Glover Teixeira Doesn’t Want to Wait Around for a Jones-Gustafsson Rematch

September 22, 2013
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Glover Teixeira at UFC on Fox 6 6197-478x270After moving into title contention following his knockout victory over Ryan Bader in Brazil, Glover Teixeira doesn’t want to wait around for the Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson rematch if it happens. He just wants to get back into the Octagon.

“I don’t worry about this stuff,” Teixeira said on the Fox Sports Post-Fight Show. “For sure they’re going to give me another fight, I don’t want to wait for the rematch.

“It is the way it is, I’m not going to say that he doesn’t deserve a rematch. It was a phenomenal fight and we’ll see what happens.”

Teixeira feels that Gustafsson was able to show some flaws in Jones’ game, but it also proved that the champion can fight off his back after being taken down for the first time in his mixed martial arts career.

“Alex proved that Jon Jones’ wrestling can be stopped. Jon Jones proved he can fight off his back too, and everyone was wondering about that. Now we know what he’s going to do.”

UFC president Dana White is unsure whether the Jones vs. Gustafsson rematch will happen immediately, but if it does, then Teixeira will be given another fight before he gets a crack at the title.

“We’ll give Glover another fight (if it happens),” White said. “I like the idea. I think that that fight was awesome, and I think it was one of those fights that people would love to see again. It would be hard for either one of the fighters not to think they should rematch.”

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  • Jay Mcgarrity

    Gotta give Glover some respect for the way he’s handling the situation. If he doesn’t get the title shot hopefully he wins whatever fight he gets next so he doesn’t get bumped back down. I would still rather see Jones vs Gustaffson 2 but would hate to see Glover lose his shot after all the BS he’s gone through to get into the country and be able to fight in the UFC. He’s still young though so it should only be a matter of time.

    • drkdisciple

      Glover is all class. If he has to take another fight I hope its against Phil Davis.

    • Jane Payne

      glover is all class but that title fight epic

  • Kmasterz12

    If Glover doesn’t get the fight againts Jones then i think he should fight Cormier for the title shot but since Cormier has the Nelson fight already booked then idk whou could fight Glover Maybe Rashad or Phil davis

    • bajafox

      I like the Davis idea

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      Rashad is set to fight Chael but I like Glover vs Davis. If Glover takes out Davis it should solidify him for the next shot. Unless Davis wins super impressively I don’t think it would be enough for him but it would put him in a much better position. Who knows though, we may even end up seeing Jones vs Gustaffson 2 next and possibly an immediate rubber match if Gustaffson takes it depending on how the fight goes. Either way, this is the most excitement we’ve seen in the LHW division in a long time.

    • aaeon

      cormier and nelson are in the heavyweight class. wrong weightclass for jones

      • Me

        He means only cormier who has stated numerous times his intention to drop to Lhw

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Give Tex the fight then Gustafson rematch if he clears another top contender

    • rasean fowler

      they never think that way, that way its ‘all in’ on who really wants it. but then people will say Jones got a rest while they beat up on one another.

  • Glover and Davis for next shot. Gustaf deserves the rematch though.

  • Mr Pete

    Davis was gifted 2 decisions (Machida, Lil Nog) he’s not in the same class as Glover. That said, I would love to see Glover knock him out so Davis can Never Ever be mentioned as a title contender.

    • Dragon Kid

      I’ll be happy as long Davis is never a title contender. I’ve always found his fights to be boring, although I felt he won the fight against Machida

      • Mr Pete

        I’ll be happy when stat trolls actually watch his fights and realize he sucks.

        • Werdoomb

          He doesn’t really suck. Just not the most exciting fighter in the world. I would love to see Glover vs Davis, who btw beat Gustafson.

  • Dragon Kid

    Glover vs Dan Henderson would be a war.

  • Zap

    Thiago Silva mofos. Someone would get their head taken off

    • Dragon Kid

      Silva will take Hamill’s head off and keep it as trophy

  • Mike

    It’ll be Glover vs Davis on the Undercard of Jones vs Gustafsson 2, with the winner getting the shot.
    After seeing Gust neutralise Jones’s wrestling, I believe Davis could outpoint Jones for the win.

  • Seppo

    Winner of Phil Davis/Rashad Evans or Lil’Nog would make sense.

    • mike

      Rashad? LOL. Hilarious.

  • Jane Payne

    glover is a beast but if u r an MMA fan u have demand an immediate rematch edgar maynard henderson edgar edgar bj ru kidding did any stack up to that title fight in any form or fashion that was epic like forrest bonnar or shogun henderson thats fight was f***** FANnomenal

  • Phil Davis should fight Glover Teixeira

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Jr is getting a rematch with Cain after getting dominated for 5 rounds. If Dana’s gonna do that, then he should definitely give Gus an immediate rematch. It’s far more justified than Jr Cain III.