Gilbert Melendez Wants to Fight Whoever Will Get Him Back to a Title Shot

May 7, 2013
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Gilbert Melendez - Strikeforce Barnett vs CormierUFC lightweight contender Gilbert Melendez nearly captured the lightweight belt on April 20 at UFC on Fox 7, but came up short, losing a split decision to champion Benson Henderson.

Following the loss, Melendez wants to fight whoever will get him back to a title fight the quickest.

“There’s a lot of good guys.  Whoever is hot right now.  Whoever is the hot dude who is closest to getting that title shot, I’ll take it,” Melendez told MMAWeekly content partner Knockout Radio.

“If it’s ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, if it’s the loser between (Jose) Aldo and (Anthony) Pettis, if it’s Pat Healy, if it’s Joe Lauzon, Diego Sanchez, who is it?  You let me know who will get me quicker to the top, but it would be a good matchup with all these guys,” he said.

While the 31-year-old will fight whatever opponent is put in front of him, he would rather not fight Josh Thomson or Jorge Masvidal again. Like Melendez, Thomson and Masvidal are also recent transfers from Strikeforce.

“All these people are new faces for me.  I just don’t want to fight Josh Thomson or Jorge Masvidal,” said Melendez.

While fighting in the now-defunct Strikeforce organization, Melendez fought Thomson three times.  Thomson defeated Nate Diaz on the UFC on Fox 7 card, solidifying himself as a contender in the UFC’s lightweight division, so another bout between the two could potentially happen.

“I’m sure he wants to fight someone else, too, and so does Jorge,” said Melendez.  “Those guys are going to prove that they’re legit.”

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  • toom

    I bet he doesn’t he should have lost to Thomson and he didn’t have the best fight against masvidal but everyone seems to forget about that

    • Joey

      Yep, I watched his third fight with Josh twice and had him losing both times.

      Give him Diego Sanchez or Pat Healy. He will need at least three wins against top 15 competition before I want see him get another shot.

      • Adam Vogt, North Yarmouth

        His fight with Bendo was so close, I thought Gil won, but I can see giving it to Bendo too. Anyway, I think 2 wins over top 10 guys and he’s back at the top. I’d like to see him fight Maynard or Cowboy.

  • zztoppppp

    I actually think that Lauzon would finish him early.

  • MCM

    did he just call out Pat Healy after running and ducking him TWICE if SF?

  • Cereal Killer

    One thing he needs to remember, to be the Man, you have to BEAT the Man. Don’t expect to pull out a close split decision to become the champ. That almost never happens, and rightfully so.

    • shakejunt

      only at lightweight

    • Nick

      Yeah, well what if the champ himself pulled out a very close decision to win the championship and then again to defend it?

      I say screw what Melendez wants – do Melendez/Thomson IV, winner gets a title shot.

      • Cereal Killer

        He beat Frankie the first time easily. The second fight wasn’t much different.

        • Lucas Freire

          What? As far as I remember both fights were close decisions,and very controversial. I had Bendo on both,but anyone could point them differently.
          Everybody gets the best against Frankie on the first rounds,the problem is on the third,fourth and fifth.

          • Adam Vogt, North Yarmouth

            First fight against Frankie I gave to Bendo. Second fight, I would have given to Frankie. Both very close fights.

          • Cereal Killer

            Go back and look at their faces after the fights. Henderson looks like he hadn’t fought yet. If you think the fights were close, you might look at damage. Pillow fist Frankie has a heart of a champ, but can’t compete with the new breed. He is where he should be now.

          • Cptmats

            Nah Frankie won the Second fight ! I think His Fight with Aldo was a draw as well !

          • toom

            Frankie is the only guy to knock out Maynard I wouldnt exactly call him pillow fists

      • Nate D.

        Hey Nick, bajafaox wants to meet us for dinner and some fun. I am sure gilly will want to join the action also!!!

  • gnodeb

    What does loser at 145 have to do with title shot at 155 :).


    Josh Thompson owes Gilbert one