Gray Maynard vs. Clay Guida Set as Five Round Main Event for UFC on FX 4 (UPDATED)

March 18, 2012
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Gray Maynard
UFC on FX 4 in Atlantic City now has a main event as former lightweight title contender Gray Maynard meets Clay Guida in a five round main event.

UFC officials announced the new fight on Sunday.

The bout between Maynard and Guida has long been rumored, but only as of this weekend did it become official and now it gets main event status to boot.

Gray Maynard returns to the Octagon for the first time since his title fight loss to UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar at UFC 136.

Maynard battled Edgar twice in 2011, and will now look to climb back into the title picture with a five-round battle ahead of him in June.

Facing Maynard in Atlantic City will be fellow lightweight title contender Clay Guida.

On several occasions, Guida has seemed to be one win away from a title shot, but has come up just short. Last year, Guida lost a decision to Benson Henderson at the inaugural UFC on Fox event, but now he hopes to get back in the hunt with a fight against another top ten lightweight.

Maynard and Guida will face off in a five-round main event for the UFC on FX 4 fight card headed to Atlantic City.

It will be the UFC’s first appearance there since UFC 53 back in 2005.

(UPDATED on March 19: Maynard vs. Guida was originally reported as the main event for UFC on FX 3, but it will actually be the main event of UFC on FX 4 in Atlantic City, N.J.)

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  • Mario

    That’s going to be good!

    I’m stuck tho as to who might have the edge in this one? 😛

  • jpgagne

    SLUGGFEST!! I predict another Guida victory, just because I think he can withstand more damages than Maynard.

  • Guida will win!!!

  • browill70

    The bully is gonna GNP his way to victory.

  • Anthony

    With two great wrestlers im thinking this could be a stand up war–with the wrestling canceling each others out–id give the stand up advantage to Maynard–but Clay has the heart of a lion and the pace he keeps is tuff to match–im still gonna take Maynard by a decision–too big , too strong and his hands are just plain better then Clays

  • Santz

    Maynard by Unanimous Decision. Guida’s a good wrestler but nowhere near the level Maynard is at. They both have decent striking, but Maymard hits harder. Guida is just not championship material with his sloppy style…too many holes in his game. He’s too predictable and does the same thing every time trying to overwhelm and smother his opponents with his crazy, wild style. Gray will just toss him around with ease and control the entire fight ground and pounding him.

  • mmachoman

    I seriously want Clay to win so that Gray goes tumbling down the rankings and puts Guida in the mix for a future title shot. The Carpenter has paid the dues. It’s time.

  • Gah I’m getting confused because other sites are incorrectly reporting this story. MMAWeekly has it right that this will headline UFC on FX 3, but both Sherdog and Bleacher Report say its UFC on FX 4. What they call UFC on FX 3 has now been moved to UFC on Fuel 3.

    • I should note its both ways on Bleacher Report depending on the article because obviously their editorial control is looser with a lot of different people writing.

      • phrankthetank

        This is why I like mmaweekly, you do a great job boys!

        • phrankthetank

          I may have spoken too soon lol

  • Towers66

    Maynard by Unanimous Decision

  • phrankthetank

    Tough. Maynard has more power, guida has the speed. If guida can neutralize the takedowns, he has a chance on the feet. I’d give the odds to Maynard, but I don’t count guida out.

  • D-rail

    Clay needs to drop to featherweight period. Gate keeping the 155 division is not a great career move. Maynard beat Florian, Maynard has better hands and will catch Guida despite his durability.

  • bryanadams

    Maynard by superior wrestling.. Guida’s a good wrestler, Maynard’s a great wrestler. It should be really fun to watch though, and it could set up a rubber match between Maynard and Diaz.

    • maddawgmar

      Agreed, the only thing is Maynard has no gas. It is a five rounder, I think If Maynard doesn’t put him away early, Guida will out work him late in the fight.

      I think Diaz and Miller winner gets a title shot after Henderson/Edgar 2. This winner should get Pettis for a future shot. Who knows maybe Pettis/Guida 2.