Gray Maynard Talks Grinding Out TJ Grant, Title Hopes and Battling GMO Culture (UFC 160 Video)

May 23, 2013
Comments off’s Ryan McKinnell had the chance to catch up with UFC lightweight Gray Maynard before his bout with TJ Grant at UFC 160.  The fight will serve as a No. 1 contender bout to see who challenges Benson Henderson for the lightweight title next.  Maynard talks about the upcoming fight on Saturday, as well as choosing socially conscious sponsors that he can be proud of.

Check out’s video interview with Gray Maynard…

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  • Darin

    I wasn’t a big Maynard fan until he mocked the horribly obnoxious Guida in their match. I don’t see Gray or T.J. taking Bendo.

  • I love Maynard but I really think Bendo is the GSP of that division. He’s well rounded and his athleticism plays a major role.

    • kbroesq

      Really? I love Bendo, and hope he stays the champ. He’s probably my favorite champ and he’s a great example.

      However, he’s had several split decisions and close fights that some say could have gone either way. I think the only dominant title defense he’s had was against Diaz (which is impressive).

      Anyway, as much as I want him to stay champ, I feel like he has so many talented fighters nipping at his feet, and he could lose it.

      • I agree and I see him staying champion for a long time. Like I said he’s well rounded and athletic and just like GSP it’s going to take someone just like him to take that belt. I never hate on Bendo or GSP for going to decisions, that’s fine with me because they are fighting the toughest guys in the world.

  • VegasResidency

    He’s such a f*g

    • Scott Tenorman

      What are you, ten?

  • Biff

    Really, Maynard for a shot at the title? Please don’t waste our time Dana.

  • Phael Sonnen

    Fight Guida again!