Gracie Breakdown Counters United Airlines Passenger Removal

(Courtesy of GracieBreakdown)

Rener and Ryron Gracie are well known for breaking down fighting techniques, particularly fight-ending moves, in a web series entitled Gracie Breakdown. 

In a satirical video, the tandem addressed one of the most controversial topics of the week: the forcible removal of a United Airlines passenger from an overbooked flight. 

The incident took place on Sunday and video of the incident immediately went viral.

United needed four passengers to voluntarily leave the plane to make room for a United flight crew that needed to get to Louisville, Ky. When no volunteers emerged, the airline chose four passengers at random to be involuntarily de-boarded. Three of the four passengers chosen left under their own volition, but not the man in the viral video.

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The video shows a disturbing scene that saw the passenger in question, face bloodied, being drug off the plane amidst the onlooking horror of other passengers.

Gracie Breakdown’s addressing of the situation contains tongue-in-cheek humor that isn’t for everyone, but puts a serious satirical spin on United Airlines and the force utilized to remove the passenger.

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