Godzilla Stepping Back in the Cage One Final Time Before Calling it Quits

December 4, 2012
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Gabe Ruediger UFC 63UFC veteran, Ultimate Fighter alum, former WEC champion and current Tachi Palace Fights titleholder Gabe Ruediger is calling it quits… after just one more trip to the cage.

Ruediger has one more fight left on his schedule, to defend his Tachi Palace Fights lightweight belt on Feb. 21 in California. But following that one, Godzilla says he is exiting the cage for the final time.

“I will be fighting February 21st at the Tachi Palace to defend my lightweight belt. There is one huge difference to this fight that sets it apart from any other. It is my last one. I’ve decided to retire after this bout,” Ruediger wrote on his personal website on Tuesday.

“I’ve spent over 11 years fighting MMA professionally and its time to close that chapter of my life. Here is me saying I’m retiring and this will be my last fight.”

Ruediger began his professional career in 2002, fighting for the pre-Zuffa WEC. He spent several years fighting for the WEC, made two tours through the UFC, and was a cast member of the fifth season of The Ultimate Fighter reality series.

“I started competing in MMA as a test to see if I could rise to the occasion. It was never looked at as a career,” he continued. “When I started there was no money, no fame, no recognition. It’s amazing to see how the sport has grown and I’m glad to have been a part of it in some way.

“I will continue to be involved in MMA in one way or another and will continue teaching and progressing as a martial artist, just not as a competitor.”

  • Advance*

    He’s had some embarrassing moments but he deserves credit for fighting his way back to the UFC after being one of the worst TUF competitors ever

    • el che

      that’s true…. when i think of him, i can’t help but picture him laying down and nearly out by the poolside unable to cut anymore weight for his upcoming fight.

      • GoNoles

        hey yo b put me back in i can do this hah

        • mirko

          haha oh ****, that was him? i remember when that happened, dude thought it was hollywood or somethin

  • dgs

    Very smart move, as he will never be an A-list fighter. If you can’t be the best and beat the best, no sense in fighting.

  • yaw

    …by being destroyed twice.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    how does Gabe have a belt when he’s coming off 3 straight losses? not including his most recent knockout …from a radio show host in an exhibition match. Ryan Leaf announcing his retirement was bigger news.

  • WEC Fan

    Gabe has had some great wars in his day. Always enjoyed watching his WEC fights.

  • F the Haters

    One of the nicest guys you could ever meet.

  • F the Haters

    How many of you asshats can say you fought in the UFC?