Good Reviews Can’t Save Gina Carano’s ‘Haywire’

January 23, 2012
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Gina Carano on set of Haywire re-shoots

Gina Carano on set of Haywire re-shoots - Courtesy of

While a female-lead action film debuted at number one at the box office this past weekend, it wasn’t Gina Carano’s major motion picture debut Haywire.

Earning just $9 million at the box office in its opening weekend, Haywire finished a disappointing fifth place, just over $16 million behind Underworld: Awakening, which opened in first place with a take of $25.4 million.

Haywire managed to do well with critics, earning an 82-percent Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a respectable 67 on Metacritic, but it scored an abysmal D+ rating by CinemaScore (where an average score is B+), foreshadowing the film’s poor performance at the box office.

With an estimated $23 million budget (not including advertising), the Stephen Soderbergh-directed film may have had the cards stacked against it before it hit theaters.

Factors such as reshoots nearly a year after being initially completed, as well as being given a January release date (which is considered typically a dumping ground for movies that studios have little faith in) were only compounded when it was discovered Carano’s voice had been digitally altered in post-production.

Coincidentally, Haywire’s difficulties upon release mirror that of the MMA-inspired Warrior and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/MMA-styled Redbelt. Both films received positive responses from critics, but struggled in their first weekends at the box office, ultimately failing to earn back their respective budgets.

After an aborted attempt to return to fighting last year, Carano’s star may be in need of a serious shot in the arm, which appears to have been made more difficult with the recent issues surrounding nemesis Cris “Cyborg” Santos, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the women’s 145-pound division.

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  • Obarmarama

    Quite a lame tabloid article ^^. Nobody was expecting the film to fly off into number one, and I think that viewing figures will pick up, especially when the film hits Europe etc, so it will probably make a profit. Also, the 145 division can only come alive in cyborg’s absence, hopefully we’ll see some nice ko’s that are not attributed to roid rage.

    Also, a story that no mma journalist (that I’ve noticed) has picked up on, is that Rousey should have considered fighting somebody for the vacant 145lb belt. It would have been funny for her to change direction like that, almost cowardly, but to be a champion in 5 fights would have marked her out even more so. But in reality, she is dropping down a weightclass to fight Tate, who relies on her strength and grappling. Rousey should easily out muscle her and probably get the armbar. Then if she wanted, pop back up to 145, fight someone like Amanda Nunes, or other ko artist that could give her trouble

  • D-rail

    Of course. It should of been a Netflix stream & straight to dvd. Sodeberg likes to test his experiments for kicks, even having the studios & production companies back a flick that needed a decent star to save the budget at least, & maybe even create some profit. But It’s different when It’s not ur dough to spend. Very Un-Hollywood when the purpose of showbiz is to make money. Not Gina’s fault she’s not a showbiz name, but why is anyone surprised on the outcome….risky moves

  • alhmiel

    watch how Carano looks after having a kid or two and balloons up to an everyday 200lbs. big broad big frame big bones built like a semi truck and soon will fillout to look like one.

  • alhmiel

    I mean look at the movie photo above where Carano looks twice as big as the guy she is fighting. Carano is one big boned huge broad and looks around 175 lbs in the movie. Carano should be doing Ford Truck commercials she is not exactly a feminine specimen at size 14.

  • I’m on my girlfriends facebook so remember this is a mans opinion.
    Enough already with Gina Carano SERIOUSLY!!!
    She isn’t an active fighter, when she was she fought a bunch of nobodys and when she finally fought someone with real talent like Cyborg she got her ass kicked. BIG SURPRISE.
    She is USING MMA to boost her acting career which sucks just as bad or worse than her fighting talent. She hasn’t had her heart in fighting since she competed in muay thai.
    All I’m saying is until she starts actively fighting again, which she WON’T, leave her alone and let celebrity reporters do their job. MMA reporters are looking desperate just to get an interview with somone that isn’t even relevant anymore.

  • alhmiel

    Carano walks around at 190 lbs and is one big lady. Carano seems to be well fed. extremely well fed.

  • ayahoo

    In that picture she looks to be twice the size of the man she is fighting. Her hips look twice as big. Just sayin is all

  • D-rail

    Gina did a good job in “Bridesmaids” when she took a dump in the sink and now she’s in action movies beating up little people. Good for her. All I’m saying is that, movie studios hire the best catering companies in the bizniz for movie shoots.

  • fsunoles09

    wow bro that picture and what they showed on the commercials and stuff looks completly diffrent to me.idk but was she that fat in the commercials for the movie? wtf.