Glover Teixeira Video: “On April 26, I’m Gonna Go Over There and Knock Jon Jones Out”

March 17, 2014
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(Video courtesy of AXS TV)

Now that Alexander Gustafsson has defeated Jimi Manuwa, he’s hoping that he’ll be stepping into a rematch with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones the next time he sets foot in the Octagon. Glover Teixeira hopes to change that plan.

Teixeira and Jones headline UFC 172 on April 26 in Baltimore, where Teixeira believes he has the magic potion to end Jones’ dominance.

“On April 26, I’m gonna go over there and knock this guy out.”

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  • used2bgood

    Let the trash talk begin!

  • I don’t know about knocking Jon Jones out BUT I know this isn’t going to be a decision win.

    I feel like Jon Jones is going to knock Teixeira out.

    • TRT-rex

      I doubt Jon will knock him out. He hasn’t knock anyone out since he has been in the UFC. Only TKOs which is a huge difference. Jon isn’t a knock out artist. He just likes to beat people up till ttey can’t take it anymore. Teixeira on the other hand knocks people out. But I got Jon winning by taking it to the ground and pounding him out. 3rd roundTKO

      • Igor

        You really think a TKO is that different from a KO? Well, just give a TKO scenario some good 30 extra seconds and you’ll see a corpse.

        • Liam O’Keefe

          TKO and KO are very different. A guy not defending himself to punches will get TKO’d but jump up and complain. A KO, the guy is out and wakes up with a bunch of people touching him and telling him to relax, it will be ok. Yea, there’s a difference.

          • igor

            Yeah, this major aspect sure is different… What I mean to say is, a guy with,say,”TKO power” could still put s.o. out if given extra time.

          • earlsimmons

            you still dont understand the difference. You must be BR or something.

        • Baller31

          Yeah sure. Also give a guy like jones a hammer, and now he has ko power!! See, almost the same thing!

  • brad king

    kill kill kill mang

  • Joe

    I would like to see DC get the loser of this then there is no question of him deserving a title shot. Either he beat the guy behind Gus and champion, or he needs to work his way up if he losses.

  • Max

    Tex can beat Jon Jones if he does the same thing that Gus did and nullify his take down abilities….if that happens then it is possible that Jones could be knocked out…..just have to see how dominate his reach vs Tex will be….Versus Gus his reach seemed insignificant.

    • asd

      That’s because he “only” had 4 inches on Gus. This time it’s more of the usual – 9 inches over Glover.

    • deepgrim

      i think you may see jones use a similar game plan that he used against rampage with plenty of kicks at the knee establishing his range. he wont want to let glover inside to often

  • The Best Eva

    Can’t wait this fight should be a barn burner. I think one of these guys will get finished, Jones by sub or Glover by KO.

  • carsti07 .

    it´s necessary to be confident, let´s see if he is fast enough for the champ

  • Joe Dog

    We’ll see…..

  • Joe Dog

    I predict this will be reminiscent of Matyushenko or Vera…elbows to the face from Jones on the ground until the ref stops the fight or Teixeira’s skull breaks.

  • Juniorbra

    Some one has to beleive in glover!!! Only him self!!! Lol

    • Liam O’Keefe

      I believe if Glover finds one good shot, JJ is going down. Glover is that strong with his punches, he only needs one.

      • RubeKegal

        I think Glover has the power, but doesn’t have the speed to catch Bones. Bader was outspeeding Glover until he got hit, but Bader isn’t even a quick agile guy. Bones is as fast as they get.

  • Kenny Powers

    Well, I remember when no one gave Gus a chance in hell against Jon, and look what happened. I’m not comparing Glover to Gus, but i dont think Jon’s just gonna walk right thru him. There’s a reason he hasn’t lost in 8 years.

  • Dragon Kid

    This is gonna be a good fight. Predict first round finish

  • mmalive

    Glover is dreaming if he “:thinks” he can KO Jones. Glover was ” lucky” against Bader. Bader made a careless mistake and got caught. Jones is way to smart to get into Glover’s range. John will keep Glover at bay. He will punish Glover until he can not take it anymore. Scenario most like of these 2 options here. 1. Fierce ground and pound from top with razor sharp elbows raining down. body and leg kicks wearing Glover down and choke out ala Machida style. BTW, Glover seems like a cool guy but he does not all tools to defuse John and stamina will be a big plus on Johns side.

  • fedor is the best ever

    Glover will win by KO within 3 minutes. Its a fight and Jon Jones isn’t a god

    • mmalive

      Glover could win by lucky punch ala Ryn Bader No one in LW Division gave John trouble except Gus. Even then John kept Gus at bay. Trading punches with John is not smart. He will keep Glover at bay with long range reach. John will punish Glover on feet or ground. John took out Machida on feet . Ground n pound with vicious elbows to Glover’s face if this fight goes to ground.