Hendricks is a one trick pony, but he’s not far off.

    • Ben

      …but GSP is fighting a loser (Diaz lost his last fight!!). How would this be a credible championship fight??

      • but Hendricks vs GSP just has no draw as a main event from a business standpoint!!!!!!!

        • Anthony Lopez

          That opinion is exactly what’s starting to be wrong in MMA

          • diazfan209

            that’s not an opinion at all, that’s a fact…… have you not been following the Jon Jones saga?

          • i know dude but thats whats going on thinking more in the perspective of the UFC doesn’t mean I agree. Big Rig deserves the shot and news now is the winner of Condit vs MacDonald gets next crack if he gets through Diaz!!!!

            Johny Hendricks is gonna flip out!!!!!

  • Could it be that GSP just wants to be among those who have spanked the bragging, pouting, low-ife Diaz – but do it so well that even Diaz can’t deny he’d been whooped?

    • Orville

      Hmmm…ya think! Or maybe, just maybe its the fact that Diaz won 11 straight fights before Condit ran away from him,and 8 of those wins were finishes. Have you ever tried to kick a running dog!lol

      • Arne Weise Weise

        I hear you my friend, but also let´s not forget that those fights were not highest UFC standard by any means.. Not arguing, just wanted to add the info..

  • gnodeb

    I wish they get rid of titles all together. What is the point of title if you can challenge champ or even be a champ without a single fight. In the same time some fighters have great win streaks but they are ignored while champions are picking undeserving opponents. Even that idea of deserving title shot is so annoying. You can not “deserve” your place in SuperBowl.. you have to earn it. And that is the case in all other serious sports…

  • Barry Obarma

    There are certain super fights that real mma fans want to see, and one of those is most certainly Diaz vs St Pierre. This is a fight that has to happen, with Diaz having been the Strikeforce welterweight champion. I would have given the Condit vs Diaz fight as a draw, just about, (otherwise a win for Diaz). Condit didn’t look dangerous at all during that fight, he just kept running away, throwing a weak shot and then running away again. Diaz walked him down the whole fight. I was rooting for Condit, but was disappointed with his weak, cowradly display. He just stuck to a gameplan, which avoided any sort of fight, showed no confidence in his ability to hurt Diaz and was just hoping to win on points. So no, it is not like the Hendricks v Koscheck situation, where Koscheck actually beat Hendricks if it wasn’t for some dodgy judges. Diaz is the number 1 contender, this is the fight that the fans want to see, and it will be a huge fight. Hendricks and Ellenberger is going to be a great fight for the next number 1 contender, but I think Ellenberger will take him. Dana doesn’t want to make any promises about who’s next in line, because if Diaz wins then he’s going to want to put the real number 1 contender, Rory McDonald in there with him. If Diaz or Mcdonald hold the welterweight belt, they will probably want to give the titleshot to Condit for some redemption. So Dana is very weary of making any promises to Hendricks. Hendricks will have to beat Ellenberger in spectacular fashion to have a say in his own fate with regards to a title fight. Things are very exciting now in the welterweight division, I would say the most exciting division in the UFC at this time by a long shot. Lets see how it all unfolds. Y’all agree?

    • Orville

      All these comments and opinions, and we finaly get someone who knows what he’s talking about. Well spoken Barry.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Nicely said Barry! Though, Diaz will not beat GSP and Rory will not fight GSP, bc he would have to find all new coaches, training partners and a new place to live. Do you think he’s going to risk what he has at Tristar for a title shot now? He’ll be UFC champ eventually, but not now. But most importantly the reason he will not fight GSP, he’d get owned. He’s still a kid and if you don’t think GSP doesn’t know his weaknesses, you’d be kiddin yourself. What’s Rory going to do, go to a new camp which has failed in trying to beat GSP, could help and train Rory for the 1st time to beat the best ever WW in the world?!? I don’t think so!

      • Barry Obarma

        Yeah I agree, it’s only if Diaz beats St Pierre that Rory will get the title shot. My point is that Dana probably doesn’t want to make any promises to Hendricks in the event that Diaz wins. However, if St Pierre wins, the titleshot obviously goes to the winner of Hendricks and Ellenberger.

        Rory has categorically stated that he will never fight GSP. This sort of thing annoys the hell out of Dana White, and I’m not sure I agree with it either. Nobody remembers a guy who never challenged for the title. I think that Dana has to start putting clauses in contracts which says “If your team mate is champion and you’re no.1 contender, you have to fight him”. Fighting is a sport/ business, and martial arts is about respect and honour. I think that we are in an era where the 2 blend together so as to mean that fighters can fight team mates, and it shouldn’t be a problem. You are there to test yourself and to become a better fighter. It doesn’t have to be about wanting to cave an enemy’s face in. I don’t understand why 2 friends wouldn’t want to test their strengths and skills against each other. They will also bot get lot of money for it too, so in a sense they will be helping each other. The Condit vs St Pierre fight was a great example of that (although they kept their distance in the gym in anticipation that they might fight one day, whereas GSP and Rory are much closer). Imagine a scenario where the top 3: Rory, GSP and Condit refused to fight each other because they were team mates. That would really wreck the welterweight division.

        As for Rory not having a chance against GSP, that can’t be right. Rory has the better stand up in my opinion, and he is more efficient at causing damage. St Pierre can’t seem to finish fighters these days. I would expect GSP to edge out a tough fight, but wouldn’t be surprised if Rory wins.


        Wow you really love GSP I bet before last sunday your profile pic was The pats.

  • kbroesq

    I really don’t think GSP is ducking Hendricks. That’s ridiculous. Kos’ wrestling is just as good as Hendricks and GSP had no problem with Kos on two separate occasions. I can totally see GSP not getting pumped up to fight a guy who is pretty much a twin (style wise) of a guy he’s beat convincingly twice (Yes, I know Hendricks has a big left hand; Kos has a big right hand, so what?).

    I do agree, however, that GSP’s excuse is half BS. I think he’s looking for a “legitimate” reason to argue that Diaz is the most deserving, when in reality, he probably just wants to fight Diaz more. I would have more respect for GSP if he just came clean about it and said: “Yes, Diaz isn’t the most deserving, but I want to fight him anyway, because he’s insulted me so many times, and it’s a bigger, more popular fight…Ohh, and I’m really not big on fighting Hendricks even if he is the most deserving because in my mind, he lost to a guy I’ve beat twice.”

  • El Gvapo

    How come when GSP avoids an opponent (one who is unquestionably the no1 contender) everyone can accept that he’s doing it for the money, the bigger fight etc? But when Silva seeks a different opponent to Weidman (who isn’t a clear no1 contender) he’s a coward, scared of Weidman, being protected by Dana etc? Seems to be a bit hypocritical in my opinion.

    • Anthony Lopez

      Unbelievably good point. The simple reason…. people don’t use logic when looking at these situations. There are tons of GSP fanboys who will defend what he’s doing no matter what

    • Dark Irish

      I think its more of silva has no one left as of gsp having more contenders. When you throw fighter who doesnt have much of a resume towards silva its because hes wiped all of them out.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Ugh bc GSP was suppose to fight Diaz twice already and GSP is fighting someone else in the division he has a history/bad blood with. Silva is NOT fighting Weidman or anyone else in the division. Big difference in not wanting to fight someone bc you say you “want big names” and do not fight Weidman, but then fights a retired Stephan Bonnar. I forgot how big of a name Bonnar is. Also, is GSP stalling the division by not fighting anyone in the WW division? No, but Silva is. GSP will fight Hendricks next, if he can beat Ellenberger, which is no easy task. If Hendricks doesn’t beat Ellenberger, then we all know he wasnt the true #1 contender and people can stop crying about Hendricks being the “real #1” contender. Last time I checked, Fitch had to win 8 straight to get a title shot.

  • BenK

    What a stupid logic by GSP: he says: “…when I watched the fight with Josh Koscheck, ACCORDING TO ME Josh Koscheck should have won that fight, so I didn’t want to fight a guy that LOST TO A GUY I beat,”. BUT Johny Hendricks DID NOT lose that fight as you imagined it. If you are a professional fighter you know that what matters is the judges decision. I hope you win the Diaz fight so that I see Hendricks kick your stupid ass… I will not pay nor watch the pay-per-view of your fight with Diaz.

  • simon CowBELL

    George, first off , Hendricks did NOT lose to Kos- check the decision!! It doesnt matter want you THINK. Most people think you lost your first fight with BJ. Everyone thought Diaz beat condit.

    Your acting retarded George

    • Kris-tyahn

      “most people think you lost your fight to BJ” – LMFAO, the only uneducated morons who think that are Penn fans a d GSP haters. Hughes who wanted BJ to win said GSP won, so did Dana, but like you said it doesn’t matter what GSP thinks, like you and Penn fans bc GSP beat BJ 2 rounds to 1. Last time I checked you needed to win two wounds, what other round besides the 1st did BJ beat GSP?!? You idiot!

  • Scared

    Anthony Pettis beat Ben Henderson clay guida beat Pettis Ben Henderson beat clay guida styles make fights ?gsp

  • Shred Man

    Hendricks also knocked out John Fitch and St Pierre went the full distance with him like he does with most of his opponents. He is a ***** and is afraid of loosing. That’s why he won’t fight Anderson too.

  • Anthony Lopez

    The latest in what I believe will be a long list of excuses as to why GSP shouldn’t face the number one contender. I see this playing out like Ortiz and Chuck, with Hendricks having to wait time and time again because the champ doesn’t want to risk fate against him. But just like the Chuck-Ortiz situation, Hendricks will have his day sooner or later

  • Darin

    Hmmm….well I KNOW that Nick Diaz LOST to Carlos Condit, and the judges of the fight agreed. GSP picks the bigger name, the bigger payday, and the easier victory then explains it with this %^$(#*

  • Darin

    Lose fight, test positive for drugs,……get title shot. If GSP’s goal in all this was to make an example of losers like Diaz, I think he’s going about it all wrong.

  • Darin

    Hendricks vs. Kos is a stupid reference anyway. Hendricks’ last fight was a brutal KO of Kampman, Diaz’s last fight was a snore-fest loss to the guy that GSP JUST BEAT!

    • Jimmy Hoffa

      You thought the Diaz Condit fight was a snorefest. Well if it was, it’s beccause of the way Jackson coached Condit. I thought Condit sold it pretty well. Much better the Guida did against Maynard. Obtw Diaz won that particurlar snorefest. And if it was as you say, a snorefest, its not the fault of Nick Diaz, he was coming at Condit the whole time. Diaz thought he was winning. Too bad he didn’t take Condit down a little earlier, But like me and Joe Rogan, Nick thought that the guy going forward throwing leather, being the aggressor was sure to win. I know the judges decision shocked me as much as it did him.

  • Viet Nam Vet

    I’m just the old guy here who gave up watching boxing after my kid turned me on to MMA. In my humble opinion Hendricks did not beat Koscheck. But Dana White is definitely trying to screw up a good thing. Hell yes GSP can fight who he wants. Koscheck deserves a rematch with Hendricks though. Hendricks might get his butt kicked by Ellenberger too.

  • Philippe Poliquin

    Was about to write something but Barry said it all….well done Barry.

  • dont worry once gsp beats diaz hendricks will get his shot. diaz has ran his mouth for the last 3-4 years about gsp so its understandable that gsp wants to shut him up

  • Natasha Caneso

    I just hope that Hendricks is not frustrated enough to lose his match against Ellenberger, and lose it all.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Well if he does, that will only prove Hendricks isnt the true #1 contender. Simple as that! If he beats Ellenberger and GSP beats Diaz, they will fight each other this summer. Fitch had to win 8 straight fights to get a title fight, so Hendricks beats Ellenberger, that will only be 6 straight. Hendricks needs to relax, like Dana said “when Hendricks wins and defends the title 7 straight times, he can start to demand things, until then, STFU”


    That is all BS every one knows GSP is scared he almost got ko’ed by condit and he is scared jhonny will do the same. look at the facts how many fights have GSP finshed recently? In anouther report he thanked Bendo for “the diaz game plan” and that is to lay and prey like every other fight. He is scared because johny is a hard hitting wrestler that can stuff a take down and make you pay and GSP knows it and so does everyone else thats why we are having this conversation. Gsp is the man dont get me worng,I have watched him fight for a long time. but johny is a combo of chuck, koshcheck, and Gsp combind. I hope for a diaz upset so there will be a champ that will figh any one. GSP has gone to the score cards so much he is now judging fights. Just like it says in TUF “never let it go to the judges”

    • Kris-tyahn

      Yeah being out for 19 months and having major knee surgery had nothing to do with GSP’s performance, even though he looked sick for a guy who was out as long as he was. Also, Condit landed a sick kick, I didn’t realize Hendricks had kicks? Thought, he was a 1st round finisher or it will most likely go to a decision. Yeah He sticks lost to Rick Story, most think he lost his fights vs. Koscheck and Mike Pierce, all 3 are good wrestlers. But yeah GSP must be scared of him?!?


        He is Scared you know why because it is a bad style match up and there is a high chance he may lose. everyone knows that he dosent have a chin look what happen everytime he gets hit flush he grabs a leg and takes who ever he fights down and sits in guard. Im not saying johny is going to go out there and own him for five rounds. Im saying the highest chance of him geting ko’ed is againest Hendricks. If you dont think he can lose and he is all that is man. GO WATCH THE FIRST MATT SERRA FIGHT. He is scared of getting exposed and having to prove somthing like when he had to rematch sera. at least we would se a rare GSP finish.

  • jay

    Everyone knocks GSP for being a lay and pray “sport player” instead of a fight, but this time I chose to fight a guy he doesn’t like and quite frankly wants to beat up, and now he is ducking fights … sigh … i dont like GSP, but the dude can’t win. If he beats Diaz, I guarentee he fights Hendricks … he has never been one to duck fights

  • wilson


  • Stanislav Alyas

    Oh that’s the reason, it’s not couse he’s scared that big rig is gonna send him skiding across the octogan with his rocket launcher of a left hand

  • onehitwonder

    i just don’t understand how any fighter can chose who he wants to fight, is it his belt or the UFC’s belt, (i’m having a Jon Jones flashback) maybe Hendricks should have to go threw Condit first, but i think the UFC should be arranging match ups not the Champs.

  • Retnan

    He is WRONG, Hendricks clearly won the first 2 rounds of that fight.

  • connect

    GSP is taurus caca. He speaks non sense. His justifications are self serving. He repeatedly said that he is the pound-for-pound champion but … he avoids Anderson Silva. Silva is the same size as Carlos Condit with lesser reach advantage but … GSP proxies say that Anderson Silva is too big! GSP is not really a true champion. All his wins are mostly split decisions which could have gone either way! When was the time GSP knocked out his opponent? Besides his second fight with “Koch-tchek”, GSP barely ups his opponents. He is spoiled by uncle Dana White! Shame!