Gina Carano Forced Out of Strikeforce Card June 18 After Not Getting Medical Clearance

June 7, 2011
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Gina Carano has been forced off the Strikeforce card on June 18 after she was unable to get medical clearance from her doctors.

The announcement was made on a media conference call on Tuesday.

Strikeforce official Scott Coker stated that Carano could not get medical clearance from her doctors in time for the fight.

“Following a medical examination yesterday afternoon, Gina Carano’s medical clearance was revoked by her doctor and consequently she will not be able to fight on June 18,” Coker said. “The timetable for Gina’s return will be determined after further tests are conducted this week.”

The bout between Carano and Sarah D’Alelio will now be pulled from the card, and will be replaced by a lightweight fight between K.J. Noons and Jorge Masvidal.

Strikeforce officials did not have a timeline for Carano’s return, but she hopes to get clearance to get back in the cage soon.

“I’m seriously disappointed not to be fighting on June 18,” Carano said in a statement released by Strikeforce. “I’d like to thank Greg Jackson and Team Jackson for such an amazing camp. I hope this is only a brief setback.”

Coker did say that the promotion may find an opponent for Sarah D’Alelio, but they would have further details available later on Tuesday. will have more details on this story as it develops.

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  • Prego?

  • Couldn’t get cleared by “her” is far different than not being cleared by the commission medical staff.

    Somethings not right here. She’s either prego orrrrrrrrrr (and what I think is most likely the case) the pounds weren’t coming off and she wasn’t going to make weight. Remember those pics a couple months back where she was re-shooting some fight scene on a beach while wearing a wetsuit? She looked pretty hefty.

  • The Texas commission cleared her medically, so it’s definitely something else. Nobody is talking now however as to what that something is.

  • wreckt_em

    I’m sure it’s nothing life-threatening, probably just a really bad yeast infection or such.

  • Rence54

    if she was pregnant i doubt she’d have said “I hope this is only a brief setback” cuz she’d know pretty much exactly when she would have the kid and could start to train again.

    they may tell us they may not, i just hope its nothing that ends her career

  • Dr.Damon

    chlamydia is the rumor!