Glover Teixeira Talks Mike Tyson, UFC 160 Victory and Future Title Hopes (UFC 160 Video)

May 26, 2013
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Glover Teixeira vs Rampage Jackson at UFC on Fox 6After his UFC 160 victory over James Te Huna, UFC light heavyweight Glover Teixeira talked to the media at the post-fight press conference. In this clip, hear Glover talk about meeting his idol Mike Tyson, his future plans in the 205-pound division, and more. UFC President Dana White also chimes in about Glover’s place in the division.

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  • 1geo1

    His idol… is a convicted rapist, wife beater… and bite another humans ear off…. NICE!

    • Ramon S

      He was also a brave and diciplined boxer who overcame his limitations and made it to the top. But sure lets focus on the worst part of a human being why not? Im sure youre perfect.

      • Risk On Line

        but he raped someone, let’s not forget

        about that. He actually forced himself onto a woman who was crying and screaming and saying no…HE RAPED HER. Let’s actually focus on that.

        • 1geo1

          EXACTLY! And I’ll bet the two others who commented… would not let tyson alone with a female loved one for two seconds…take that to the bank!

          • Ramon S

            Well he did go to jail didnt he? Im not saying we should forget what he did just dont judge his entire life for that incident. Plus Texeira didnt said he admire his women rapping skills just that he watched videos of him before a fight (non rapping videos we presume). I still watch some of mike tyson highlights when I need motivation and am glad Im not the only one, woudnt let him near a female loved one do.

        • John Bunch

          Even if we did forget, you and 1geo1 are reminding us of that. If the guy continued to have troubles with the law and more accusations of rape…I doubt he would have even been at that UFC fight and even if he was, he would have never made it into the ring.

      • 1geo1

        Of course he was a great boxer, no question, I saw him fight 5 times when I lived In Monticello NY, he was GREAT. But, when he raped a women, all that greatness was gone for me….simple. If you choose to put his boxing skills over the rapist… so be it. Me perfect… no… but I’m no convicted rapist…are you?

    • John Bunch

      Won’t even get into the merits of the case against Tyson…I lived in Indy when the rape occurred and it polarized the community…for better or worse. But I can’t think of anyone who had more, was more spoiled and took everything for granted (since he came up with NOTHING!) that did some damaging things to people, paid his dues, learned and grew from his mistakes and has done his best to keep his nose clean, overcome the death of his young daughter to a freak accident (there’s your karma if you need him to suffer) and be a good man despite everything he once represented. History is littered with miscreants that have learned their lesson and overcome their failures…Malcolm X is a prime example.

      • 1geo1

        Would you let Tyson hang with your wife, or daughter… alone?

        • John Bunch

          Now? Of course. As I stated before, he made some terrible decisions and he paid his dues. The guy was locked up, lost most or all of his money and was reviled by the world. And he had a daughter die in his home. You can keep calling him a rapist all you want…it’s your right to do so and I’m sure he accepts that many people will feel like that forever. I’m still a big fan of Thomas Jefferson, but the guy was a slave owner, slave raper and refused to recognize Haiti as an independent nation finally free of France’s rule, the first successful slave rebellion in our hemisphere. I’m a father of three and I feel like I’m a pretty solid parent, but I have skeletons in my closet too…if I can’t accept a man who seems to have genuinely changed, how can I accept that I’ve changed as a man too?

  • Paul

    Jones x Machida and Texeira x Gustafsson . Come on, Dana!

    • solo

      NO! Even though i like Machida a lot, he had his shot not to long ago, and Jones beat him impressively. I would put Texeira vs Gustafsson for the no.1 contender right away, both of them are on good winning streak and both are healthy. And as for Machida, put him against Cormier now when DC is coming to 205. A great challenge for both fighters. To me, that makes more sense. But, who knows what is going to happen…