Gina Carano: “I’m Either Going to Do It Now, or I’m Going to Retire”

April 4, 2014
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Gina CaranoIf Gina Carano is going to return to fighting, she believes the time is now.

The former women’s fighting superstar appeared on the late-night talk show The Arsenio Hall Show on Thursday (watch the video here) and revealed that she’ll be meeting with UFC president Dana White next to discuss a possible return to fighting.

When asked if she’s thought about making a comeback, Carano answered, “I’m actually kind of considering it.”

Carano is currently making the media rounds in promotion of her new movie “In the Blood,” which premieres on Friday.

Carano (7-1) last fought on Aug. 15, 2009, for the Strikeforce women’s featherweight title. She lost the title fight to Cris “Cyborg” Justino by technical knockout in the closing seconds of the opening round. Following the first loss of her career, Carano hung up the gloves and made a move to Hollywood. She appeared in the movie Fast & Furious 6 and had a lead role in Haywire, as well as appearing in other projects.

“I 100-percent (miss fighting). There’s not a workout I go through that I’m not fighting somebody in my mind. It’s never gone away,” she said.

When the 31-year-old walked away from mixed martial arts, she had four fights remaining on her Strikeforce contract. In March 2011, Strikeforce was purchased by UFC parent company Zuffa LLC. Carano’s contract came with the deal.

“Gina is under contract,” said UFC president Dana White following the UFC Fight Night 37 post-fight press conference on London on March 8. “She’s got four fights left on her Strikeforce contract.”

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has expressed serious interest in a fight with Carano.

“I never would have thought women’s MMA existed if I hadn’t seen her (Gina) fight. I never knew there was such a thing until her. And to fight her would be a real honor, and I think it would be a milestone for the sport,” said Rousey prior to the UFC 171 weigh-ins on March 14 in Dallas.

“I think given everything that she’s done for the sport and the pioneer that she is, I think she deserves a title shot any time,” added Rousey. “There are exceptions that I would make for Gina that I wouldn’t for anyone else.”

Carano is more than just considering returning, she’s meeting with UFC president Dana White next week to discuss making it a reality.

“I’m actually sitting down with him next week,” she said.

“I love it (fighting). It’s something that I can do that makes everything else disappear. I dream about it. I just didn’t’ know if I was ever going to get placed with the opportunity to make a comeback,” said the former face of women’s MMA. “So I’m either going to do it now, or I’m going to retire and say, okay, I’m never going to do it. So now is the moment I feel.”

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    She hasn’t fount in 4.5 years !!! I guess that’s how long it took her to recover from th beating she took OR she isn’t being offered any good movie roles any more

    • Maddawgmar

      Sounds right, when she was being pounded on with a roided up freak, you can’t blame her.

      • The Prognosticator

        At least the so-called “freak” is not a paper champion and product of the UFC hype machine. The only reason Cyborg is not part of the UFC right now is due to her lack of marketability. Once she KO/TKOs Rousey in round one, there will be little interest in seeing her fight, as the casual MMA fan will believe she cannot be beaten, and thus won’t buy any PPV she headlines. In my opinion, it’s sad that the best female MMA fighter on the planet will likely not receive the recognition she deserves because of her looks, poor English, and vastly superior MMA skills in comparison with her peers. The bottom line is that Cyborg is a bad business decision for the UFC that will stultify women’s MMA as a financial investment. This and only this is the reason why the UFC has manufactured Rousey as champion instead of making her truly establish herself as the preeminent female fighter in MMA.

        • Maddawgmar

          It’s not Rousey’s fault Cyborg isn’t marketable, or years of roid use made it so she can’t make the weight class. I don’t know why Rousey is brought into this comment anyway, my comment was on the Fight between Cy’roid’ and Carano.

          • The Prognosticator

            Considering that you’re Rousey’s biggest cheerleader I thought bringing her into the conversation was appropriate. My apologies. I love how Rousey will “make an exception” for Carano at 145 lbs but won’t extend that same courtesy to Cyborg. It is clear that she believes she’ll lose.

        • AXE MURDERER

          ^ FrankenBorg Nut Hugger ^

          • The Prognosticator

            I prefer the best MMA fighter, regardless of gender or division, to receive their proper recognition.

  • DamianCross

    Cyborg roided and her wins are suspect. Her first competition without roids, she lost.

  • earlsimmons

    dont feed the troll plz. This kid isnt even good.

  • TheCerealKiller

    The fight would be such an easy sell and Dana knows it. I have my doubts that she could make 135lbs. She had trouble making it 4.5 years ago. I guess I will have to volunteer to sit in her guard let her practice triangles to get back in fighting shape…

    • Daniel

      Thanks dude that s–t was funny I needed that

  • blob

    Gina’s crap must be delicious. She should preserve it and sell it to a fastfood company to make sausages of it.

  • The Prognosticator

    Ronda Rousey blatantly showed in an interview on this subject that she fears Cris “Cyborg” Justino. Ronda Rousey stated that she would “make an exception” for Gina Carano that she “would not ordinarily make for anyone else” and fight her at 145 lbs. That proposition is quite telling, as we all know who the words “anyone else” denotes. I know all the Ronda Rousey fair weather fans are going to rush to her defense, however, the aforementioned statement clearly shows that she knows subconsciously what would happen if she got in the cage with Cris “Cyborg” Justino at 145 lbs.

    • Juchi

      Why shouldn’t she make an exception for the fighter that got her interested in MMA, would generate considerable interest outside the hardcore MMA fans thereby probably resulting in a record payday , and that she could probably easily beat? Who knows on the latter, though, after the Holm debacle.

      And why wouldn’t she insist that Cyborg drop down to 135 as Cris has been promising to do since 2011? A fighter that in all likelihood gained her muscle mass through the use of steroids, came in 7 pounds overweight to fight a SW that had moved to BW (Akano) and instead of meeting her at a catch weight of 140, insisted that she come all the way up to 145, then proceeded to come in at 152 at weigh-in. Personally, I’d be disappointed in Rousey if she didn’t stand her ground.

  • josh reid

    Gina got beat by a Cyborg who later tested positive for steroids! She could have stayed and beat every fighter except Cyborg. Gina is a complete fighter who is very marketable and the fight between her and Rhonda would generate tons of money! UFC needs that fight, Gina needs the fight, Rhonda is lacking challengers and needs that fight. Rhonda is huge for 135 and fighting a “Super Fight” with Gina has nothing but positives for her.

  • Dan

    I look at the Rousey/Cyborg situation as one where Rousey doesn’t want to have to go up in weight to fight a steroid user but would do so to fight a woman who hasn’t been busted for male hormone use…I don’t see anything wrong with that.

    As to Carano, is it a coincidence that mention of her possible return to MMA happens right as I see a banner on this site for a movie she stars in that is due to come out in a few days?

    • The Prognosticator

      It has nothing to do with steroids. A true champion proves their the best and doesn’t need to cherry pick weak opponents as Rousey is currently doing. Rousey wants Cyborg at 135 lbs, rather than 140 lbs or 145 lbs, because she thinks she’ll be weak and unhealthy and that’s Rousey’s only chance for a victory. Whereas, Rousey knows she can beat Carano, who has not fought in 4.5 years, and receive a large paycheck. This is why she is extending an “exception she would not ordinarily make for anyone else” to her for a bout at 145 lbs. The essential distinction between the two opponents is that Rousey believes she can beat Carano and receive large paycheck, whereas Rousey believes she’ll receive a large paycheck but likely lose to Cyborg, via KO/TKO, at 140 lbs or 145 lbs. Finally, it would also be unsurprising if the UFC has told Rousey to make no exceptions for Cyborg because of Cyborg’s lack of marketability concerning the UFC fan base.

      • Juchi

        “… cherry pick weak opponents as Rousey is currently doing.”? Are you serious? The only “weak” opponent Rousey has faced was Correia, and she came in with a 9-0 record. Cyborg will next be fighting a girl who moved up from 125 and is not even ranked in the top 15 at 135. Most of Cyborg’s opponents either have moved up in weight just to fight her, have fought virtual unknowns and/or fought opponents w/o a winning record. Back in 2011, both Cyborg and Rousey committed to Strikeforce that they were going to drop to 135 as that was where the competition was. All the top ranked contenders at 145 had been defeated by BW’s. Rousey met that commitment and Cyborg continues to hide in the thinnest division in MMA other than women’s LW .

  • brad king

    She is a hottie! Nice to see her out there duke-ing it out there with the likes of the other girls. Nice to see her doing almost anything!

  • Jedrzejczyk

    Bet she looks better on her knees.

  • burgerman7

    tate vs carino = hot hot