Glover Teixeira Reportedly Suffered a Torn Labrum in Jon Jones Fight, Headed to Surgery

May 3, 2014
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Glover TeixeiraAdding injury to insult, Glover Teixeira not only lost his bid to remove the gold belt from around UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ waist at UFC 172 recently, he also suffered a torn labrum in the opening round of the fight.

The injury occurred when Jones, who masterfully defended his belt, cranked on Teixeira’s arm. Lesser men would have given up, but Teixeira fought on for the duration of the five-round fight, not winning the belt, but winning over most anyone that doubted his shot at the title.

Teixeira’s manager, Ed Soares, confirmed the injury to on Friday, saying that his fighter is likely to undergo surgery sometime in the next two weeks. A timeframe for his return is yet to be determined.

Despite the torn labrum, as well as some battered ribs, Teixeira took nothing away from Jones after the fight, simply saying he was the better man that night.

Jones surprised many pundits, who thought he would try to utilize his height and reach and stay away from Teixeira’s inside game, where the Brazilian is particularly proficient. The champ instead fought a large part of the fight on the inside, besting Teixeira where he is strongest, showing another new wrinkle in his own game.

Teixeira lasted to the final bell, losing a unanimous decision. The loss to Jones ended a 20-fight unbeaten streak.

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  • Joe Dog

    I forget, which shoulder?

    • Joe Dog

      Left or right?

      • Jay A Nokay

        right, Jones used his left arm to crank on Glover’s right arm.

        • Chicago


        • Kareem Francis

          And it was glorious!

  • TheCerealKiller

    That shoulder crank was awesome! He should use that on ole Gus next fight. It won’t matter, Jones will come with a new game plan and Gus will come with the same. Jones second round submission.

    • deepgrim

      it reminds me a bit of the shoulder lock mir pulled of on pete williams. to think, that move has been available in fights for years with the fight for underhooks against the cage and had never been used till jones pulled it off in the fight. recogn we will see alot more fighters use it now

  • Darin

    Why is it implied that the injury is somehow an “excuse” for the loss?

    “Despite the torn labrum, as well as some battered ribs, Teixeira took nothing away from Jones after the fight, simply saying he was the better man that night.”

    The injuries were a direct result of Jones’ attacks. A KO is an injury too, but you never hear about a KO’d fighter “not taking anything away” from the guy that KO’d him.

  • ml

    glover is tough!

  • Chicago

    I was laughing during the post fight interview when a reporter asked JBJ where he learned that “new move”. Wresting duh! People are surprised that Jones knows how to fight at close range. Its called greco roman Wrestling. I always start yelling at the tv when a wrestler can’t take the guy down and decides to stay on the outside and get picked apart. Captain America Randy made a whole career out of that.

  • dgs

    Idiots on this board saying Teixeira had no business being in there with Jones. I swear, I definitely enjoyed this sport a lot more before the advent of TUF, which brought in a much younger, far less knowledgeable “fan” base, who think they know it all. Anyone who’s watched this sport for more than a few years, or more importantly trained in it for some time, would know Teixeira had every business being in there with Jones, and proved as much.

    • Kris-tyahn

      I think most people say he didn’t “deserve” a title fight b/c he didn’t beat any top 10 LHW’s. Not so much b/c he didn’t have the skill to hang with Jones. How many #1 contenders do you know have gotten a title fight without having to fight/beat anyone in the top 10 in their division? Especially fighters who weren’t Champs before their drop or move up to a diff weight class?!?
      I believe that’s why many people had a problem with Glover fighting Jones, before Gustaffson got his rematch. Considering Dana wanted GSP to fight Hendricks again, b/c many fans thought Hendricks had won the fight, and the same goes for Gustaffson, many thought he beat Jones, but he had to take another fight before another shot at Jones! IMHO

  • brad king

    man i thought this glover guy was serious. Beating up a washed up rampage. and perennial whupping boy(bader) doesnt mean this guy had anything real for the champ. ?he didnt! 20 fight winning streak means nothing when it is tomatoe cans eh

    • mmalive

      Brad, Go back to MMA basics man. Your statement is a JOKE man. Glover stood toe to toe with Rampage. Rampage LOST and made excuses of being injured. Ryan Bader is seriously under estimated. He rocked Glover, but lost as well. Bader DOES not make excuses after loss. He learns from it. Jones is UN STOPPABLE at light heavyweight. Dude took out former champs. Rampage, Machida, Evans, Belfort, Guss tried but FAILED to dethrone Jones.